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Life Coaching - Empowering to Achieve Your Purpose

Dr. Yvette Stupart is a clinical counselor and educator. She gives insights on how to experience emotional health and relational well-being.

Christian life coaching can help you to achieve your purpose in life.

Christian life coaching can help you to achieve your purpose in life.

What is Christian Life Coaching?

Dr. Gary Collins, Christian counselor and life coach, explains that the basis for Christian coaching strikes a receptive chord with the biblical worldview. Important values that the Christian coach brings to the coaching relationship, include the fact that Christians believe that humans are created in the image of God

The Christian values permeate the life of the coach and flows into the coaching relationship. An awareness that God is sovereign in the coach’s life, orders the affairs of his life. As such, coaching is a special relationship reflecting a partnership that is manifested through honesty, respect, and mutual goals.

The concept of servant leadership is close to Christian coach's heart. Jesus demonstrated this type of leadership in His life (Matthew 20:20-28). Collins points out that, “coaching is one of the clearest forms of servant leadership… the coach seeks to understand and assist the person being served.” Thus the focus is on helping people grow, by demonstrating “servant leadership, ” which does not seek to control, but understands relationships.

Coaching is a collaborative process that requires specific skills, such as listening and questioning, to facilitate the process. An effective life coach listens carefully to his or her clients. As the coach helps the client to move forward, he or she she gives feedback and encouragement, and affirms the client's ability to find answers and achieve their goals.

Achieve Balance in Life and Ministry

Professionally certified life coach, Christopher McCluskey, explains that to achieve balance in your life, there is the need to examine your core values. These are the things that matter most to you, and if you are living them out, then your life's vision will be realized.It is important that you have a clear vision for your life, and live in accordance with the season of life.

As a Christian life coach, you can work in settings of life that are considered Christian or secular. The focus is to help people bridge the gap, and move them from where they are to where they need to go. This is not trusting in self, or the coach's own abilities, but trusting in the sufficiency of Christ. This enables the Christian coach to reach out to minister to the needs of Christians, and non-Christian alike.

Tony Stollzfus, is the author of Christian Life Coaching handbook: Calling and Destiny Discovery Tools for Christian Life Coaching. He explains that, "As Christians, our purpose is woven into the focus of the purpose of God of all creations ... we were made for what God calls us to do" (p, 7).

Christopher McCluskey - The Key Roles of a Christian Life Coach

The Process of Life Coaching

What does a Christian coach do?

Action WordsImportant GoalsDescription


Vision or calling

Define in specific a way what his calling is


Values and resources

Client's core values are the things that matter most; use available resources

Break Down


Vision must be broken down into steps that client can manage



Client needs undergirding to bridge the gap



Support and affirmation help client move from being stuck

Christian Life Coaching

Clients Get Help Holistically

One essential ingredient of a successful life coaching relationship is the focus on the person`s whole life. It makes no sense to help your client to excel in one area, while other areas are lagging behind. For example, one client might want to change careers, while another is an empty nester, but various aspects of their life need to get into balance.

The life coach must choose some form of whole life assessment to use in the early sessions with the client. For example, Gary Collin’s Graph of Life may be used. This helps the coach to see how the client evaluates the various areas of his or her life so that the gaps between where the client is and where he or she wants to be can become evident.

Clients need to become more self-aware of what they see as important. In order to find their true purpose, they need to gain an understanding about themselves with respect to their priorities, and things that they enjoy doing.Then they can move from where they are stuck, to close the gap, and may result in health/wellness, and spiritual growth.

Achieving Your Life's Purpose

Christian life coachng can help you to achieve your goals in life.

Christian life coachng can help you to achieve your goals in life.

Important Roles in Christian Life Coaching

Pay Attention to Self-Care

Personal self-care is critical for all helping professionals, including life coaches. So there’s the need to strengthen boundaries as a method to avoid burnout. Clients' needs are better served by healthy professionals, whose lives are well-balanced.

It means that the Christian coach needs to become self-aware, with knowledge of his or her strengths and weaknesses. Then takes steps to to develop a healthy lifestyle that includes healthy relationships, managing stress, and adequate exercise and relaxation.

Summary: Christian Life Coaching

Christian life coaching is a supportive effort to empower clients to move towards and achieve their God-given purpose in life. As a servant leader, the life coach helps the client to clarify his or her calling, align the vision with his or values, and identify the resources to achieve the goals that are set.

Similarly, an important goal is that life Christian coaching helps client finds balance in his life, as the focus is on the person's whole life. This could lead to realigned goals, expanded vision and more fulfilling life with fresh, new perspectives.


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