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Life Isn’t About Waiting for the Storm to Pass… It’s About Learning to Dance in the Rain

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


Surviving in this world today, we will experience different storms such as downpour, rainstorms, windstorms, or thunderstorms, and we might even face tornadoes, resulting in cyclones, which means notable disasters.

We must not be defeated, but conscious of the fact that there will still be a possibility of your clashing with different battles, and they will turn into a significant twister.

These cyclones periodically leave us to wonder where this life is taking us. We might even find it hard to enjoy life or continue living during the worst of storms.

Because life’s storms have a way of making us cut the safety net into a loose; many people are placing their life on hold to wait for just the right moment before beginning to live life again.

It is hard to see how to continue living during the worst of a downpour. Life is not all about waiting for the storm to pass. Nor is it about avoiding it. It is about learning to enjoy living life and discovering ways to dance in the rain during a rainstorm.


Life is full of storms, and we all will face them as we live life. In reality, there will be one storm after another. Despite this, we have to take action on our situation and fix each one separately.

Such disturbances we face may be fierce, and one is small, but we just have to monitor what is developing for tomorrow. Thus, we must accept people and situations as they take place to learn to live in the roughest of weather and even enjoy the inevitable storms of life.

We should know how to deal with disasters that appear as hurricanes in our lives, or how the storms that will disrupt our life.

Whereas we can hide in the most subterranean tunnels, waiting for the storm to spend, or we can continue our lives, enjoying, and dancing in the rain.

No one enjoys facing storms, whether he or she is raging as in problems in life or storms caused by natural forces such as weather storms.

However, I know that every storm can have some advantages. Tornadoes will always be unavoidable as long as we live; we will experience heavy shower problems in life, and we must, as a result, always be ready to face these storms without being compressed down by them.

The enormous question is, how will we withstand these storms? Know that you get nothing done while you wait; time will pass you by, but continuing with your life will come to ridiculousness, fun, dancing, and laughter, but it is your choice, choose wisely.


We suffer when we cannot face reality. The Reality:

By not seeing life or a circumstance for how it is. I am not only giving in to the extra challenges in life. I am also hindering all the opportunities that will come to me.

I understand that I am the person who has to take full control of my life, and it is what I make of it. Although sometimes I may be left wondering where life is taking me, I am still left with whatever I choose.

If I should let the rain bring me down, it will be through waiting and procrastinating as it is just wasted time doing nothing.

Or I can realize life comprises bright light, which will bring out laughter despite the surrounding situation. Life can be as beautiful as the sunset. I mean it to be cherished, and that is the choice which I will prefer.

How do we face reality?
First, an individual must be honest with him or herself. Next, they need to make the necessary, and the severe changes that are required to face reality.

Also, the person needs to be ready to face reality, and He or she will need to have a healthy, realistic person in their life to help process the truth. And assist with being able to accept the realism of the certainty in life!

There are several ways to discover the reality of things. Start by looking at all the essential aspects of your life like your relationships.

Is the other person in your life the person who fulfills you? In your time of need, is he or she available, and available for you?
Is there something in you different from your partner that understands? Do your partner bring joy to your life, and the best out of you?

Will he or she tells you the truth about everything, or will they say what you want to hear? Facing and knowing the truth is the reality you need in your life. It will bring about the best experience in life you can imagine as mostly when you do this and accept it; you can face reality.

Why is it important to dance in the rain in a storm?

Life is all about the struggles, and there will be battles that are beyond your control, that you must deal with on a daily.

However, the way you deal with your struggles in life will either build you up or break you down. There are numerous lessons to be learned when dealing with storms in life.

The first lesson to learn is, you can have peace in the storm despite what you are dealing with if you take action in the right way.

You must do whatever needs to be done when dealing with storms that come into your life; it is just how life works, as you learn how to enjoy dancing in the rain.

“Life” isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass signifies: It is not just about focusing on what you have during an enjoyable time; it is about learning how to weather the storm during the regretful times.

We all go through rough weather, yet, we must take action to get to dance in the rain. We need to bear in mind; life must go on in the shower or the sunshine; so we must do whatever we need to do despite the weather.

However, take into account that sometimes there is no way to prevent the rain from coming, and there is nothing you can do to keep from getting wet.

Although it might not be the ideal weather, you still must do what has to be done. So, if you have to do something, the least you can do by learning how to dance in the rain.

Learning to dance in the rain signifies: when facing difficulties, you must not merely wait for the storm to pass, but ‘learn to dance in the rain.’

This, in simple terms, means that life is filled with challenges, and when facing problems, despite everything, you can still be happy. It is all near our attitudes, and how you perceive the issues, remaining optimistic, and distinguishing that things will get better.

Make it a point to enjoy life, even if it means you might have to make the best to have fun; you will not place your life on hold.

It says it is better to refuse to sit down to wait for the storm to pass because sometimes you might forget to get back up out of your chair to continue in life. You will get tired, so it is acceptable to pause for a break in the weather, but you must get back up and jump right back to what has to be done.


Facing the Storms of life

When confronted with an unexpected crisis or some form of tragedy in life, don’t forget there are several ways to deal with the gust of wind to find peace.

Whenever an unexpected storm arrives from out of nowhere, and we are unprepared for its life can be very frightening.

If you are facing a "storm of life" at the moment, know that the rant and rave of life’s storm contain some hidden blessings. The good fortune will come your way for your enjoyment as soon as you learn the reasons for the storms in your lives.

As we live life, sometimes the wind is calm, and the breeze blows softly. However, other times the blustery weather rises, the sky darkens, and we stumble upon a dreadful storm.

Maybe you are even in the midst of a horrible storm spiritually or mentally, and all hope has seemed to disappear. To make sure you face the storm correctly, you need first to realize there are many different types of storms and what needs to be done when taken by storm.

Storms can make us stronger.

No doubt in life, there will be enjoyable times and regretful times, but if you differentiate between doing nothing, take a moment to consider what, and how that will benefit you. It, like your life, is put on hold where the weather is still thundering and lightning as you wonder how did the storm come up so fast from a direction you did not expect?

It is said that storms cause trees to take deeper roots. The same similarity goes to a person who goes through life difficulties.

The disturbances in our life will make us do like the tree take deeper roots to be strong enough to keep standing during the storms.

People learn how to become stronger during a thick rain cloud raining down on them. It is our responsibility to take on challenges in life, as we must develop a deep root to make sure we stand on a firm foundation.


During the most significant storms, our strength is measured. It is then that we need a secure foundation, and if we want a guaranteed foundation to stand firmly upon, we have to ensure that through developing a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. He will carry us through any and every turmoil.

The unexpected storms we face in our lives are ‘ruffled ‘unforeseen trials. Although we might be disappointed while it is happening, in time, we will realize that the storms have been for the best.

It will have been the best because in facing the storm, you were forced to review your life and decide exactly what needs to be done in your life.

Most times, what is being removed from your life is getting out of the way for something better in store for you. It will also give you an opportunity to take the time to learn and put your abilities into perspective and begin living God’s purpose for your life.

Throughout a very challenging storm, we will get tired. If you are tired, it is acceptable to sit down, to rest during the storm, but do not forget to get back up so your life can move forward.

Take a moment to consider where are in life as you might have paused for a break in the weather, but never forget to get back to whatever opportunities life has to offer.

Life is not all about waiting for the storm to pass over as we all have to learn to deal with the wind, the rain, and even the tornado through living and learning from the annoyances life offer.

It is up to us whether life-threatening challenges can be severe and full of darkness or whether we find the well-lit light from the dark.

Different problems we do not like will happen every day which we can take in a variety of ways. A storm can bring about the wetness, but we can decide to embrace the rain by learning to dance in it, or we can make it much harder by procrastinating, or just wasting time by doing nothing.

However, bear in mind in the midst of the worse of storm, Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s about learning to dance in the rain.

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Learning to Dance in the Rain

Thriving in Chaotic TimesPreparing Your 'Life' BoatFear Not

To be able to survive in turbulent times you must be one of the people to keep an eye on what is evolving for tomorrow.

Life is all about struggles; we all go through rough weather, yet, we must take the necessary action to prepare for the storm entering our life.

The first thing to learn when going through a storm is we do not have live in fear; we can still have peace in the midst of the storm despite what we are dealing with. Especially when we take action in the right way.

Obviously, we all prefer the tranquility and prosperity of "good times.'' However, the storms will rise, and It is not easy to know how to continue living during the worst of a downpour. We must always be prepared to face these storms without being compressed down by them.

Part of life's unknown lies in considering the great storms which have always stir up great challenges. Nothing carries such impressive and fearful displays of power like a great hurricane or typhoon. Life is not just about focusing on what we have during the enjoyable times; it is about learning how to weather the storm during the regretful times

When confronted with an unexpected crisis or some form of tragedy in life, don’t forget there are ways to find peace and deal with the gust of wind. Whenever a storm takes us out of the blue, we can prepare and live without living in fear.

Adaptability is the real issue. How do we adapt to – and navigate through – the conditions in which we are going through in life. Can we thrive in chaos? Yes, we can succeed when we face different chaos that comes into our life.

Surviving the storm may require you to prepare to slip out of the restraint that are holding you down.

To live a healthy life with out fear during a storm; we should make sure we face the storm correctly and know there are many different types of storms. We must do what need to be done when taken by storm.


For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. Thunderstorms are caused by
    • convection currents
    • hurricanes
    • altitude
  2. Which of these types of storms is the most common?
    • thunderstorm
    • tornado
    • hurricane
  3. This storm is characterized by a narrow funnel cloud that can come on suddenly
    • thunderstorm
    • tornado
    • hurricane
  4. During a tornado one should
    • Seek shelter in a basement or low ground
    • Seek high ground due to flooding
    • Go outside of your house
  5. This storm starts up over the ocean, builds up and comes inland. It has a calm area in the center called an eye.
    • thunderstorm
    • hurricane
    • tornado

Answer Key

  1. convection currents
  2. thunderstorm
  3. thunderstorm
  4. Seek shelter in a basement or low ground
  5. thunderstorm

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