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Life's Purpose

Studies psychology, advocates on mental & physical wellness, teaches & writes.

In this venture, I have found myself.

— Sunshine


A man spends almost half of his life in search for his purpose, he walks on a million miles on a scorching desert to find his courage and test his capability. He wanted to examine his innate abilities, if he can survive his lone way all the way to the endpoint. No matter how many exhausting days he spends in the parching sun; he consistently reminds himself about more important matters he should be attending rather than minding the weight of his unmeasurable aches. Throughout his walk, perhaps he will stumble upon sharp objects that might cut him open like the sorrow from his current relationship status or family matters. He measures his strength by willingly letting go of some things even if it means the world to him.

If solidarity means anything to him then he must continue to walk his lone path but if he finds it difficult then he should learn how to do it on his own.


He swims on an open ocean unafraid of the waves that might shatter his bones because he is in search of an answer; maybe it all lay down in its calm water or beneath its paradise swimming with the wonderful sea creatures. Shivers and coldness doesn’t bother him at all because in the pacific might take away his confusion. If he drowns, he will fight it to prove his strong physicality as well as physiology.

In the vast and quite woods where creatures big and small lives he starts his soul searching. His hopes are as high as the lofty trees. Focusing his vision on his mission, he continues his voyage. He won’t stop even if hurdles try to block his way. If hungry beasts try to end his life, he fights with all his might, and if he bleeds the blood will push his warrior spirit because his flesh is just a mere part of his entire being and if his spirit is challenged –it makes him a better man.


In search of his wholeness, he begins to climb the highest of mountains. Green fields gives him hope to foresee victory. Although his knees might tremble at times or shakes in an unfrivolous pain he will not give in because he can see the sunset in between the astonishing mountains. If he thirst out, he prays for cure from God for he knows he is there to listen and give. He is the shelter to protect from the calamities of the external world. The light and the guide towards the right path.


The purpose of life differs from a specific human perception, however one thing is crystal clear –life wants us to fight in order to have answers. Like the man who seeks out all the elemental paths of the globe to unravel what mystery was left hidden underneath the cloak of his life.

Before was a total different story from the now; after the long journey in the warm desert, the cold drift in the pacific, the exhausting mountain climbing, and the uncertain wandering in the wildest of the woods he was able to know more vividly of the things that once confused him. The test was complete, the mission was accomplished. Alas, he found his purpose.

Unlike yesterday, his happiness was intact and innate. He needn’t have gold or the luxuries of the world for he found his contentment under his own skin. And with the support of his welcoming and loving family, peers, and special someone he was totally a complete man with more than enough purity in his heart, love in his soul, and clarity in his mind to support his woman.

The rhythm of a beating heart is not hard to understand, if you have the ears to listen –you will find your answers for the wind whispers the secret hiding place where meaning lurks. Just follow your heartbeat and soon you will be on your destination.

© 2019 Shing Araya

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