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You Came

You Came❤️

You came to me when I was feeling melancholy and was disconsolate. You came to me when I couldn't handle my life anymore. You came and held me at my weakest point like no one has ever done and no one can ever do. Your timing was impeccable.

You came when I lost all hopes, when I lost a reason to smile and to be happy, when I felt desolate and miserable, when I gave up. You came when no one else did and that's why you became indispensable to me.

You saw how gloomy I was and the kind of mess I could be. You still believed in me. You still accepted me. You still came.

You saw me at my best and you saw me at my worst.You saw me smiling and you saw me whining.You saw me calm and you saw me screaming.You saw me being productive and you saw me being inefficacious.You saw me focused and you saw me bewildered.You saw me.

Before you came, I was in an abject state. Ofcourse, there was a surge of anger in me. I became dubious about my abilities. I forgot the girl I used to be.

But then, when I believed that there was nothing left, there still was. When I believed that there was no hope left, there still was, because you came in my life like an angel sent from above. You abated my pain.

You held my hand and showed me the way. A way that I could never even imagine.Thank You for believing in me when I couldn't believe in myself.

At the moment, the word Thank you seems quite small because even if I say it to you every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year for my entire life, it would still seem less.

I can never be grateful enough to you. You gave me something so beautiful. You gave me peace and comfort. You gave me life. You filled my life with vitality, ebullience and exuberance. You gave me 'myself'. You are distinctive and unparalleled.

Thank you, Writing. Thank you for coming to me.