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To the Strongest Person I Know

She is a writer who wants to the influence the readers through her soulful writings.


Dear whoever reading this,

You are the strongest person I know.

I can never imagine how many gallons of tears you had cried your whole life if were going to sum up it,
how much pain you've kept inside your heart,
how much longing for love you have inside your soul,
and how much sadness you have within your whole existence.

But you know what?
I admire you for smiling even when you're sad,
for laughing even when you wanted to cry,
for telling yourself that you can do this even though you wanted to give up,
for giving advices to others,
and being always there for everyone,
You're such a soft hearted person.

You're like a star shining in the night sky,
You may never see how beautiful you are shining,
You may never see your worth,
But this is what I'm telling you,
You are significant!
Your mere existence is important because you serve as a light in someone's darkest hour.

You may sometimes feel unloved, unimportant and worthless, but you are just thinking the wrong way, you have to open your eyes and see your true worth.
The universe wouldn't be completely beautiful without stars, so is the world without you.

You are an amazing worthy creature God has ever made, you just have to appreciate yourself and believe that you are more than conqueror, that whatever you are facing right now, you'll get through that because it is a part of the perfect plan of God.

Again, your existence is significant!
Don't you ever give up if everything seems rough, life is beautiful if you'll always look at the brighter side of it, choose to be happy and spread the positivity!

Pessimistic optimist writer

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