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Inside Every Person, You Know; There’s a Person You Don’t Know: the Reflection in the Mirror!

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


You may find that inside every person you know, there is a separate person who you do not know, the reflection in the mirror. The likeness comprises, a feeling like there is a different person who exists inside that you will not be persuaded; you know or understand.

Sometimes, it seems as if this separate person is taking the form to be my first action. When the feeling occurs, I visualize, I still am my same self, but it feels as if the reflection in the mirror is an echo of mine.

From the reflection in my mirror, there is only one person who keeps the driving force, and that is me. My reflection in the mirror shows what’s outside as no one can see deep within. Only I know and see the face in the mirror as I genuinely am.

The reflection in my mirror is the effect of all my life’s experiences that only I can present. Given that I have the final say on how to represent myself in a world that is repeatedly changing, it is vital how I interact with the reflection in my mirror.


As I stand in front of my mirror, I am not sure I recognize the face I see before me. The person who is standing right in front of the mirror is trying to take me into a different universe that is stranger and more exciting than ever I imagined.

Therefore, I must know who I am. My belief can handle the challenge within the reflection in my mirror to not lose who I am in the unknown’s shadow darkness of the personalities.

In the mirror, I am looking through visualizing a person being a certain way. I entrust the mirror that I stay that way. But at times, there is a higher power that exists that can deceive, and when dreaming, one might wonder if it is believing.

Since I grew and aged to look at myself in the mirror, I have developed beliefs, values, and experiences that undoubtedly have helped shape me into this reflection I see today. My life comprises stumbling blocks that blocked my image in the mirror and were in the way of my happiness.


When I look at my face in the mirror, it shows separate visages. I have come to the reality that this world is one wild and unpredictable place. And from time to time when I am looking into the mirror, there are still some parts of me that are a unique reflection that I do not know.

Looking at my image in the mirror assists me to receive. I have to turn my stumbling blocks into stepping stones that will take me further than I could have imagined.

This mirror is here as my escort to remind me to do the things that I need to start, but my reflection is an image that lets me know I need to take control of my life, and today is the beginning.

As I struggle to understand how the reflection in the mirror echoed from the mirrors as it does, I am reminded of all the gains and losses I occurred by living in America. Looking for my reflection made me realize it is me, and me alone that is the liberty to look in my mirror and not allow it to give me this double-awareness, this sense of always looking at myself through the reflection of my mirror.

As I look at the same face in the mirror, I believe I have to take full control of my life, and on that day, I wish I could change all the time I took little things for granted.


While my experience undoubtedly helped shape me, that does not mean I grasp everything in my life as I have not to live life in a prison created by my mind. To not live life in a prison set up by my cognizance, I must not live my life like I am “sleep-walking” through it.

I must search for answers to any question that makes me miserable at the end of each day. When I look into the mirror, and the reflection is missing, then I am still living my life like I am trying to distinguish how to live life to the fullest, to see the image I have to come into contact with what life has to offer.

That does not mean I can dream myself out of a miserable life in another world, but it means that I can exert myself on the road to see life crystal clear when I look into the mirror.

I must understand myself for me to take control of my existence and continue to see the reflection in my mirror. I must not allow another person to imagine or replace the face in my mirror. There are various questions I keep asking myself when my face appears in the mirror. “How well do I know myself?”

How do I stop stumbling blocks from removing my reflection of who I am and never permit life to overwhelm me?” How do I continue to allow my thinking to be as if I do understand what face is before me in the mirror?”

For me to have the answer to these questions, I have to distinguish how to live and differentiate who I am because identity has a way of evolving.

Although there comes a time in everyone's lives when they just don’t feel comfortable looking in the mirror. For a reason, knowing your identity is an ongoing journey to see the reflection in the mirror, as discovering who you are can be continuous.


“He who knows others are learned; He who knows himself is wise” by Lao-tzu is a famous quote that shares to make the best decision on your own and feel comfortable in your skin you have to know yourself.

Primarily since life comprises pressure from society and the influence of other people, if a person has not taken the trouble to understand him or herself, they will have a desire to please others and wonders what it is they want.

One of the most significant handicaps most people have been insecurity. However, if you will be in a position to look at yourself in the mirror, you want to get over insecurity.

To prevent the reflection in the mirror of envisioning, learn that you cannot please everyone, and you should not try. To allow another to be a reflection in your mirror means you must see yourself in that someone.

However, never let another be your reflection in your mirror because what can they tell you about you and what part of your life have they lived? The reflection in the mirror holds your beliefs, values, and experience as it becomes a looking glass that can help you continue to learn more about yourself.


When you allow another to be your reflection in your mirror, they are a stumbling block in your life. However, to end those stumbling blocks and fears that will permit another to become the reflection in your mirror, make sure it does not attach your identity to other people's beliefs and values.

For a reason, it becomes a looking-glass for them to see more than they need, and if you see yourself achieving anything from different beliefs, you are fooling yourself.

Looking into the Mirror and changing the things I can change. When I investigate the mirror, I see someone who has come across a lot of good and some not so pleasant experience.

However, I know I must be prepared to go through a never-felt-before sense of clarity, purpose and try not to allow life to overwhelm me with too much stress that I lose my reflection in the mirror.

One will believe that it is easy to look into a mirror and see the image to be what you want to be, except it not that simple. Some look into the mirror and hate what they see, I look into the mirror to see my “Authentic” self and strive to live the life I want and deserve.

Sometimes, it is difficult to change things in your life you don't like. I can start with something that is in my control, like changing my thoughts and words. Words and ideas can make an unbelievable amount of difference in anyone's life.

From life experience, I learn the power of words and ideas holds high authority and is mind-blowing mainly when used properly, they can change many situations.

We can speak our future into existent, and when we set goals. It helps us to consider what our life has to offer. I altered my mind and words and learned my positive words to help me look into my mirror with confidence, see the reflection, but the impact of my negative words took away my reflection from all my trying times.


Three necessary steps to being Confidence When looking in the Mirror & see the Reflection

Step One – Learn to Love Yourself: If a person is not happy with him or herself, the first steps are tantamount to look at or relates to the world. You must be satisfied with yourself to learn to love yourself.

Many people are unhappy and dislike themselves because they look at the world in a way that doesn’t generate or merit happiness.

Step Two – Maintaining your love: To take back the joy, you need to realize how to keep up the love found. You must learn to love yourself. While happiness should not be determined by whether you have a special love in your life, it helps.

Being in synch with learning how to love yourself also helps. If you have not yet met that soul-mate, and this is something you seek, this step will help you identify him/her. When you can keep up your love, you can accept your flaws and look into the mirror with confidence.

Step Three – Practice being happy: When a person can determine how to put something into practice, it can come naturally. Training shows you how to become more comfortable and become secure and content.


The reflection in the mirror holds a powerful image and effort as everyone has variations of themselves. We represent ourselves in many ways in various situations.

A mirror contains the face of a person learning more about him or herself. It helps the person articulate a vision of a healthy life or not so virtuous life we get to choose. When we continue to look at the man or woman in the mirror, it shows what or where our actions lead.

The most prominent rewards can be hidden behind the mirror’s reflection. The mirror’s reflection is the likeness you did not know were there all the time stemming from one place: the face in the mirror or not seeing what’s right in front of you.

The most significant reflection in my mirror

  • My self-belief and tendency to annoy thing not worth taking up my time
  • My capacity to forgive others
  • My closeness to God when I need someone to lean on and take away the hurts and help me admit too…being honest again
  • My overindulgence of knowledge…and the reflection…of whom God is giving me the ability to learn more. The more I know him and lean on him, the more I carry out.

Below is a list of personal obstacles that prevent me from seeing my reflection in the mirror

  • In need of happiness
  • In need of self-control
  • Lack of information
  • Lack of purpose and inspiration
  • Lack of ambition and want
  • Lack of ability to love myself
  • Too much Procrastination
  • Lack of attention to detail
  • Negative thoughts
  • Pessimistic words
  • Excessively blaming of self or others
  • Various excuses
  • Too much complaining
  • Assess Mirror’s Reflections

How can one check something unless they can figure out how it originated? They must first know where it stems from or what originates from. To make sure you know where it stems from you must, therefore, ask yourself:

  • Where did it all begin?
  • What can I do to make sure I understand how and where things start?
  • What must I do to calculate it all?

The mirror’s reflections are “things” that are a part of your life’s experience or here to edify, educate in mistakes, and make you stronger for the journey that yet to come.

To assess the mirror reflections, we must not view challenges as insurmountable difficulties that will prevent us from evaluating the mirror reflections, but rather as small — and at times significantly — stepping stones that are required “building block.”

To successfully evaluate a mirror’s reflection, one must take the time to learn the lessons that life throws their way. For a reason, these lessons will be critical to your success as you move forward into the future.

Tips for maintaining the mirror reflections

When we awake each day, we are confronted with the face in the mirror, problems, and challenges until it is easy to become a little overwhelmed. Especially when the situations are unfamiliar, and it is easy to react emotionally to the circumstances which can become a peril and critical condition.

However, no matter what each day throws your way, we are left with the face in the mirror. Nonetheless, we must keep in mind that we are always responsible for coming up with options.

Whether you have the answer or searching, there are always things you can do, arrangements you can make and choices you can make that will keep the reflection in the mirror.

First, you want a solution that will keep you moving forward in the right direction. When unexpected obstacles suddenly display itself, step back and take a good look at the face in the mirror.

Then go ahead by remaining focus and grasp the situation from a logical perspective.

Lastly, you should identify the exact relevance and importance of the incident that has taken place.

However, emotional responses are often not very productive, and they will prevent you from gaining the necessary resources and provision. Moreover, if we stop, think, and take a deep breath, it will ease the situation.

Most important, we must learn to step back from our emotional state and see the situation as it is — through reason and intelligence.

Furthermore, everyone wants to find that utopia when he or she looks into the mirror where the reflection contributes to happiness. We live in a world full of pressures, so much to handle until sometimes it hard to look into the mirror, know who we are or find the reflection, and it is not always easy to balance or see the reflection in the mirror.

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For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. True or False, the distance that a person stands from the mirror will not affect the amount of mirror that the person ne
    • True
    • False
  2. Why are objects blurry when looking at a spherical mirror?
    • All of the rays striking the edges of the sphere will not meet at the focal poin
    • Because the object is located in front of the focal point
    • Because all of the rays striking the edges of the sphere will not meet
  3. TRUE OR FALSE: The amount of space a reflection takes up (on the mirror) depends solely upon the distance between the re
    • True
    • False
  4. Will an object ever have its image appear between the focal point and the mirror in a concave mirror? Convex mirror?
    • Yes
    • No
  5. True or False, For all plane mirrors, the object distance from the mirror equals the image distance.
    • True
    • False

Answer Key

  1. True
  2. All of the rays striking the edges of the sphere will not meet at the focal poin
  3. True
  4. Yes
  5. True

© 2016 Pam Morris

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