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The Power of Attention

Misbah is a Muslim woman who loves to share her knowledge about her religion and culture with the world.

The Power of Attention


The energy of attention

The energy of attention must be based on thought, feeling, and action. There will be no power of purple, flame, flames, or prayer unless you read them with love. There will be no materialization about the house if you do not put effort (action) into the construction process of the house. Thought, feeling, and action must work together.

There can be no desire and no fear. Or desire and laziness, purpose and doubt. These three aspects must always work together in harmony, without any contradiction to each other. You want to pass the exam. Don't be afraid of it, get ready and visualize the idea, how you will successfully answer, how good it will be for you to know the answers, and how fun and easy it will be after the exam.

The desire to maintain it well is not enough. There must be confidence, peace of mind, a calm knowledge that all will be well and work. Controlling your thoughts, feelings, and actions is not so easy because there is always doubt, distraction, laziness, fear, and many other negative things.


Start focusing on simple, everyday things and you will see progress. To apply this method slowly, in your daily routine at the same time, remember that it works even when you are not trying very hard, but you are very angry, hateful, sad, afraid. Then, without any effort, a magnetic field is formed that attracts mischief into your life. If you have to try to form some ideas, then when the negative thought forms, try to distract them and do not allow them to materialize.

Everything is in your hands. You can control it consciously, and you can continue to swim downstream. That is, succumb to the energy of uncontrollable thoughts and feelings and form uncontrollable situations that you will value as disasters in life. There are many forms of disaster that are formed due to karma.


Psychologists know that self-esteem is of great importance to a person, and this is true because self-esteem is one of the forms of concentration. And if you constantly support the idea that your life is beautiful, that you are healthy, happy, surrounded by success, it will be so.

The magnetic field you form will collapse the vibrations of success, and it will return to you what that field will be ready to materialize. Just be careful with desires. Desires must be precise, clear, simple. I would like you to draw your focus on the creation of light, goodness, love, kindness, to focus on the Ascended Masters, the Spiritual Teachers, or on your higher consciousness.

The more often you think about them, the faster and stronger you will concentrate on the magnetic field, which will also attract the energy of the Teachers. This way, you will strengthen the connection with your Teachers.

It will depend on your magnetic field, whether you can feel and hear the Master, but the bridge to the Master's heart needs to be shaped by your focus. Having a Teacher is not enough. There must be love for the Teacher, the energy of prayer for the Teacher, the energy of thanksgiving for the Teacher. Thought, feeling, and action must occur together.

The consciousness of the soul

The higher consciousness of man combines a much wider space and time than the lower consciousness perceives. Earthly consciousness exists in the earthly plane and is based on man's ability to think, analyze, make decisions.

Higher consciousness has existed and will continue to exist, but it is not always perceived by the man who has limited himself in time and space and has entangled himself in karmic blocks. The higher consciousness is the consciousness of the soul.

It works over a much wider time range and covers a much wider area. The higher consciousness unites all the experiences of the soul through all its incarnations. Earthly consciousness is associated only with that incarnation and is formed through human experience and the influence of collective consciousness.

Earthly consciousness allows us to function in earthly space: in material time, in material space. But the higher consciousness has already opened up a completely different vision of the earthly world, a completely different perception of it.

The positive energy

Negative and Positive Energy

Higher consciousness encompasses the times, places, events of all incarnations. It combines all past and future experiences. It combines the deeper meaning of life. A person whose earthly consciousness merges with the higher consciousness can appreciate what is really going on in his present life.

He realizes that much of what is happening now is just a reflection of what has happened in the past and what consequences those events have had on the soul. One realizes how important it is to appreciate what one has done wrong in past lives and that it is now necessary to correct the mistakes of the past. It is necessary to transform negative energy into positive energy. Such a person will never blame his environment, blame other people, but only analyze what is happening to him and what he needs to do to repair the damage he has formed in the past.

Not only will such a person no longer create negative karma, but he will also try to correct all the mistakes of the past so that he can only purify himself and liberate consciousness more quickly.

The human energy

The higher consciousness is the consciousness of the soul. When a man opens himself to the soul, his earthly consciousness merges with the higher consciousness. The purpose of human life is creation, not just the cultivation of karma. But as long as human energy is pressed, karma blocks, no creative force is released.

You may form an idea, but there is no force of a realization. When the higher consciousness opens up other criteria of life evaluation are activated — a different way of life is formed. Other values ​​and other aspirations emerge. Man changes his lifestyle. It returns to naturalness, simplicity, lightness. He returns to nature.

Manufactured noise starts to bother him, so he wants to go back to peace. Nature is the beauty that emits vital vibrations. Manufacturing technology does not emit vibrations of vital energy, which means that it dissipates human energy. Think about how much technology you have in the house, how much sound and vibration it emits. And the vibrations of inanimate technology emitted erode human vibrations. And nature emits the same vibrations as a man — the vibrations of life.

The life energy is connected with the energy of the Supreme Mind, with the source of Central life from which "I" is originated. It aligns with the vibrations that exist in the Universe, and that alignment allows us to find common points of contact with each other. Allows us to tune the frequency of vibrations, which makes it possible to perceive higher-frequency consciousness. Allows a deeper, clearer, broader understanding of the Creator's consciousness.

Withdrawal from nature and the technique of self-furnishing erodes the frequency of vibrations in the human energy field, and this erodes the ability to merge with the higher consciousness.

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