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What Can Grown-Ups Learn From the Little Prince?

What Can Grown-Ups Learn?

Not to judge a book by its cover

Not to lose imagination

Not to force kids to leave their magic behind

To be responsible for their acts

To value what it's in front of them


Most people think the Little Prince is a kid's book and it is not useful at all in their daily lives. They toss it aside and leave it in a corner without realizing they have in their hands some of the greatest secrets to be happy in life. The Little Prince along to his friend, the pilot, teaches us important lessons we should never forget.

Firstly, we should not encourage children to lose and to abandon their autistic’s traits in order to study what we call serious and real subjects like Math, Sciences or Chemistry.

Second, we should always maintain our power of imagination. It's a real gift and it's a challenge not to lose it when the time goes by. Imagination is what allows us to think outside the box and to realize when someone shows us a drawing that resembles a simple hat they are trying to show much more like a boa eating an elephant.

Another important lesson is not to judge a book by its cover and to wait until discovering its essence. There's much more than what we only see and that's only the surface. We should be able to go beyond and the little prince helps us to see how as we grow up we only care about numbers, professions or titles and we forget about the real person has to show.

But among all, my favorite lesson is to learn to value what I have and to be grateful for it, because "...the essential is invisible to the eyes..." and sometimes we can forget about it.

"...the essential is invisible to the eyes..."

— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

There are times in life in which we start a great expedition and we start a quest in order to find happiness in life, and when we get to the destination we thought would make us glorious we realize we already had what we needed to be happy. And sadly, we might already have lost it.

Never give up on your dreams and never abandon magic because if you believe you can fly in tied up to a group of birds, you can go wherever you want to.

My mom gave me my first copy of this book and on its cover, she wrote me she hoped every time I read it, I would be able to find a new lesson. I have had it for 25 years and reading it is always a new experience.