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Will We Live to Love

Kari was an operating room nurse for 25 years before she retired. Uplifting quotes are always wanted and Kari collects them.


Love Your Neighbor

I was going to title this article "Can We Live To Love?" Then it came to me, the question is not "can" we, it is "will" we. We can do anything we put our minds to, but just because we "can" do a thing does not mean that we "will" do it.

Have you ever noticed that God tells us to do many things, but almost all of these things fall under the heading of love? Seven of the Ten Commandments fall under this category. You would not kill, steal, covet, bear false witness or commit adultery if you loved your neighbor as yourself.

From the very beginning, in Leviticus, to the time after Jesus rose, the Lord tells us the second most important thing is to love our neighbors as ourselves. But do we know what "love" means. Is it only that feeling we have for people we know?

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary defines "love" as: "unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another: such as (1) : the fatherly concern of God for humankind (2) : brotherly concern for others: (3) a person's adoration of God."



The Bible explains love with more detail. In 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 love is explained this way:

"Love is patient, love is kind, and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things."

As you can see, I think God means a little more than just benevolence when He says "love". To live each day with love, means to do the things above.



Love is what God asks of us. But, "will" we love our neighbors as ourselves? Maybe I should define neighbors. I do not think God means just the people who live close to us. I do think he means all our fellow people. He means all people, good and bad. Will we give love to people who are mean to us, or treat us unkindly?

When Jesus was asked who our neighbors were, he replied with the parable of the "Good Samaritan". (Luke 10:30-37) This story is about a man who is attacked by robbers and left to die in the road. A priest sees him and crosses to the other side of the road and continues on. A priest's assistant sees him and does the same. A Samaritan came up to the man and helped him. The Samaritan took him to an inn and paid to have him nursed back to health.

This is significant because the man, the priest and the priest's assistant were all Jewish. Jewish people were taught God wants them to help each other. Samaritans were despised by the Jewish people. While the Jewish people ignored the Jewish man, the person who had the best excuse to ignore the man, helped him.

Today we have "Good Samaritan" laws. If you help someone in an emergency, they are not allowed to sue you if you do not do everything right. There is a version of this law in all fifty states and the District of Columbia.

God wants us to love everyone, including ourselves. Loving ourselves is one of the hardest tasks in the world. We are our worst critics. We are unforgiving of our mistakes. But, God loves us and wants us to love us.

The only other thing God wants is for us to love Him with our minds, hearts and souls. That is our first commandment, to love each other is our second commandment. These are the two things God wants from us.

Kari Poulsen

Kari Poulsen


How can we love our enemies? I think the first step is forgiveness. How can we love the people we hate? I believe through understanding. Now, we could do these things, but the question here is "will" we. Will we forgive our enemies? Will we understand the people we hate? We could if we wanted to, but "will" we?

It takes conscious thought and and act of "will" power to do something. We know we can, but the will part is iffy. Only by consciously reminding ourselves that we want to do something, will it happen. To hold a grudge seems natural and letting it go seems unnatural. We need to go against our feelings to find forgiveness.

Sometimes we need to take time to understand ourselves. If we hold a grudge against another, it is time to look inside yourself. You may feel as if you have a valid reason to hold that grudge, and you may, by the world's standards. Forgiveness is not the forgetting of an act, it is the looking past the act and still accepting the person who did it.

God is asking us to love others. Love your foes, love those you loathe, and love the ones you just dislike. Will you do as God asks? Or, will you try to avoid them so that you do not have to deal with this incongruity. I understand avoidance, I am great at it. Just know that avoidance is not a solution, avoidance makes the pain linger longer.



Do not gossip. I cannot stress this enough. Gossiping hurts everyone involved. Stay away from it. I can say from experience that if you do not participate in the gossip, those who do will like you less. But remember, those who gossip with you, gossip about you when you are not there. The gossips will gossip whether your participate or you do not participate. Do not sink to this level.

There is one way to start overcoming hate, dislike and loathing. Do not speak of people with malice. Try to find something nice to say. As our mothers taught us, "If you have nothing nice to say, do not say anything at all." This is a beginning. I want to love everyone. I try not to hate anyone. But, I still find myself greatly disliking certain people at times.

Then comes the inner battle of trying to love certain people. It is not easy to do. Some people take more years than others. I have found I can never change my feelings overnight. It is more a long process of coming to an understanding.

I think most people want to be nice. I also think some people have forgotten how to be nice. It is up to us to remind them with our actions. Always react to malice with love. React to anger with understanding. This is a learned skill.



We like to think of ourselves as good people. And, I think that, generally speaking, we are. This is why I was distressed about a discussion on my "Nextdoor" app. "Nextdoor" is an app that people in a neighborhood join to discuss issues and/or make announcements.

The conversation that distressed me was about a building going up. The state was going to make low cost apartments for people with mental health disabilities. My neighbors were very upset about this. They were worried it would increase the crime rate. They worried it would decrease their home values. They were worried about their children being exposed to these different people. They made a petition asking the state to find another site.

We do not think of ourselves as ever oppressing people. We are not mean and overbearing. However, these people, my neighbors, were indirectly oppressing the disabled. Most people do not want strangers who are different from them to move by them. We fear what we do not understand.



It sounds like such a simple thing; love your neighbor as yourself. But it is surprisingly hard. We are all afraid of what we do not understand. We are nervous about things we have no experience with. Fear is the love killer.

How do you react to a person standing at the stop sign, holding a sign saying, "Homeless, Please Help". Do you immediately think to yourself that this person is trying to scam you. Trying to get your hard earned cash and doing nothing to deserve it. You can admit to it. Almost everyone feels this way.

Did you know that you are judging that person when those thoughts come up. God does not want us to judge others, but He does want us to love them. I do not know the answers, I'm as bad as everyone else. But, I do know God wants us to do what ever it takes to help others.

Notice how this echos the description of love in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Notice how this echos the description of love in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7


God wants us to love our fellow man as we love ourselves. This is so very hard. We do not know these others. We have worked hard for what we have. We have sacrificed and scraped and forgone many things. Life is hard all over. We deserve to have this vacation, this new TV, this new car because of all the things we denied ourselves to get it.

Does God wants us to deny ourselves to give to others? Do we really deserve that vacation while millions have no shelter? Is that new car a priority when so many starve? I know, we are only each one person. How much change could we enact by denying ourselves.



Love your neighbor as yourself. So much is said in that one sentence. Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:25-34 not to be anxious. God gives the birds enough to eat and clothes the lilies in splendor. How much more will he give to us, his children.

But it is very hard not to be anxious. Just the thought of selling all our possessions and giving the money to the poor causes anxiety, if not causing outright fear. Where would we live, how would we eat. We would become poor and homeless.

We think to ourselves, "Surely, God does not want us to be poor and homeless. Surely He means for us to give only what we can afford." Is there anywhere in the Bible that tells you to follow Jesus only as much as you can afford?

It is extremely hard to have the amount of faith it takes to sell everything. We can keep all the commandments, but will we keep this one? Love your neighbor as yourself. I, personally, do not have the strength of will this requires. I want to, but I keep falling short due to fear. But, with God's help, I keep trying.


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Kari Poulsen (author) from Ohio on January 06, 2020:

I couldn't agree more, Antonio. We love because He first loved us!

Antonio50S on January 05, 2020:

Love is the ETERNAL gift of God which sets us free. "Dr Charles Stanley"

Free from Anger, Bitterness, Resentments, Hostility, Including Fear :)

Antonio50S on January 01, 2020:

Thanks Kari. Will do.

Kari Poulsen (author) from Ohio on December 31, 2019:

Thank you Antonio. Let me know when you get around to it. :-)

Antonio50S on December 30, 2019:

Hi kari.

"Fear is the Love killer" Love it.

Need to write a Hub when i get round to it.

Kari Poulsen (author) from Ohio on November 30, 2019:

Thank you very much for your kind words, Brenda. Luckily for us God forgives! I will try to give homeless people something. It is not for me to judge if they are scamming me, that is for God. Plus, I feel that if they are there God put them there and wants me to help.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on November 29, 2019:

Will we...that is the right title for your article.

It is so difficult to follow all that God wants us to do. Even if we believe we are loving others we usually fall short.

When you were talking about holding grudges, I loved this part which would do me well to remember...

"Forgiveness is not the forgetting of an act, it is the looking past the act and still accepting the person who did it"

Whenever I see a homeless person on the street with a sign, I must admit my first thought is this person is scamming me. He will use my money for useless things. He needs to go get his own job. I often feel they probably live better than I do.

From now on I will at least say a prayer for them and ask God to reveal to me the truth behind their lives telling me if I should help out in anyway.

This is a well thought out article and has fascinating points.

Thanks for sharing.

Kari Poulsen (author) from Ohio on November 15, 2019:

Thanks Eric!

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on November 15, 2019:


Kari Poulsen (author) from Ohio on November 15, 2019:

I think God wants us to be open and honest with others. It is a very hard thing to do. It makes us vulnerable, but God said when we are weak, He is strong.

Look at how Jesus lived. He said for us to love each other as we love our selves. Personally, I know I show more love to others than myself, but I am working to fix that. As you say "a life long work in progress":

DREAM ON on November 14, 2019:

When I say I can come back time and time again, I truly mean read and learn it as new. I went to put a comment and then I noticed I was here. I was surprised because I don't remember leaving the comment. Sometimes my day gets so busy I don't know how I make ends meet. I find a way. I get lost in the world of love. Even though it seems a far cry from the world we live. It makes me want to live every day with more godness in my heart. I went to put goodness and I misspelled it and I decided to like it even better. I often catch myself judging others for what they do. How can I live morel like God. Well, if I get involved in more wonderful thoughts the bad thoughts don't have time to surface. I don't know if it is the right way to go but it slows me down from being mean and unkind. It is a life long working progress. I leave perfect for God and that leaves me lots of room for corrections. Not just in my life but in my thoughts. I don't always get to read so many peoples hubs. I run out of time. I know it sounds like an excuse but it really isn't. I try to expand my thoughts and my mind with better greater thoughts and that takes so much time. All so very worth it in the end. When I see faults with others I have but to look at myself. So your hub hits so many points it is hard to know where to begin. It is better to begin than not start at all. Thank you for all you do. Not just in nursing but in your writings and comments. I am so blessed to have met you. I get mad at myself for many reasons. The first one comes to mind is I never get to express my happiest thoughts to those people who create them. I think in the world we live we learn to be more reserved and hold back for a number of reasons. But is that what God would really want? I wonder if you could help me answer my own personal question. I figure the closer I come to the real answer the closer I am to God. Have an amazing afternoon.

Kari Poulsen (author) from Ohio on February 25, 2018:

DREAM ON, Thank you for your kind words. I like the way to do things. Putting the problem on paper and walking away from it until it is small is wonder!!

DREAM ON on February 24, 2018:

I am back again to enjoy the simple joys of love. Your hub has a lot of depth and wide range of feelings that come across on every point you present. I know I cross the line in many areas but I like to think I go back and connect the dots to make things right again. All I can do is try. I am the worlds biggest optimist and ever time I think it will come out great. It doesn't exactly work out. So what I do is put my problem on paper and tape it to my window. I slowly walk farther and farther away to make the problem get smaller and smaller. Now I can handle any problem that was once so big and now is tiny, tiny, tiny. Thank you for sharing and caring.

Kari Poulsen (author) from Ohio on February 12, 2018:

Paula, Thank you so much for your kind words. I agree, love is everything. I think fear is a big reason people cannot love another. Fear leads to many negative feelings.

Paula from The Midwest, USA on February 11, 2018:

Hi Kari, I love all the encouragement found here and the reminders of the verses as well. Love is everything! Not a whole lot matters more than love. Your quote at the end is so interesting as well, about fear. Thank you for sharing this.

Kari Poulsen (author) from Ohio on January 15, 2018:

Dora, All we can do is keep trying, but isn't it wonderful that we can keep trying. Thank you! And I'll keep trying also.

Kari Poulsen (author) from Ohio on January 15, 2018:

DREAM ON, Thank you for your kind words! I believe in love. And I live for love.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on January 15, 2018:

"God loves us and wants us to love us." I appreciate the message here and also the use of Bible verses to support it. I'll follow your lead and keep trying.

DREAM ON on January 15, 2018:

.I love the love that oozes out of this hub. Keep up the great work. I think it is just a matter of time people find their love in their hearts and then spread it to others. I know I could read your hub over and over and never get bored. Have one beautiful night.

Kari Poulsen (author) from Ohio on January 14, 2018:

Thank you, Linda! Love and compassion are what life is all about.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on January 13, 2018:

Love and compassion for others is very important. Thank you for sharing this important message, Kari.

Kari Poulsen (author) from Ohio on January 13, 2018:

Bill, Thank you very much! Life is complicated. I used to be an optimist at all times, but I went through something that changed that. Now, I think I'm winning it back. We need more love in our world, more understanding, more care. I just wish I could explain it better.

Kari Poulsen (author) from Ohio on January 13, 2018:

Thank you, Linda! I do not mean to say fear is the opposite of love, just that when fear lives in our hearts it forces love out. I will agree apathy is the opposite. Without a "will" to do something, it will never be done. Apathy is just not caring one way or the other and is one of the worst things that can happen to us.

Kari Poulsen (author) from Ohio on January 13, 2018:

Eric, Thank you so much for your kind words. Love is my religion also. I feel so bad for people who think God is just there to judge them. God loves us, and I agree, the Trinity is love. God bless You!

Kari Poulsen (author) from Ohio on January 13, 2018:

FlourishAnyway, That is a wonderful way to give to others. We all do what we can. If it helps to feel connected that is perfect. We all need more connectedness in this life. Thank you for reading and commenting. Bless you!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on January 13, 2018:

Kari, I'm a cynic by nature, I'm afraid. Then the next day I'm a realist. Then an optimist. I've seen too much. I've seen too little. I've given up hope, and hope guides me.

I'm complicated! LOL

I love the message here. I just hope it becomes a popular movement soon.

Linda Lum from Washington State, USA on January 13, 2018:

Kari, this is beautifully written and illustrated. The only thing I would add is this--hatred is not the opposite of love. The opposite is apathy, and I think that is where the hearts and minds of many people are. They simply don't care about anything but themselves.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on January 12, 2018:

Wonderfully done. I like articles that support my faith. And love is my faith. If the "Trinity" is not love, what in the dickens is it.

Your citations to the Holy Book were well done and easy to follow along with the fine art.

Thank you for whatever is good and true.

FlourishAnyway from USA on January 12, 2018:

I’ve chosen one favorite charity to give as generously as possible to. This maximumizes my impact and helps me feel connected to those I am helping.

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