When the Raging Storms Appear Menacing

Updated on November 12, 2017


I live in Sallisaw, Oklahoma where the weather is, for the most part fairly normal. There are a few extremes at times; it could be 90° one day and 45° the next, or even 90° by noon on any given day and then 45° by 5:00 p.m. that same day. But, for the most part, the weather patterns are pretty normal and flow with the seasons as they should. March and April are mostly wet; May warms up and the flowers bloom; June, July, and August are fairly hot and humid; September cools down and the leaves start changing colors; October can be windy; November, December, and January are fairly cold; February ushers in the winds again.

And, within each weather season, the weather is pretty normal with a few extremes here and there; there is always an exception to the rule. During the rainy season, it might drizzle all day long, it could lightly rain, or there might be a torrential downpour intermittently during the day. Then, other times, these torrential downpours turn into raging storms- howling winds, rain that comes down and then goes more sideways, clouds that get darker and darker and look more menacing, and the lightning flashes can number in the hundreds in just a moment or two with boom crackers that make the houses shake on their foundations. Sometimes, these storms turn into tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, or even monsoons, depending on your geographical locale.

These weather patterns are, as I said, pretty normal, and Abilene, Texas, where my mom lives is a pretty good indicator of our weather here in Sallisaw. Usually, the weather Mom gets is what we get a day or two after.

These raging storms can be chaotic and frightening. My daughter, Taysa, several of my children really, dislike these raging storms with a passion. It puts fear into their days, and often they seek cover under covers or beds and comfort in the arms of those closest to them. It’s the unexpectedness of the raging storms and it’s the havoc they wreak throughout all nature. Where once a tree stood, now is only the remnant of a stump and branches. Where once a fence was laid around the perimeter of a yard, after a raging storm the pieces of that same fence are in the neighbor’s yard down the street. Where once a house stood firm on its foundation, now stands only the foundation.

Life's Raging Storms

In life, raging storms appear. They may first appear as just a few lightning flashes or a few clouds converging in the skies. But, you know a storm is approaching. And, you also know you need to get grounded, because for as unexpected and merciless as the raging weather storms appear, the raging spirit storms can, and often do, rage even more unexpected and merciless.

Will you be that tree that becomes uprooted or will you be the stump that weathered the wind or will you be the branches scattered here, there, and everywhere, confused? Will you be that fence that is laid waste in the neighborhood; the fence that was perfectly built and looked beautiful to all the passersby, yet does not weather well in bad weather? Are you the house built on a firm foundation, but fails when it counts; you fall apart but the foundation stands to wait for a stronger house to be built?

How do you handle the raging storms of life that beat you down and beat up you unexpectedly and mercilessly in your spirit?

a raging storm on the horizon
a raging storm on the horizon

What can you do?

You can reach out. You can choose not to face such raging storms alone. If there is a storm happening in your life and you notice that your BFF’s life has perfect swimming weather, seek the comfort of the sun and the Son with your friend.

You can clear your plate. Sometimes, the best way for my kiddos to stomach a food they don’t particularly like is to eat that which they don’t like first, then finish it off with the better stuff; but, they clear their plate. In life, if your plate is too full; work is overloading you which makes your spouse jealous of your time, your calendar is full of the kids’ sports practices and games and you feel yourself stretched for time, the kids keep fighting with one another and you want to pull your hair out while you become filled with road rage at the driver in front of you who does not know what a blinker is for, you come home from work just to work on laundry and housecleaning because only you can clean your house the way you want your house cleaned, someone else got the promotion you deserve more and that someone else has only been with the company for five months and you’ve been with the company for five years, you found out your spouse is having a secret affair, your child was driving drunk and caused an accident killing another child, your daughter has committed suicide ... I could list so much that could or does happen; the point is, it’s time to clear your plate. Get rid of the BUSYness of life so that you can focus on the priorities of life- your spouse, your children, yourself, and, most importantly, your Elohim.

You can do something that brings enjoyment to your life. My grandma, mom, and sister, who all live in Abilene [together] often go to Painting With A Twist. It’s a place where you can go and paint a picture with friends and family and just generally and genuinely enjoy your time, leaving the BUSYness of life behind and making time for the joys that brighten the skies in your spirit.

You can have more nutritious meals. Oftentimes if you're depressed in your spirit, your eating habits follow suit. You either eat too much, too little, or not at all, and what you do eat has no nutritional value (i.e.-candy, energy drinks, fast food, microwaved food). If you are suffering through stress, you either eat too much, too little, or not at all, and what you do eat has no nutritional value at all (i.e.-candy, energy drinks, fast food, microwaved food). What happens with these non-nutritional foods is that they give no nutrients to your body and your physicality suffers, ipso facto, you will not be able to weather a raging storm by standing firm, the raging storm will blow you away like a feather in the wind.

You can keep processing your spirit with new information. When the skies outside look ominous, we usually turn on our television sets to monitor the weather via a meteorologist, or weatherperson, who tells us what steps to take to be prepared and how to seek safe shelter in the event the raging storms become worse. When skies inside of our spirits look ominous, we merely need to consult the Weather Manual, YHVH’s Word to man(kind), which tells us how to be prepared and stay prepared, even in Whom to take shelter as we need.

Keep the light lit. Often times, in raging storms, there also is a power outage- whole blocks, even cities, lose the ability to have their lights on. That’s where flashlights come in (just make sure you have a good supply of good batteries), or have a bunch of candles at the ready (don’t let your matches get wet). In your spirit, there never has to be a power outage when you can be eternally plugged into the Light of the World- Yeshua ha-Meshiach.

The dark give way to the light/Light and your mourning will turn into joy!

The end will come eventually. A raging storm does eventually rage itself out. The winds will calm down, the rains will stop falling from the skies, the lightning will cease its flashing, the boom crackers will become silent, and the clouds will disappear. The joy of the day returns and the children go splashing in the puddles left in the yard, perhaps you will join them.

A storm raged while the disciples were oaring their boat across the Sea of Galilee, while Yeshua slept. The disciples became fearful, the sea was known as an unending abyss, and should their boat capsize they would surely taste death. Upon waking the Master, Yeshua calmed the storm and the fear that the disciples had felt turned into awe and joy.

At another time, a violent storm shook the very foundations of the Earth, so much so that even the graves opened and gave up their hold on the dead. Yeshua had breathed His last on the cross, and the people of the planet were doing their best to protect themselves from a raging storm. With a corporate bated breath, man(kind) watched and waited until the sun returned and the Son shone brightly in the glory of Abba. When it once was dark and frightening, now is only brightness and joy.

What would happen if we were to go and wade in some of those precious puddles of life-giving water which the Living Water provided? Maybe you and I can wade a little bit deeper into a deeper puddle? Or, I have an idea, let’s jump into the biggest puddle and swim in the glory of our Creator!

no more raging storms
no more raging storms

A Blessing

Baruch Ata Adonai, Eloheinu, Melech ha-olam, oseh ma’aseh vereishit.

Blessed are You O LORD, our G_d, King of the universe, who makes the works of creation.

Step Into the Water, Wade Out a Little Bit Deeper


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