Why the Earth (And Everything in It) Loves You

Updated on January 26, 2018
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Hollies and Health is an author who enjoys writing about life, love, and books. She enjoys watching anime and munching on burgers.

My Story

My father was just a little boy when the Vietnam War started. He escaped the war by becoming a sailor on a ship, then years later, decided to immigrate to America. After twenty years passed, he returned to Vietnam. He met my mother in a refugee camp, married her, got her pregnant, and had my older brother. It was tough for them at first, what with the cultural differences, the language barrier, the living in a foreign country with little to no support. Still, they managed to make a good living. They bought a house, and before long, had me and my little brother.

Eventually, my parents owned a nail salon. While it was okay at first, but just a few months later, things got hectic. It was about a year when my mother had been stricken with two heart attacks that hospitalized her. Not long after, my parents started fighting; about money, about job relations, about family, about everything. The mention of a divorce popped up a couple of times, and it got to the point where my mother just isolated herself, and shunned us all. I think she might've even hated us at one point.

Somehow, someway, their marriage improved. My mother got better, as did my father. We went on vacations together, trips, had a few laughs here and there. And while they did, I simply watched. Like my mother, I kept myself away from everyone, and had more often than not thought about just leaving. Leaving and never coming back. Even so, I found comfort in religion, nature, my writing, and other's stories. Before I knew it, several years passed, and I realized I was being left behind.

It took a while, but eventually, I decided to go to college. I went for pre-medicine, simply because that's what the people around me did. But that decision put me in the line of other people, whether it be doctors, patients, a medical assistant or two. And what I learned help me move on from my past, gave me something to work towards. It also showed me that despite our differences, our cultures, and even our social standings, we, as humans, are connected.


We As Humans

There's no doubt that we, as people, have different cultures, different religions, and even different political beliefs. These beliefs help drive us to do better, and remind us that wherever we are in life, we have a purpose. But whatever our passions in life, whether it be helping people, making money, sharing stores, ect., it keeps us connected with others as well as reflect on our own selves to try and improve.

And it doesn't stop there. Oftentimes, while there are a variety of different cultures and values, we all share a universal code that dictates human behavior. We're more often than not expected to:

  • take care of our own
  • be honest with each other
  • value human dignity
  • fight for one another
  • be loyal
  • fight for justice
  • be courageous

Of course, it might be hard to believe at first. People kill each other everyday. We lie, cheat, and steal, even if we think it'd be better for the other person. There are people in history, like Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin that go out of their way to see their enemies dead, and even now, we often wonder if we've gotten better.

But that's just it. Despite our questions, our concerns, our own experiences about how our laments towards humanity, we often forget that there are people who do good. Cultures, languages, values, and even facial expressions; they all connect us, and provide a basic foundation for us to try and understand each other.


But We Aren't the Only Ones

As much as some of us don't want to admit it, humans do rely on nature. In fact, many religions have stemmed from them, each one of them beautiful in their own right. Each of these places carry an imprint of humanity, something that helps us wonder what else could be out there, if there's something spiritual connected to the earth, the stars, and everything around us. It's because of this property that nature has been shown to help relax people.

It also provides numerous health benefits. Lavender oil is a beloved herb that is often used to relieve stress. Mint can help freshen up your breath. Basil carries anti-depressant properties, and coconut oil can be used to promote healthy, shiny hair. It's these attributes that help you know that the earth supports you. Despite what you may think, or any notions that you may have destroyed it, in the end, it still helps you in your everyday routine.


To Fall in Love With Life Again

Sometimes, life can be hard. It's easy to be discouraged, to just retreat into yourself. There are times when you'd rather feel sorrow, rather than anything else. Despite that, just remember that you're loved, whether it be by the people surrounding you, or the nature that's supporting you. Remember your family and friends, and know that you aren't alone.

So you may not know me. You may have seen me once or twice passing by on the streets, my face amongst the crowds of people. Even so, I just wanted to say thank you.

Thank you for helping me, despite the two of us being strangers.

Thank you for being there, though you may not know me.

Thank you for existing.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.


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