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Morning Prayer



Heavenly Father,

Thank You

for waking me up

on time each

and every morning.

You've been my alarm clock

for many years.

Lead my mind in the right direction.

I will remember that

time is a precious asset.

Thank You Lord.


Debbie T. Alsup

Be Grateful

Good morning God.

I appreciate this day.

It is challengingly different,

and beautiful in its own way.

Some would not agree.

The weatherman said,

another severe storm

is coming our way.

Some places

are dealing with

worse weather Lord.

I won't complain.

I am prepared.

I am grateful.


Debbie T. Alsup

El Shaddai

El Shaddai,

The blessing of this

another day

is highly appreciated.

Before my feet

hit the floor

and I start

my morning routine,

Before I get

the kids ready

and rush them

out the door,

I must stop

and cherish

these moments serene.

Praise your name

to the highest

for all the blessings

we've seen.

Thank You.


Debbie T. Alsup

Growing Old Gracefully

Oh, the morning air

that uplifts my soul.

Thank You Lord.

Oh, my spouse of many years,

together happily growing old,

Thank You Lord.

Oh, the children You blessed us with,

Thank You Lord.

Oh, no apologies, no regrets

for a joyous life like this.

To You Lord,

I blow a morning kiss.

Thank You Lord.


Debbie T. Alsup

Help Me

Oh Daddy,

Help me.

Help me through this.

Help me find my way out of this dark.

Help me be strong when I am weak.

Help me tear down fences that cannot be repaired.

Help me not fix what is not broken.

Help me find my joy in the morning.

Help me soar like the eagle on high.

Help me ready my mind to receive.

Help me Daddy.

Help me Oh Lord.


Debbie T. Alsup

Self-Love Affirmations

Good morning Lord.

With You as my witness,

I pray these affirmations to start my day:

I am strong.

I am beautiful

I am eating healthier foods daily.

I am doing more things daily to make me happier.

I am taking steps daily to bring me closer to my goals.

I am focused.

I am happy.

I am wealthy.

I am forgiving myself for my past sins,

as You have forgiven me.

I am at peace with myself.


Debbie T. Alsup

Walk With Me

Good morning Father.

Thank You for this

another beautiful day.

I feel pretty good this morning.

I am going to make this day

even better than yesterday.

Walk with me Lord.


Debbie T. Alsup

Words Of Love

Thank You God

for another day to begin.

I promise to treat it

like the blessing it is.

I'll righteously nourish it,

spreading your words of love.


Debbie T. Alsup

God The Father

Good morning God,

Thank You Father

for prescience, new insight.

My vision this morning

is now so crystal clear.

Oh my God.

You are formidable.

I can't wait to execute.

I'm grooming good,

yet fast this morning.

Thanks again.

I'm outta here.


Debbie T. Alsup

Morning Prayer

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