Trying out New Hobbies or Activities

Updated on February 1, 2018
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Amelia writes, sings, plays the cello and guitar, and bakes (just to mention a few things) and loves to share her experiences with others.

Stepping out of Your Comfort Zone

Trying out new things can be scary and intimidating, whether it’s starting a new job or school, a new relationship or even doing something you’ve always wanted to try, but never had time for. Or maybe you were subconsciously scared of doing it?

Whatever the reason, experimenting and stepping out of your comfort zone can be a very positive experience: you may develop a new side of yourself that you weren’t aware of, feel liberated and give yourself a confidence boost, because you tried something despite feeling unsure.

Maybe you would like to have a new hobby or you feel like you spend too much time working and focusing on others, rather than yourself and your interests. Or maybe it’s just about having a new experience? Sometimes we don’t have any idea what we would enjoy doing, simply because we haven’t had the time to think about it. If that is the case, it can be helpful to ask friends and family about what they do regularly for fun, and also ask them what they think you might like. Who knows, you might discover something you never knew!

Don’t feel like you have to love everything your friends suggest either; if you try out one of their ideas, give yourself some time to see if you enjoy it, but don’t judge yourself if it’s not your thing.

Maybe Origami would be just the thing for you!
Maybe Origami would be just the thing for you!

Developing Your Artistic Side

Many people don’t think they are creative, or feel like they could never call their little doodles or sketches „art“. It’s important to remember that, unless you want to turn your hobby into a career, the only person who really has to like the results of your creativity is you. Of course it’s wonderful to be supported and complimented on one’s artwork, but everyone has their own taste, and that’s fine too. If you feel very insecure about trying to paint, draw or stencil, but you really want to give it a go, why not search for suitable courses online? You might be surprised at the number of tutorials and courses available.

If you like working with your hands, making things can be a great hobby – and not just for kids! Paper decorations, card making, Origami or sewing, knitting and crocheting projects and DIY activities can all be wonderful creative outlets.

And remember: practice makes perfect!

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

— Albert Einstein

Trying out New Sports/Exercise Routines

If you feel like you need more movement in your life, maybe a new exercise routine could do the trick. Especially if you spend a lot of time sitting on a desk chair in front of a screen, regular exercise is not only important for health reasons, but also to offer a change of surroundings! If you haven’t been subjecting your body to a lot of movement recently, be sure to start gently, and if you don’t really know what your favorite type of movement is, try out different things before choosing one specific type of sport. Or, if you can, switch between several things like swimming, going to the gym or doing yoga.

You may want to consider joining a sports club or team if you like the idea of exercising with others. However, these often come with a certain commitment, so make sure you really can and want to invest the necessary time and effort.


Arts And Crafts
sports clubs/teams
start to play an instrument or sing
Painting, stencilling, drawing, ...
book clubs
join an orchestra or choir
Knitting, sewing, crocheting
cooking courses (on- or offline)
Origami, making things out of paper

Learning to Cook or Bake

... or, if you are pretty confident in your skills, trying out something new! There are many different aspects of cooking that you might not be aware of. If you’re not too keen on tastes or textures you aren’t used to, even trying out simple twists on recipes you know can be interesting and rewarding. Or, if you’d like something more adventurous, combine savory meals with sweet tastes – Chocolate Salami and Chocolate Pizza come to mind ...

Coming back to the topic of art, why not work on making your dishes as beautiful as possible, or refining your coffee making skills to include a beautiful design on top?

Baking as a hobby has the added bonus of eating delicious food!
Baking as a hobby has the added bonus of eating delicious food!

Meeting Different People

Discovering a new hobby is also a great way to develop relationships and find friends with common interests. This is a wonderful experience, especially if you are doing a group activity! You might be surprised at how many people are already enjoying what you have just discovered.

Have you ever considered learning an (or a new) instrument or having singing lessons? While it may seem difficult or unrealistic, music can be a wonderful way to unwind, and of course to make friends! If you don’t want to or can‘t invest in classes, maybe joining a choir would be just the right thing for you, or an orchestra if you do already play an instrument.

Do you love reading and talking about books? Why not join a book club! They are a way to find friends with the same taste in books, and if you like a good debate, can be a way to challenge others and yourself to see things from a different position.

While some sports activities require teams, like ball games or acrobatic groups, others can be done alone, like yoga or pilates. This doesn’t mean you can’t get to know other people: courses are a great way to do this, if you want.

If you like being outside, maybe a hiking or walking group would be the right thing for you. Again, the internet is a very useful resource here.

On the other hand, if you work with people a lot, you may want to choose a hobby that means you can spend some time on your own, which is valuable too. Try a search for online courses if that’s more up your street, you might be surprised at the number of options!

In any case, the most important thing is to take the time you need to find out what you love doing. It’s okay to be unsure or unconfident at first – if you are passionate about something and persevere, the confidence will follow.

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      • Amy Jane 19 profile imageAUTHOR

        Amelia Bodner 

        14 months ago

        @Sp Greany,

        true, it can be quite difficult! But I'm sure you'll find the right thing for you ;)

      • sangre profile image

        Sp Greaney 

        14 months ago from Ireland

        I think finding one you like is the challenge but once you do it can be lots of fun. Nice list you've put together here. Might take up one soon. :)

      • Amy Jane 19 profile imageAUTHOR

        Amelia Bodner 

        14 months ago


        Thank you! Yes, sometimes it can be hard to show others why we enjoy a certain activity, and especially to encourage them to try it out too! So glad you liked the article.

      • RTalloni profile image


        14 months ago from the short journey

        Nicely presented encouragement to take the plunge into a new hobby. We were designed to create and those who do so often find it difficult to really explain the satisfaction they gain from the process and finished project.


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