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Your World Is a Reflection of Your Thoughts - Improve Your Thoughts, Improve Your Life!

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


Words can be the most powerful tool if one examines their style, tone, and accuracy. It can even mean the difference between being misunderstood and communicating clearly.

What a difference speaking the words can make in life. Words are the most engaging and powerful tool for communication, and their impact depends entirely on how you use them.

Have you ever heard someone say, “You will eat your words?” To some, it may sound like a fabricated statement, but people eat their words. If only we all understood the power of words. It affects not only others, but it also affects you.

It is incredible how words can change situations, and more so when used appropriately. Using words to encourage, educate, and give confidence to the hearer can make an incredible difference.

Color can add life to a black and white day with the right words. Adding color to your life and learning new ways to use it will make you more alive. You will enhance these moments with your words, enabling you to be the best you can be.

In trying to make a great impression, inappropriate words can ruin everything. The person presenting the information can appear simple-minded, although the person expressing it may not understand that. You create your world by how you think. Improve your thoughts, improve your life.


How Words Can Change Your Life

Most of us grew up believing the children’s rhyme, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” This rhyme is to convince the child victim of name-calling to overlook the insult given, yet the older you get, you realized that the statement is wholly untrue and that words can hurt.

Words hold power, a single word can make the difference between liking and disliking a person. It can shape a person to who they are, how people see them and how successful they end up. Words are powerful and amazing. They have a way of making a person come out of their shell and perceive the world for what it offers.

Try to remember the first words that you ever said? Chances are those words reassured that the child in you are growing up and learning. Do you remember the cruelest words, someone ever said to you? I'm sure it was the kind of words that cut into the depth likes a knife.

We all have experienced a harshly spoken word at some time in our lives. Think back on the power of those words? Also, think of the impact of adverse words over those which are positive.

Positive words can change a person's perception of life. They can encourage and help people through difficult times. Also, they can supply, strengthen in times of weakness and assist a person to cope with all that life throws at them.

Words can put a label on many. They articulate outcomes and also leave an impression. Thus, all the words that you receive from people over the years build you into who you are today.

Words bring about the beliefs that you have and enhance your character along with an outlook on life. In spite of this, be aware that your world is a reflection of your thoughts, Improve your thinking, and improve your life.


Thus, if negative words are frequently used in your life, you collect them. Destructive words are compelling and will hurt who you are. By changing the display of words that affect your life, you can create a difference in your outlook and the way you live life.

Be careful about what you think, because your thoughts can put you on easy street or they can run your life. Capturing your thoughts requires silence, and a person to be still, which is something most people have no time for. And as long as we have no time for obtaining our mind, our thoughts, emotions, and feelings will continue to come up with ways and what we do with our lives.

Words, in general, can help a person to become intact and take responsibility for their thoughts. We must realize there is nothing that we can do to control the thoughts or words of other people. A person must be responsible for his/her own words. When we realize that, we will find our positivity to shine.

Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words. Be careful of your words, for your words become your actions. Be careful of your actions, for your actions become your habits. Be careful of your habits, for your habits become your character. Be careful of your character, for your character becomes your destiny. — Chinese proverb


Looking for the Negative Words

If you are like some people, you let thoughts associated with worries, fears, anger or unhappiness influence negative words. Though, for the next few days, it is time to look for those negative words and thoughts to see how they are sabotaging your potential.

Keep a notepad handy for the next couple of days. Every time a negative thought about anything come to mind, jot it down. It could be anything that you are contemplating to yourself that could be destructive that you need to be consciously aware of it.

To make sure you speak and think positive you have to be aware of what you are saying in your everyday life. Also, you have to end negative thoughts that will affect how you live your life.

While you do not have control over what people say to you, changing your behaviors helps you to attract individuals who are not adverse but those who live happily and fulfilled lives.

Negative people cannot stand to be in the acquaintance of people who are confident and well balanced. Moreover, they do not welcome people who are always positive about their lives.


Confirmatory words help a person to appreciate the moments that are the ones like forgiveness. They are words such as understanding, loving, accepting and being positive in every thought that you have, even when problem-solving. Positive people do not assume they know how others will think.

They appreciate that each has his/her own thoughts, his/her own agendas and his/her own responsibility to self. Thus, they also understand that this moment is the instant that dictates what the next minute holds.

Some people may be asking themselves whether they can make a difference in their own life. They may even be questioning the power of words. However, unless they attempt to control the power of words, they may find their life continues on its common way, and they are never really contented with a lot in life.

Know that there will always be someone to blame, or make excuses for not being the best you can be. It is easier than making an effort.


However, if you unleash the power of positive words, just for a minute, you will see that your entire life is verbalized by the way you approach it. The paradoxes are as simple as that.

By living each moment as a bonus moment and giving that minute everything that you are in a very positive way, you become confident. Positivity attracts positivity like a magnet; you will attract abundance as you have never known in your life before. Words are that powerful.

Through reinforcing yourself with positive words, you control your own destiny. Every moment you live leads gracefully to the next, and you should exercise transforming a moment's thought to positive ones so that the next moment is received with positivity.

Moments that come within reach of regret are retrospective and of little use to you. Disappointments will definitely make the next moment more difficult. Moreover, remember your world is a reflection of your thoughts, Improve your words, and improve your life.


Speaking, in general, comes with the words, mental images, sentences, and perceptions. The words come, and fail you for a while, and then fade, making space for other thoughts. Some of these ideas stay longer, gain power, and have an emotional impact on the life of the person thinking them.

Whether you recognize it or not, all the self-talk that you already do is a long string of affirmations. To change your life, you need to use affirmations all through your waking hours as a result that negative thoughts do not get a chance to form in your mind.

The positive words that you say, of “affirmations, “leave in the least no room for negativity. If the negativity attempt to creep into work harder on absorbing the use of statements, it works.

It will work wonders in your life, and if you feel cynical about your life, it is contrary affirmations which made you think this way. Nonetheless, keep in mind your world is a reflection of your thoughts. Improve your words, and improve your life.

MS. Tramaine Hawkins - Changed

Thoughts create reality


Your words and thoughts have physical power - Will Smith

Ways To Transform Your Life Just By Changing Your Vocabulary

Controlling your temperDealing with bad newsDefusing difficult situations

By changing the words you habitually use, you can eventually turn yourself from a raging wolverine into a lamb.

As Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once wrote, “Into each life some rain must fall.” So the question is how are you going to react when dealing with bad news? We must know how to deal with a “nightmare” or a “minor inconvenience,” regardless which one we’ll need to handle”

“Controlling the frame” is when two frames meet, the stronger one wins. If a calm person starts talking to someone who’s screaming, then soon after that, both of them will either be screaming or calm the one who “Control the frame” is defusing a difficult situation.

Because we human being, will arguments with other people. It just goes with the territory. But how we handle that argument can change everything. We can’t “fly off the handle” or “get into a kerfuffle” we have a responsibility to control our temper.

How would you handle a “nightmare”? would you spend hours obsessing over a “nightmare”? Would you cry yourself to sleep over it? Could you see yourself screaming at someone for causing a “nightmare” in your life? Now, ask yourself the same question about a “minor inconvenience.” You will handle the situation difference

Generally both party will be screaming because we have a natural tendency to get in sync with the people we are talking to and whoever is more firmly rooted in his frame tends to draw the other person into it. Part of that is emotional, but it also depends on words you use. However, to “control the frame” we must defuse an awkward situation.

A person who can’t control his or her temper will use words like “enraged,” “explosive,” and “furious” to describe his feelings when someone with better self-control would use words like “perturbed, “peeved,” or “mildly annoyed.”

Now, ponder the fact that in many cases, one person’s “nightmare” is another person’s “minor inconvenience.” Highly productive people often handle several problems per day that less skilled people choke on.

If you want to “control the frame” and make someone more excited, you use exciting language; if you want someone to be more placid, you use more serene language. Be the one guiding where the conversation goes emotionally with your vocabulary instead of drifting along like a jellyfish.

© 2016 Pam Morris

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