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What is Your Dream for the Future In Your Life? What Are Your Dreams?

mikebaird's photostream. 23 Nov 2009 Creative Commons use note in a cool tech-oriented blog by high school teacher Larry Baker.

mikebaird's photostream. 23 Nov 2009 Creative Commons use note in a cool tech-oriented blog by high school teacher Larry Baker.

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fihu's photostream flicker

Gratitude To All Those Who Responded To Feed Question

I asked, "Why do people give up their dreams?" Immediately, there was a flurry of answers and GREAT ones, at that! Maybe this question had been on their minds. The thing about posting the the Hubpages Feed is the person asking the question cannot come back to respond or add further information. So, in lieu of that, I want to give everyone a big 'Thank You' for being part of hubpages and telling it from the heart. 

Our dreams change as we grow older, or get side-tracked, remain unfulfilled, or reach our dreams and then need to find new ones. You've given me lots of food for thought. 

Dream Words Make our Worlds’ Spin


I believe in the space - time effects of synchronicity. This is the cusp of the old year moving tonight into the new decade and New Year of 2010. Like the wake and dream states that fold over time, our dreams mean more than what we imagine while we are sleeping.

Our dreams are tied to our unconscious and subconscious self. Our dreams are connected with our Hopes for the future. Our dreams wave in and out of every moment that we feel there is a future. Hopefully, a future that is better and more fulfilled than what is for us not pleasant. For if we were happy, joyful, satisfied and all was as it is supposed to be, I think we could say, "We are living the dream!" That would be heavenly. Blessings to all for the new things to come.

Untold Dreams

Like a vessel waiting to be filled, my childhood overflowed with dreams of fame and fortune. I admired all those shining confident people, who acted and spoke with authority. Shy and tiny, how could I fathom becoming a grown up with skills, grace and power? Uncertainty pointed where to take my next step in the life set before me. How could I gather inner strength to become somebody special or even know what direction to travel? Those older and wiser kept telling me how to behave, how to dress, and what to practice; yet, they didn’t know me. Even I didn't know myself.

Nightmares, Another Kind of Dream

On the other hand, even though my childhood days were basically carefree, happy and playful out in the sunshine; all the nights weren’t so pleasant. The darkness bred monsters or robbers that sometimes came out to steal my sleep. The insects might crawl, so that I’d pull the covers over me tightly. I remembered my dad telling me sternly, “Never talk to strangers or take candy from someone you don’t know. Don’t pick up things off the street and put them in your mouth.” There were so many dangers in my young world. I suppose they caught up with me at night. Fear was instilled. The world was not a safe place. That was over fifty years ago. I can’t imagine how I’d feel as a child in today’s society with so many real dangers.

Do Dreams Come True?

My mom would drop me off at the dance studio on Main Street in Queens when I was five years old. I can hear the recital music playing in my ear even now. All dressed in costume I played the China doll in the nutcracker suite ballet. Do all little girls want to become dancers? After thirteen years of ballet lessons I looked down the row of students' pointed toes and perfect posture, bending at the bar or with legs flying skyward. I knew I wouldn't make it as a dancer. Confidence lost, butterflies definitely prevented me from getting onstage. All that stage fright, fear of strangers and performance anxiety settled in my stomach.

Pipe Dreams

Over the years the tune changed. Could I make it as a flutist, singer, teacher, painter, fine artist, graphic designer, baker, or cook? Like most people, I struggled through studies at school, tests, critiques and performances. Sometimes flying high other times running away in tears. I guess I had the normal failures and successes along the way, as I kept on trying to find my niche. More than one teacher told me this was part of the journey and the “process” meant more than the product. Was I chasing the unattainable?

Dream House

Some how the fantasy of becoming a “great” artist or dancer faded with the years. In its place grew a more realistic view of settling a family and creating a home. The dream evolved and changed with the decades, as hairstyles and dress lengths go up and down. With age and maturity, the search for true meaning in life emerged. It only took forty years, like Noah’s journey over the floodwaters to the rainbow’s edge.

The Power of Dreams

I took a vow, "in sickness and in health," but never believed it would be the former. Yet, the physical strength of youth and a positive mindset maneuvered me through difficult years of child rearing. The two of us bared the burden of caring for children with disabling chronic illness. Then years later, my own bout with cancer pushed me forward - deeper into the world of spirituality. Only G-d could make it possible to land on my feet like a cat with nine lives and an unseen future. I settled down to earth, becoming more grounded in this place that I never expected to be. I am now living my dream, with the help of G-d in heaven by my side.

Create Your Own Dreams

These days, I help others to find the images, ideas, thoughts and emotions to make their dreams become reality. Through the process of visualization that only the human mind can conjure, I act as a guide. Like a partner for the blind, some days our dialogue sends us into new frontiers. Our questions lead us toward a search of our heart's true goal, purpose or aspirations. My childhood wish of greatness spun into a song of helping the world and those living in it find confidence in simply becoming better day-by-day.

Dream Garden

Incense perfumes the room like a garden emanating dreams. I have become the teacher who uses the body in a kind of dance. Hours are spent demonstrating healing movements and directing intentions toward a target, to elucidate missions, goals, and objectives. These movements help drive us as individuals forward like tai chi walking. Without realizing it, step-by-step each moment helps propel us into the future with positive thoughts, emotions and dreams.

Dream Walking

We balance opposite sides, weights and concepts as we move and walk. One hand is heavy the other light. Sometimes the magnetic electricity between our hands feels real and we wonder if we are dreaming. Do we have this much power? Are these new sensations to be trusted? It's wonderful and dreamy. Although there is no real difference between them and waking sensations, for both belong to the illusory world of perception.

Cat Stevens - Father and Son Original" You may be here tomorrow but your dreams may not... ♫

Dream World

My world is not the all American dream of success, but it is my dream of happiness. I'm dancing, creating, writing, touching and healing with inspiration from the Great Creator and found skills from teachers who believed in me. This wasn't my dream job - far from it. Years of college trained me to be an elementary school teacher, art teacher and graphic designer. Yet, here I am.

Day Dreams

In a way, I help others to daydream. Beginning with meditation on the breath we move into a new state of consciousness between sleep and wakefulness. Purposeful relaxation and reverie we let our imagination carry us away. A guided dream state, sometimes we stay together, and other times float far away. As our minds begin to wander and our level of self-awareness decreases, we lose ourselves in our imagined scenario and fantasy.

Purposeful Lucid Dreams

Maybe we don’t have to wait until we’re fast asleep to reach a lucid dream state? Perhaps we can dream and know we’re in a dream during relaxed guided imagery. Maybe active meditation becomes a lucid dream state. During a session listening to guiding words, we can ask ourselves to make a choice, notice something in the scene and create something new. All the while we are in a dream-like state where the subconscious mind is let free to speak, to rise to the surface. Even though we are in this dream, we are aware it is only a dream and we have the control to move it along in new directions and change the outcome without being swept away. We become an active participant in our own dream, making decisions and influencing the dream's outcome.

Dream on

Every day I muster hope that I can continue to reach my goal to help others through their struggles and challenges. Mostly I pray that I have the insight and heavenly guides to assist me to make a true connection with those who walk through my door.

Debby Bruck, BS, MS, MA, CMQ (Certificate of Medical Qigong) and CHom (Certificate of Homeopathy). Debby has taught Guided Imagery and Qigong, and is founder of Homeopathy World Community.

A year later: The dream continues. Each person you meet could be an angel with a message for you. Each new person you accept as your mentor takes you one step closer to your dream and goals. Don't be afraid to take chances, classes, and a helping hand. ~ Debby Bruck #quote

  • A famous father and son original song by Cat Stevens can be viewed on hubpages uploaded by Broshinga

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