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We Will Not Stand Defeated: Anxiety

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I’ve always been surrounded by anxiety. Having a mentally ill mother with anxiety has been one of the toughest moments for me. Growing up with it, the worry, the endless thoughts; it was normal for me. And I thought as an adult, it was an issue I was going to have to deal with as well because it came with adult-ism.

Anxiety is the one feeling I wake up with and go to bed with every single day. The moments in between can be a blessing or a curse, depending on the day. Most days are a positive outlook with nothing but warm amazing feelings and an outlook of just amazing things to come. I take in every second of the present moment.

But on those bad days… the world can seem like it’s ending. Everything you do is absolutely wrong. Your future looks glum and imperfect. And every thought that comes to mind is against you. Finally, you’re just ready to give up and not give a fuck. Depression starts and your mind just holds you hostage until you get over whatever episode you’re enduring.

I suffer from anxiety and I have my good and bad days. I continuously learn something new about myself and how my illness affects the people around me. Identifying the anxiety triggers and overcoming those feelings help me get through my days.

So this is a declaration that anxiety will not consume the beautiful person I am. This declaration is for everyone who knows how I feel and want to overcome those tumultuous triggers. There is more to life. And we have to be thankful for the present. Let’s not look at the past or the future. Enjoy the time we have, especially with the people in our lives. There is more to life than thinking negatively. Delete the “shoulds” and “woulds” and just do. Do what makes you happy because you are alive!

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