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A Haunting Experience

From Ohio, God brought me out of my old life (a wilderness without Jesus) and round about my transient life He brought me to Bible college.


At The Crossroads (2007)

Haunted I was ever since I moved from my previous resident way back when, knowing now that I should have stayed there. There I was, as I put it then "living on the edge of Narnia"; not far from my front door was a lamppost in the middle of the wood.

I had no idea then that when I first moved there, in ten months, I would be unemployed. As well, that my car would "give up the ghost," as some may put it, and I would have an opportunity to experience the city bus system. Of course, until that day came for my departure from my job, occasionally I would be offered a ride by a co-worker at least part of the way home. Then the day came, for both he and I; we were both let go as the company was getting closer to the date when their doors would close permanently.

What was I to do then? There I was -- "out of a job not earning a dime." My Uncle Sam (the United States) said I was at that age when I could begin drawing early retirement pay. And so, I did, even though I wasn't quite ready to stop working. In doing so, however, it was only as a means for needed income; it was better, I believe, then having to call in weekly for unemployment checks, which would come to an end eventually anyway.

Unemployed. I should have stayed put where I was living, no matter what may have come, trusting God, Jesus (Yeshua), who is my Lord and Savior (Adonai and Messiah), patiently waiting on Him for His next phase of my mortal existence. But I moved out short of seven years living there, to another place, and haunted since.

A Mistaken Move (2014)

I heard that my college alma mater was putting up apartments where not only for students, but alumni too could live there as well. Ah, considering it, I checked into it; a brilliant thing I thought to live on my college campus. A one bedroom I thought of at first. But then a friend invited me to share a three-bedroom apartment with him and another. And that's what I did, the rent being a little less than a one bedroom by myself. I remained there for a bit more than three years — good experience with friendship and fellowship it was.

Then (2018) thinking of moving again crossed my mind; my roomies were moving out as well. And so, did I, even though I believe I had no clear guidance from the Lord that I should, just a quick maneuver it was. The move this time, however, was not across town but eight hours away, nearer to where I grew up. And in my haste, I made it easy for me to move, limiting my possessions as much as possible; I didn't even have my car examined to see how reliable it was to make the trip. Realizing it later, however, it was a wrong move; my parents having passed away early in my life had dissolved my home there.

In A Fish Belly

It was a misstep, and the haunting continued. I recalled the prophet Jonah in the Bible; he too went the wrong direction from where God had told him to go. Having been thrown overboard as he had asked the ships' crew to do for their sake and that the storm might be stilled, he was swallowed up by a big fish which God had provided; there in that fish belly he remained for three days.

The haunting continued for me, too; my move then was not an easy time for me. As with Jonah, however, I was still in God's protection and care. As with Jonah, I believe, so with me as well God permitted me to do my own thing that I might realize where I belong, and where I should have stayed.

Blessed Through the Haunting

I wouldn't mind returning to my former resident, there "on the edge of Narnia." Neither would I mind living again on the campus of my college alma mater. Either of those places would be great. However, having learned where I belong, eventually, I returned near there. My journeying through life God had brought me out from where I grew up, out of my old life, and to Bible college and my life renewed; my sight set on the immortal time -- see Colossians 3:1-3.

Therefore, I have no ambition now, at this stage in my life (such a foolish thing anyway for anyone to consider), to etch out a living merely for this perishing time, fattening up a financial portfolio that I may enjoy those so-called "golden years." There's none such "golden years" in this mortal time; the better "golden years" are yet to come in the eternal time. In the meantime, here now, until my eternal home-going or the Lord's return, as a Christ-follower -- a Messianic Gentile -- I'm a light bearer and salt spreader of God's eternal truth.

Hence, I've come to realize His protective care and sustaining grace (and thus the joy) in my pursuit of this much higher and more worthy ambition; in so doing, as He so cares for the birds of the air so He will care for me. (See Matthew 6:25-34.) The haunting may continue in this mortal time (and likely so), even over any rocks and roots and ruts that I may stumble upon, but a blessing through it all it is, trekking with Jesus along this earthly temporal way.

© 2019 Charles O Newcombe

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