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5 Unusual Ideas to Forget the Unpleasant Past: How to Let It Go

Chitrangada has a keen interest in alternative therapies. As a parent and teacher, she shares her real-life experiences with readers.

Let it go!!

Let it go!!


“Let go. Why do you cling to pain? There is nothing you can do about the wrongs of yesterday. It is not yours to judge. Why hold on to the very thing, which keeps you from hope and love?”

– Leo Buscaglia

Move on and get away from unpleasant memories.

Move on and get away from unpleasant memories.

Unpleasant memories can hurt, and destroy our peace of mind

  • Consider yourself fortunate, if you do not have an unpleasant past.
  • Consider yourself more fortunate, if you have moved on, from your unpleasant past.

Let’s be honest. We do have some unpleasant memories—

  1. Some very close ones may have treated you roughly, or said some bad things, which you could never have imagined, in your wildest dreams.
  2. Some most trusted ones may have ditched, or discarded you, as if you never belonged to him/her.
  3. You could have been humiliated and cursed, for no fault of yours, and you had no one to support you, in such a situation.
  4. You were falsely framed in a matter, and you had no proof, to establish your truth.
  5. The hurt becomes much more deep, if those people, whom you have trusted all through your life, connive against you, and you are totally unaware of it.

This list can go on---!

These things do happen in our lives. Most of us keep these unpleasant memories alive in our mind. And believe me, it affects our health, our mind, our progress and our happiness. It weighs us down and slows our progress.

To live happily in the present, and to plan for a prosperous future, it is necessary to learn from the past mistakes, and then forget the unpleasant past.

Trees are our ancestors.

Trees are our ancestors.

Hugging an old tree gives relief to our soul. We can recover from our sorrows.

Hugging an old tree gives relief to our soul. We can recover from our sorrows.

These ideas may seem crazy and unusual, but they do help

1. Hugging the old trees tight

Have you closely observed some very old trees? The Banyan tree for example--Some of them are so old, may be older than your grandmother.

Trees are living--they grow and spread their massive branches, to give shelter to anyone who passes by.

Just presume and imagine, that they have witnessed any wrong, which was done to you. Go with open arms to it‘s mighty trunk, and hug it tightly.

Release all your tension, agony and some tears as well, if you can. Do it privately.

You will feel the difference.

2. Shoutout your pain, in an isolated place

You can drive to a highway for this. Imagine a stone to be the person, who has hurt you. You can make a face with chalk on this stone, to make it more effective.

Now shout out loudly to him/ her (the stone), all your grievances, how you have been hurt. Just pour out, your pent up anger.

And also make it clear, how you will care a damn about this person (stone), from now onwards. And do follow, this sincerely.

Throw away every bit of your painful memories from the mountain top. It does help you recover from your unpleasant past.

Throw away every bit of your painful memories from the mountain top. It does help you recover from your unpleasant past.

3. Flush it, erase it from your mind

Write the whole unpleasant happening on a piece of paper, tear it off into tiny pieces, and then flush it out into your toilet.

You will feel better for sure.

This idea, I had seen in a popular Hindi film.

4. Bury it into the soil, or drown it into a river

You may write the name of the person on a paper, the whole chain of events, or the unpleasant happenings, or memories.

Go to an isolated place, dig some soil, a little deeper, and bury the paper.

Another way, is to go near a river bank, and drown that paper.

Still another way, is to go to a sea beach. Write the name of the person, who has caused you so much hurt, on the wet sand. Let the sea waves wipe it out, as they come near the shore, and wipe it out, from your memory too.

You will definitely feel better.

5. Go to a hill station and throw away the unpleasant memories in the deep valley

Just write the whole unpleasant memory on a piece of paper.

Tear it into tiny pieces. Go to the nearby hills, and throw away the tiny pieces into the deep adjoining valley, near the hills.

You will feel relieved.

6. This particular idea is neither unusual, nor crazy

Share it with The 'GOD'

If none of this helps, I think this will surely help. And this is not an unusual, or crazy idea. Most of us do it.

Sit in front of 'God'-- whoever you worship. Talk to 'Him', like a friend, and just pour your heart out.

Just share all your sorrows and sufferings, with the belief that 'He' is listening to you, with full attention, and understands you, unlike others, whom you had trusted.

You may spend as much time as you wish, till you feel lighter and relaxed.

Erase painful and unpleasant past memories from your mind!

Erase painful and unpleasant past memories from your mind!


“When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long, and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones, which open for us.”

~~~Alexander Graham Bell

The Conclusion

  • Life is too short to waste over trivial matters.
  • Do not hate a person who has hurt you, forgive that person for your own well-being. Difficult to follow, but wiser to do.
  • You have control only on your action and behaviour, and not the action and behaviour of others.
  • Expect nothing from others, and try to appreciate everyone, and everything.
  • Again, this is difficult to follow, but here we are discussing about making ourselves happy. Isn’t it?
  • Whatever has happened, is past, and there is no use analysing it.
  • I should have done this, or he/ she should not have done this to me, how could this happen to me---all this does not mean anything.
  • Only thing which matters is, that we can learn from our past mistakes, and work to better our future.
  • Just Remember, that there can be potholes on the road, but does that mean, we should stop moving forward?
  • You can simply change the route. Isn’t it?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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