Why Are We Here? Is There a Definite Answer?

Updated on July 6, 2020

The big question

There is no doubt. Without that great question typical of the most thoughtful human beings, about the reason that makes us be on this planet, the souls of the first philosophers and scientists on the planet would hardly have been ignited. Sometimes, you only need a little spark, in this case, in form of a thought, to start a fire strong enough to change humankind as a whole.

Is there an answer?

What are we here for? What is the meaning of life? Is there any particular reason for our existence?

Those are the questions that have taken humanity's sleep away.

The most scientific explanation, and some might say "cold" points out that life has no real purpose. Those who follow this theory claim that natural phenomena have no real purpose. They simply "are", but these phenomena will lead to sometimes predictable or unpredictable future events. And human beings? We are simply atomic particles arranged in a particular way, that happen to coexist on this day and age.

However, it seems that today, for many, the meaning of life is to stop at nothing and enjoy every day as much as possible. As the late chef Anthony Bourdain said: “Your body is not a temple, it's an amusement park. Enjoy the ride. ” It remains to ask how much of this is really "enjoying the day" and what part of it implies pure hedonism. Something like that, without a doubt, might seem positive at the first sight, but could have another type of selfish implications given the delicate world situation and the thousands without food or shelter.

A more romantic view says that we are here on earth to love and be loved, and that doing so fills our spirits in unbelievable ways and makes us grow as human beings. A beautiful thought, no doubt. But is this really achievable? The human spirit seems to be riddled with contradictions and desires of a certain selfish nature. So, it is worth asking, as those who believe in this affirm, if the humankind is unhappy because they have forgotten the greatness of love and have shut themselves up too much.

Perhaps another 2,000 years will pass and people around the world will continue to debate why we are here. In the end, nobody knows what future has in store for us.
Perhaps this question does not have an absolute answer, but the one that each one wants to give it, according to their personal values and ideas. What do you think?


Remind yourself

Remind yourself that it is okay to take your time to find what makes you feel truly alive. Don't let anything or anyone pressure you into changing your inner essence. This is your life and you only know how to live it to the fullest.

Rules For Living?

It is worth asking ... Are there really "rules for living?" And if there are rules.. do they actually work for everybody? What if the only rule should be that everyone should live the way they are happiest? Life is too short and sometimes, rules can be a little bit restrictive for some wild spirits.

That's Life

Just a Moment?

It is worth asking, if in the end,there is any actual good reason to spend many hours questioning ourselves about the actual reason for our existence (if there is any). After all, human existence is not something that lasts forever. For some, it seems eternal, but in reality, it is almost as brief as a small sigh. So spend almost our whole existence trying find the reason for our existence or just focus on living in the moment? It is another interesting question related to human existence. What should be our main aim? The temporal or the lasting joy?

Live your Life

Live Your Life
Live Your Life | Source

Your Own Way

The important thing, is not to forget that at the end of the road, everyone should live the way they please. Nothing and nobody, not even massive media, can dictate what makes you happy.

Others may speak from their own experiences, but never forget that the path is yours. You are the only one who will walk it. You are the only one who knows what fills your soul like a beautiful ray of sun. So the choice is yours and only yours. As an old adage says: Life is like a roller coaster: It is your choice to scream or enjoy the ride to the fullest. What do you pick?

Trust in yourself

When there's no one else, look inside yourself

Like your oldest friend, just trust the voice within

The Voice Within-Christina Aguilera

Live your life

Live your life to the fullest
Live your life to the fullest | Source


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    • misspatypixie profile imageAUTHOR

      Patricia Pixie 

      3 months ago from Mexico City

      Thanks a lot for taking the time for reading this. You certainly, gave me something to think about.

    • manatita44 profile image


      3 months ago from london

      Welcome, miss patiepixie,

      It is a very noble attempt. I admire you for asking these serious questions ... those that have been around from the dawn of creation.

      You can only ask because you exist. If you didn't, what good is all this to you? The natural deduction is that you are all that matters and you alone can answer this pressing question.

      I can only make a suggestion. Look at what all scriptures are asking you to do, then follow accordingly, that which makes you happy. Never do what makes you weak. Much Love.


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