A Prayer for My Daughter

Updated on August 21, 2019

Photo by Sultry / CC BY 2.0

A Strong Tower

I call upon your name Lord.

For the name of the Lord

is a strong tower,
and I need your strength Lord,
right Now,

more than ever.

It's my daughter Lord,

once again,

she has gotten to be a handful.

Help me oh God,

to be patient with her new

non pleasing attitude,
knowing that you are

changing it as we speak.

Touch her thoughts before she
guides her words,

so when she opens her mouth

their flow will be more

For spare the rod

and spoil the child,

You know we did not do.

She knows better God.

And help me oh Lord,
to be lovingly stern

when needed

and prayerful

in all I say and do.

Reverently I beseech You

oh Great Jehovah,

to quickly tame

her new found wildness,
bring her back healthfully

to the active appreciation

for family respectfulness,

our faith practices

and home.

These and other blessings

I ask for my daughter

in Jesus name


Debbie T. Alsup


Embrace my daughter Lord.
Engulf her in Your love.

Show her special favor
like a mother to her dove.

Shine a light around her,
so others can see

she is powerfully, humbly
absorbing her destiny.

Drop the jealous haters,
quickly along the road.

Send them packing
to configure their own mode.

Silence the naysayers
and those that only uplift their own,

as my daughter
reaches each new destined milestone.

I pray.


Debbie T. Alsup

Leaving The Nest

Dear God
in heaven,
Hear us oh Lord,

It is time for our little girl

to leave the nest.

We are happy for her
and we are prayerful.

We ask You God

to carry her safely to her destination.

Protect her from all hurt,

harm and danger.

Give her wisdom in all situations

to make the right decisions.

Continuously give her insight

to discern a true friend from a foe.

As each new morning greets the sky,
watch over our daughter Lord.

Let her find joyous solitude

with each new mornings air
and take time to remember

to praise Your Holy name

each and every day.

Let her always remember

that her studies come first
no matter what temptations

present themselves.

Remind her that she

is loved by us all
and there is never

an issue so big

or minimal
that she cannot discuss

with us if needed.

For by

Your Grace

we are just a call away.


Debbie T. Alsup

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