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A Good Aunt

Gifts from God: My Nephews

Every Spring I start to feel a little melancholy because it was the season my nephews were in baseball practice. And then when it was over they had time for me---their Aunt Bobbi---in the spring, summer and fall.

When my nephews were small I traded my Camaro for a large Station Wagon so I could spend more time with them as I collected memories of our time together.

My Nephews: Paul, John-John, Baby John and Jamie

My Nephews: Paul, John-John, Baby John and Jamie

My Happiest Moments Were Spent with My Nephews

On some weekends I would take my two youngest to Chuck E. Cheese and then the movies.I would put the back seats down so they could play with their cars and trucks on the way to Chuck E. Cheese for the beginning of our Saturday fun.

They were about two years old when I started taking the youngest together and then the older ones would get their turn another weekend (they did not let me forget them---with their phone calls to jog my memory.)

My Nephews Grabbed My Book---Then Took This Terrible Picture

My Nephews Grabbed My Book---Then Took This Terrible Picture

Nephews---Precious Gifts

Sometimes, I would let all five spend the weekend with us and treat them to Chuck E. Cheese and then the movies. And, when hunting season came I would take them all to our family hunting camp to spend the weekend.

I know the deer had a nervous break-down with them riding the swamp buggy through the woods at their feeding time. What a treat for me to have them in my life---I enjoyed and loved every minute of it.

When summer came I had them out for weekends to watch movies, go walking in the woods, I played board games and even took them fishing---mainly the older nephews. I played football with them and that was a mixed treat. I tried to be as tough as they were---but I could tell---they were gentle with me.

I remember when I first heard I was going to be an aunt---I was thrilled when all my nephews were born.




Paul's Bigger Dream

I loved them and spoiled them---but most of all---I enjoyed them. I invited them over as often as possible because they had sports to practice for and games to play.

Clint and I went to as many games almost as my sisters and brother-in-laws. I will never to this day understand how my sisters could sit silently and watch their children play and not scream and shout encouragement to their sons.

My sister Paula threatened to get a muzzle for my mouth---but I cheered them on regardless of sisterly opinions. And, I have always made my own rules in life without adhering to traditional or politically correct nonsense. However, I would never offend anyone with action or words---I hope anyway.

One of my youngest nephews Paul had planned to play for a professional baseball team when he was in high school. Unfortunately, he hurt his pitching arm and after two surgeries---he had to forgo his dream. He is a daddy now of two little girls and runs his own business---so he had a bigger dream come true---because they are daddy’s girls, just what he always wanted.



Jamie Joined the Navy

My other younger nephew Jamie made a career of the Navy.

I am so proud of them both. When they were growing up I believed in hugging and kissing them whenever I could.

They were so funny--- sometimes they would run---so I could not kiss them in front of their friends. But I caught them and did it anyway.

I have found this to be true--- what goes around comes around again to kiss you---and to this day--- it does not matter where one of my nephews sees me---I will be hugged and kissed.

John-John at Five Years Old

John-John at Five Years Old

Baby John's First Birthday

Baby John's First Birthday

Excellent Parents

Of my older nephews---two are named John so the oldest one I call him John-John and the younger one I call him Baby John—and I still do. They are both in their thirties now and they have sons of their own. Rhett and Dalton are their boy’s names.

My nephews are all so handsome with big hearts and always such gentlemen ---one could not find better. My sisters did an excellent job in teaching their boys. Of course the daddies were also wonderful because they took their families to church and Sunday school. Just like I took my two little sisters to Sunday school---what goes around comes around.

They have great jobs and take good care of their families. Baby John likes to hunt and John-John likes to race. They are both wonderful men and include their children in their activities and are there for their children in their sports.

John-John's Truck

John-John's Truck

John-John's Truck

John-John and his truck that he loved so much---and one can tell because he kept it immaculate. I am sure he considered it his stud mobile---he was single at the time. If this truck could talk I would have a lot more to write about.

John-John now races cars and I pray he does not get hurt. It is mainly stock car racing---but it is still dangerous.

Baby John and his dog.

Baby John and his dog.

Baby John

My sweet Baby John he is like his Aunt Bobbi---an animal lover. And, here he is with his pet dog of the moment.

He had so many pets when he was growing up---I could not keep up with them all.

I use to chastise him and call him a “Redneck” because all his dogs loved to ride on his tackle box behind the cab of the truck.

This was not safe for the animals and I did not want to be a witness to a dog falling off the back of the truck. I finally talked some sense into him---I hope for the future animal’s sake.

I Only Speak Once--- was My Motto

In the beginning I told all my nephews I will only speak to you once---I will not ever speak in a loud voice to you---however, if you do not listen---then you will get your backpack and I will take you home.

My sisters would say--- spank them if they misbehave---but they knew I did not believe in hitting children as punishment. I would say---no I will bring them home if I ever have to speak to them twice about anything.

I never had to take a nephew home in all the years those precious little angels stayed with me. I was the one who spent time with them---only at night did my husband get to enjoy them---he was so busy with his “Big Boy Toys” ---I spoiled him too.

A Beautiful Doe Deer

A Beautiful Doe Deer

Hunting and Fishing

Clint and his dad went fishing in the spring and summer and then in the fall it was hunting season. I married a hunter who grew up in a hunting family. It was a strange adjustment for me to come to grips with---but I did my best to insure a more harmonious family gathering.

My Daddy did not hunt---he believed like I did---if the grocery store does not sell it---we will not eat it.

He did fish once in a blue moon---however my mother loved fishing. She went with us fishing in the Gulf and alligator occupied lakes to fish. I would go fishing to read a good book and get a tan---I am not about to touch that icky bait to stick a hook through it and get guck under my nails---no thank you.

So for many years I considered people who hunted Bambi’s Dad and Mom barbaric---until my nephews started hunting---then it was not so bad anymore. How children can change one’s opinion.

Halloween Tiger Woman---Scary

Halloween Tiger Woman---Scary


When my youngest nephews were three and five years old I dressed up for Halloween one year as “The Tiger Woman” for our trick or treating fun. My sister Paula drove and I walked from house to house in their neighborhood with my sweet little Angels---to protect them and make sure they remembered their manners. (I lived in the country---no neighborhood to be found---and the bulls, cows and horses did not give out treats---of the edible kind.)

My life was such a joy when they were young and I meant to enjoy as much of them--- my sisters would--- share with me. I will be forever grateful for my time with them. My Darlings blessed me with their time and are now so happy with their own little Angels to share their time with as they grow into wonderful adults.

Life Is Great Because of Them

Regrettably, I see them mainly at birthday, baby showers, weddings, and holidays they are so busy. And I understand it because they now have their families---and I am so ecstatic they are in a happy loving marriages with their children.

I never thought I would a good aunt---because I knew I would have to learn not to be possessive of them---but as it turned out I did not need to play that card---as they were possessive of me. What goes around comes around again to love you for life.

Their Aunt Bobbi will always love them unconditionally---I planted love and time seeds into their garden of life---hoping they all will do the same for their children, nephews and nieces. And, this is how---I believe “A Good Aunt” should be.

Aunts and Uncles

© 2013 Barbara Purvis Hunter