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A Dedicated Housemaid

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.


Shaila is a housemaid who works temporarily in our home and also in another place in our residential area.

She has bright tanned skin and is elegant to look at. She is extremely slim and of moderate height. She is innocent and naïve. It is hard to believe she already has two sons.

About Her Background

Shaila studied up to grade 8 and can read and write in Bengali. She comes from a remote village far away from the city. Her current mother-in-law liked her when she was 15 years old and proposed for marriage with her son. Shaila never saw her husband before but only after her marriage.

About Her Sons

As I mentioned before, Shaila has two sons – aged 7 and 3. The elder one studies in grade 1.

Her sons don’t bother or disturb her. They are obedient children and like sitting in front of the TV watching cartoons. So she can work and cook according to her schedules, keeping them under her younger sister's care.

Her Opinion About Her Husband

She has a good impression of her husband. He doesn’t create chaos, go into arguments or make any trouble. So she is a happy and lucky woman.

Where She Stays Currently

She currently stays in a flat at a low affordable rent in our residential area. So it is easy for her to walk to her workplaces. She confessed she loved to walk rather than take a rickshaw ( a slow-moving three-wheeler transport to carry people, driven by a puller in our world).

Her Husband’s Reaction When She Falls Sick

Her husband gives her a high dose of medication even for a simple fever. Then her head starts spinning and she gets headaches. She likes to eat something sour then. That is because tasting sourness makes her headaches go away.

Recently she caught a fever and she asked her husband to get the sour fruit, Jambura (available in our world). Her husband told her, “Why don’t you go get it?” So poor Shaila with her ongoing fever went to get it. The minute she cut it and tasted it, her fever downsized and her headaches vanished.

The Stuff She Finds Odd in Our Area

While coming to work, she sees people lining up in queues to buy delicious tea. As she said this one day, I asked her how much it cost. She replied, "10 to 15 taka". So that day when she was leaving our home after her work was done, I gave her a 20-taka note, and she hesitated. I told her,“ Buy yourself a cup of delicious tea from that shop.” She was very humbled and said with a laugh, "I am not going into such long queues, but other people do which I find odd!” I said, “Okay, then give yourself a treat whatever you like.” And she left smilingly.

What She Loves to Eat and Drink

She doesn’t like eating chicken, beef or fish although she cooks chicken for her growing children. She only loves to eat tiny fishes and prawns. So her husband gets her these only. She has access to cow's milk which she can buy near about her current home, and she relishes it. She loves to eat vegetables as well.

Who Her Father Was and Her Interest in Vegetables

Her father was a hardworking farmer back at her old village, and he had harvested lots of vegetables all his life including potol, carrot, eggplant, lady’s finger, potato, tomato and the lot. That is why vegetables were abundant all her life, and she became used to eating more vegetables than meat since she was a child.

The Stuff She Loathes

She doesn’t like getting wet in the rain. Raindrops are hazardous for her. Recently while she was going back home from her work, raindrops fell on her, and that is why she caught a fever.

The Kitchen Tool She is Comfortable with

Shaila cannot cut vegetables with a knife. She is more used to using a boti available in our world as a sharp tool for the same purpose as a knife. You can see her cutting vegetables with a boti in the following picture.

Shaila Cutting Vegetables with a Boti

Shaila Cutting Vegetables with a Boti

Does She Enjoy Her Work As a Maid?

She accepts life as it is, but she does enjoy her work as a maid- cleaning, washing, cutting meat and vegetables and even cooking. Although she works in our place and another place, she never fatigues. She is addicted to completing her work daily dedicatedly. Then, she returns to her home and rests before she jumps in again on the chores of her home.


Go green, Shaila! If life ever knocks you down, don’t be intimidated and know that it is for your good only. You learn some life lessons, further grow and soar, reaching greater heights as well as achieving more satisfaction and happiness as you work as a maid or something even more prospective, and climb the ladder of greater success.

© 2019 Rosina S Khan

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