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Why Wait on the Lord?

A transformational leader who is a businessman by vocation. He currently pastors Christ's Commission Fellowship Fairview-Philippines as well


Why Wait on the Lord?

There was a time in my professional career when I could only dream of the things I have accomplished. All the things I am enjoying, the things I am able to do now, the places I’m able to visit, it was all but a dream in the past.

The Lord has immensely blessed me and my family by growing the business. Our dreams have mostly become a reality, not because of anything I have done or who I know, but rather because of what God has done and who He is. The most important thing I remember doing, was to wait on the Lord.

Almost 2 decades ago, I was just a regular part of the labor force (by the way there’s nothing wrong with this, I am merely using it as a reference to drive my point). I lived pay check after pay check. Didn’t really have much extra to do anything else other than pay for my monthly expenses. By God’s grace though, little by little He blessed me in my career, slowly rose in ranks and with that, pay also became better. However, there came a point when I knew God was calling me to serve in a ministry setting.

Eventually, I decided to leave the corporate life and be part of a ministry whos’ mission was to build and develop servant-leaders in key sectors of society for transformation. I’d have to admit it wasn’t an easy decision at first because of financial considerations. It became an even harder one, a few days before I was about to start with them.

What happened was that, days before I was about to start working with the ministry full-time, my former company called me up, and offered me a salary, multiple times higher than what I was receiving before I resigned. Here’s the thing, what I was getting then in my former company as it was, was already more than what I would be receiving once I began in the ministry! I’d have to admit, I was so tempted to backout and grab my former companys’ offer.

After a few sleepless nights of struggling with God in prayer, it was clear to me where the Lord wanted me to be. So, I declined my former companys’ offer and went to work with the ministry.

Eventually this decision to work with this ministry at that time, became the vehicle God would use for me to be able to build the business he has blessed me with until today. And this ministry that I chose to work at then, is the same ministry that God has used to train me and finish my Masteral studies at, the International Graduate School of Leadership.

If I had taken that offer of my previous company, I most likely would never have had this opportunity to be earning what I am earning now, doing what I am doing now, enjoying what I am enjoying now, ministering to others the way I am ministering now, serving God the way I am serving Him now.


This lesson of waiting on the Lord is something that God has been teaching His people since he created man! One of these stories can be found in Genesis 8:13-15.

Noah, when the flood had started to recede, already saw that the ground was almost dried up. If we try to picture this, all that probably remained were small puddles of water on a muddy ground. I can just imagine Noahs’ excitement after about 10 ½ months on the boat! His eagerness to get out of that boat and plant his feet back on the ground, live a normal life again together with his family was probably off the charts!

He could have opted to open the ark doors right there and then without needing to wait for God's instruction, but he didn't. He waited on the Lord.

He had to wait another 2 months. Not a long time when we read it in retrospect, but if you were Noah, the waiting probably felt like an eternity. He had no idea when God was going to give them the instruction! He was waiting on God, one day at a time.

The ground was almost dried up, and still no instruction from God to get out? It would have been justifiable for him to grow impatient. It would have been easier for him to make his decision based on how he evaluated his surroundings instead of needing to wait on the Lords’ direction. HE COULD HAVE...BUT HE DIDN'T.


When we think about it, the Lord probably did not want him or the animals going out with the ground muddy, still with puddles of water. WHY? There’s really no way to find out exactly as scripture doesn't clearly give us the reason for the additional 2 months of wait; But I can assume that God wanted the ground fully dried up before they set foot on it.

WHY? If we base it on who God is and how He has made man, we can very well assume that it's because HE WANTED WHAT WAS BEST FOR THEM. HE WANTED HIS CREATION TO STEP ON THE GROUND AGAIN, IN THE BEST CONDITION THAT IT IS. The Lord wanted the ground completely dry, comfortable to walk on, perfectly habitable, before He let His beloved creations walk out.

So, remember in times when things may seem good and acceptable, though you think you can do things in your own power and ability, consciously choose not to. Always practice intentionally waiting on the Lord before making decisions or taking action. Don’t fall into the trap of evaluating things, circumstances at face value, and committing yourself to a decision apart from the Lords confirmation.

© 2018 Milton Luga

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