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Thoughts to Ponder, What Is My Destiny?

Sarah is a certified Hatha, Vinyasa, & Kundalini yoga teacher. She is an artist who believes in the importance of living a creative life.


Wound Up and Tangled

Oftentimes, before bed we feel the need “to unwind.” So if we need to unwind, what exactly got so wound up, knotted, and tangled in the first place? We have taken the threads that would otherwise lead us into our true destiny, and balled them up so tightly, so messily, and then thrown it into the junk drawer because even to think about glancing at it would cause emotional paralysis and panic. I can't untangle that, I spent my whole life doing this. I wouldn't know where to start. It would be a waste of time to try. And try what, by the way? Or so we tell ourselves.


What If...

Do you ever have that nagging feeling in the back of your mind, that maybe you were meant to be doing something else? Maybe things are going fine on the surface, but beneath the still waters of your being, deep down something is churning and rumbling in the depths of your inner world. It may show up in your body as some kind of slight feeling of dread lingering in the background. In moments when distractions are fewer, before you get swept into the bustle of daily living, you can hear and feel the stormy potential in the distance. What is this feeling, and what is it asking us? What are you desiring? This question may be scary for it shines a light on the idea that maybe we are not living the life we are meant to be living. Maybe something really is missing, but what? Perhaps these questions stir up anxiety and regret. Acknowledge these feeling and let them pass. Instead, begin feel the excitement that bubbles up as you start to embrace simply wondering and dreaming of a life that is bigger, brighter, more colorful, and beautiful in every way.


The Person you are Becoming

Perhaps the real reason why you can't sleep at night is because, you don't actually want to wake up and go to your job the next day, be the parent, pretend to be "okay" in an "okay" relationship, or (fill in your individual battle here). Perhaps its not practical or even possible to change these things. What you can change, is how you relate to these things. You can change the person you are, into the person you want to be. What do you want for yourself? Happiness, relaxation, creativity, love? All of the above and more.... and you deserve it all. So instead of asking, what job or person will give me all these things? Ask yourself, HOW can I be a person who is calm, loving, joyful, and creative, no matter what situation I am in? And as with many other things, the answer is actually quite simple: with practice. One moment at a time, and one breath at a time. Let the question of HOW begin to stir up a creative response in yourself. Let the image or your best self guide you. How can I be more loving in this situation? How can I handle this in a way that honors myself? How can I approach this more creatively? How can I turn this situation into something joyful? How can I change my thinking? How can I change myself?


“Of all the people you will know in a lifetime,
you are the only one you will never leave or lose.
To the question of your life,
You are the only answer.
To the problems of your life,
You are the only solution.”

― Jo Coudert


A Life Lived in Color

Experience your life in color. It is all about how you look at it. The sky may be falling, but can you see how the light is coming through where it is broken? As you begin to change your mental attitude to the circumstances that arise in your life, you will also notice that your life itself begins to change. New opportunities will arise, because now you will be open to them. A job that you thought you may never be free of, may fall away much easier than you ever imagined. As your inner light shines, others will recognize this and will naturally be drawn to you. You will find new and creative answers to old and lingering problems. All you have to do is have the awareness.

In time you will see that what you are actually doing here, is learning about yourself. Your true self. As you discard and walk away from situations and people that are not longer contributing to your life in a positive way, you will begin to see the wonderful life that was hidden beneath it all. It is a practice and it is a process. You are revealing to yourself the magnificent person you are destined to be. Be patient, be compassionate, be inspired, be spontaneous, and above all, be you.


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