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Inspirational Quotes-Let's Get Motivated

The Author Nancy Campbell enjoys inspirational thoughts and likes to write inspirational articles. Nancy received the Editor's Choice Award.

Let's Get Motivated

Have you ever heard the old saying," it's always someone in worse shape than you?" This is a doggie dog world, and only the strong survive. You have to get strong fast.

It's all about how you handle things. So many times, over and over again; people give up too easily on things. You have to fight for what you want; whether it is marriage, beliefs, your family, or even employment.

No one is giving you a free handout for anything nowadays; so you might as well accept it. Are you going to be a fighter or quitter? I'm so thankful for every little thing; it does not have to be big things. The first thing I think about when I get up in the morning is; I'm so happy to be here another day.

No matter how my day may end up; I'm just so happy, to be here now. What is the difference between one person with one leg; and the other person with one leg? You might say," there is no difference," and you are right; except for attitude. The one-man with one leg cries all the time, about his condition. What about the other man, with the same disability? The other man is

thankful for that one leg and has just run in the Special Olympics, with his artificial leg. We might not have that beautiful million-dollar home that we want, but we have a roof over our heads, a place to reside.

Yes, we should rejoice over the simple things in life; some are less fortunate than we are, and don't have a place to lay their heads. If you have food to eat for the day; that is such a blessing; because someone somewhere else, has nothing to eat.

Don't worry about it, it's going to be okay, be proud to eat those noodles, beans, or rice. Each day is a blessing in itself.

So go and hug that child, that spouse, that parent, because each day is not promised to us. Please stop complaining, and start being thankful. I miss my mother every day but always remember a story she told me. When my mother was a little girl; she was crying because they were poor, and she could not get a new pair of shoes.

All my mother could think about was, she had a hole in her shoes. When my mother visited her grandmother; she was crying about her old shoes. My mother asked her grandmother," what is worse than having holes in your shoes? " My grandmother responded," you could have no feet, to put in those shoes," that story stuck with my mother her whole life.

I miss my mother, and grandmother who both died 3 months apart in 2018. You know the two may be gone, my mother, and grandmother; but their stories will be passed on from generation to generation. So people pick yourselves up out of the dump and survive. We all fall sometimes, but you got to get back on that horse.


© 2018 Nancy Campbell

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