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What to Do When Life is Just Too Much...and You Just Can't Anymore!


Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


Many people find it very difficult to cope when a lot is coming at them all at one time. Only, the best way to face up to the feeling of being overwhelmed is to limit the workload and practice taking one task at a time.

And in the times when “taking a deep breath” just doesn't make anything better or if you find yourself feeling as if, you can no longer take a deep breath. It's time to come up with a solution and get an answer quickly.

If you are among the crowd that wondering what are you to do when you feel as if you can’t handle the many different challenges that life throws your way. Perhaps, you should start by taking one day at a time.

But, if you find that your worry is excessive and it's contributing to difficulties and problems, it's time to arrive with an answer and learn how to start finding solutions to your everyday problems.

Maybe you feel as if the walls are closing in, and maybe you not clear as to what to do, perhaps a depression hotline numbers could be the beginning stages of getting help. Furthermore, don't be afraid to ask for the help you need.

What you are feeling can happen to the best of us, the feeling comes from all is well one moment and something going wrong the next, when trauma hits, a feeling of being utterly helpless can place you in the mid of despair.

What you do next is the most valuable midpoints, especially if you have experienced a devastating loss. A person who is experiencing the death of a loved one can be left feeling like life is just too much. You might even feel it's hard to continue on.

Life is an occurrence of many surprises, and you have no understanding nor control over what's ahead, and more than likely more is coming, whether you want it to or not. I recommend you remind yourself of some basic facts, the ongoing flow of unexpected turmoil can come from out of nowhere. Yet, you can't give in and allow all going on to force you to throw in the towel.

If you find yourself experiencing times where you feel able to cope and other time it's just too much, it's time you stop over analyzing why things are going wrong. Begin by talking to someone who can help you obtain some certainty in life and feel more positive about your future.

When you find yourself feeling as if you can't handle the many regrets, and the different disappointment, another day, it just means it’s time for you to stop the procrastination and deal with the issue head on so you won't continue to have these bad days.

Although changes are a part of life, they don't have to be disruptive in your world to make you feel it is ending. When life throws curve balls your way, know that in order for you to get a break, you need to take the action. After you make the effort, you will experience and recognize how strong you are, you will find yourself getting ahead in life instead of being smothered by it.


Different stressful questions that describe what life like when it feels like it’s just too much

Have you ever approached life from the point where you just cannot listen to a person who talks a lot of nonsense anymore? Have you ever reached the point where just answering the telephone and hearing someone talk on the other end sound like it's nothing but a lot of overwhelming noise?

Have you ever been pushed to the point where you turn on the TV and instead of enjoying watching it, you do not want to see or hear the sound coming from it because the tone from it seems too much?

Have you ever reached the limit in your day where you don't want to be bothered and if someone comes to talk to you and you required to deal with them, it becomes a problem to the point where all you want to do is either shout or run away in a hurry?

Understanding the problems, you have in life

Problems will not leave if you don't deal with them. They will last forever and are permanently a dilemma when you don't deal with them. Everyone has to interact with some kind of obstacle they don't want to go on.

The first thing you need to do is understand and recognize that everything in life is controlled by how you perceive the things of this world. When you find yourself feeling life is just too much and you just can't accept it anymore, you need to back up and take a look at how you perceive life.

How you perceive life depends on the people and things that have influenced you. Maybe the family, and upbringing, a person you look up to or a professional who taught you at a school you attend, the friends you allow in your life or even the TV program you watch on a regular.

Now you know how you perceive life can make an effect on your life, it's time you understand how you think about something that has a huge impact on life as well.

You can think something is bad or good, but in actuality, it isn't. Sometimes you can think that way because you were accustomed to perceiving it from that approach, that’s why it's important to be careful with the company you keep or who


Ways you can help yourself, learn to deal with life's challenges

In life, in order to deal with what's going wrong, you have to understand that sometimes, things will go wrong. It might be something as little as just waking up late because the alarm clock didn't go off and dressing in a hurry to learn the car won't start.

It may even be something bigger, like the hot water heating bursting in the middle of the night, leaving the house flooded full of water and you allowed the homeowner's insurance to collapse the month before.

Well, yes, there are ways to cope with smaller and bigger challenges in life. You can start by allowing yourself to be upset and maybe even be irritated for a little while, but then you allow yourself to back up, take a look at the issue, deal with it, let it go and move on to get over it.

Three significant steps for dealing with a difficult challenge

1. Never live in disbelief, accept your life as it then takes the leap of faith and put forth the effort to replace the life you have with the one you want.

2. Learn how to perceive the difficult situation without allowing yourself to overreact, if you need to take a deep breath to take control of your emotions, take it, it will allow you to examine the situation, then you can look at the evidence and make the best decision to deal with the circumstances.

3. The most important step is to face what is attempting to control you by taking action. Taking control of your challenges means fronting your fears. If you refuse to deal with your issues, they will return to destroy you.

Obstacles exist in everyday life, but if you think about it beyond making you feel frustrated what is the purpose of them? A purpose should come with a goal that leads to great success, but you will never receive that with obstacles because they will discourage you, hinders your progress, cause loss of precious time as they set you back and wrecks your intentions and expectations.

The one advantage and the only way to appreciate the role an obstacle serve is through the exceptional lesson received during the experience. To overcome your obstacles and become familiarized with the acquaintance that will push you to pass the difficulties courses so you can move forward with your plans, you need to learn what many struggles to recognize, a resolution that is hidden within every obstacle, but you must unwilling to explore it.


Seven Powerful ways to overcome obstacles and reclaim your life

  • Learn how to stop feeling alone and isolated and dealing with your fears
  • Deal with the uncertainty in your life
  • Distance yourself from toxic people and all drama.
  • Know when and how to seek out the necessary support
  • Learn how to deal with the obstacle in your life
  • To live a happy life, it's urgent you learn and know how to take action in your daily life
  • You need to change and develop a mature mindset

Life is full of surprises, besides, when you faced with an obstacle emotion tend to run high. Obstacles have a way of overwhelming you, especially when an unforeseen hindrance emerges out of nowhere. And if you lack provisions, economics, strategies or experience to overcome your obstacle, therefore, they will conquer you.

But bear in mind, all of your obstacles would go away if, you would change and develop a mature mind to take consistent action to walk boldly through them. And to live a happy life, it's urgent you take daily action in your everyday life if you feel you can't do it alone, consult someone who can help you overcome the hurdle.

I'M DONE!! (when life is too much)

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