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Why Are You Wasting Your Life?

Engelta loves to talk and study in depth the self-esteem issues, as well as how to improve and cherish relationships.

One thing about success is that it is not defined by how much you wish on, how many valuable assets you have or if you spend your day working the land or photographing for that blog you came up with.

You have to love the work, the grind, the ups and downs, before you can really succeed on doing something.

Everyone starts at the same place. We come to life in the same way and even though we may inherit a good fortune, or we are raised in a family that struggles to insure the simple life necessities, each of us has the power within themselves to build a different life, to become a respectable person, hard-working and successful.


You know how they say that if you are waiting for the perfect day to do something, you will never do anything. If you are wired to wait for the perfect day, perfect moment, a muse or inspiration, etc etc, you will be always postponing the day when you will work on your dreams. There is no such thing as a perfect day, or a perfect place, or a perfect job.

Productivity is losing ground in our social media era. Everything is out there, too easy to get our hands on, too easy to be copied and re-shared.

You can't force yourself to be a morning person, if you are a night owl, but you can certainly make the best of your night by working smartly on those hours when you feel more energetic, instead of forcing yourself to get up as early as you can, when you are in no condition to function properly, no matter how hard you try. So keep in mind that some of the habits might not be for you to follow strictly, but you can follow them if you incorporate them wisely in your own routine, following them in your own pace.


Procrastination is getting the best of us. Even those scientific studies which claim that procrastinating and scrolling our social feeds for hours, is benefiting our imagination, even those claims feel like they are there to convince us to keep scrolling to get dumper and lazier, while others pull the strings of the world. Mediocrity is not appreciated though, so do not let your imagination be tamed in the borders of everyday instagram stories or puppy filters.

I have found my way out of this 'procrastinate and chill' vibe. I compile a to-do list, which I write fresh everyday, and at the end of each day I will cross things off of it. There lies a strange power in the process of erasing the stuff you had to do and which you finally did.

It makes you realize:

1. anything can be done

2. all it takes is focusing for a couple of hours

You can always check your social media at the end of the day, the stories will still be there, but the same day will not.


Success is reached when taking into account your current life and possibilities, you push the opportunities doors and find other ways on which you build yourself and a beautiful life for yourself and others. Success is not defined by money or by titles or by your influence. In my opinion, and one in which I strongly believe, is that success is defined by how you use your means to help others, how you improve the life of a single person, how you keep your head up, you save your dignity, you cherish memories.

You can not make a damn thing at once! Everything has its own time, therefore, it requires its own time. Give time some time! Start slow, you will grow stronger, and you won't stop all at once!


Anyone that tries to change your way of doing things by betting you can come up with results in just 5 minutes, or 5 weeks, or 5 months, is obviously a liar. You can not put a deadline on personal progress, because that kind of stuff has always its ups and downs. What matter most is that you stay consistent. Eyes on the prize!

So, do not lose your days, as they translate into lost opportunities. Make it a goal to accomplish at least 3 things each day. The satisfaction of getting things done will keep you going. Kill the mediocrity that kills your vibe!

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