Time With a Higher Power Is Valuable!

Updated on March 25, 2018

If you've led a lonely life, that life has value added to it!

I have had time this weekend to reflect on my loneliness and the value that it has added to my life.

That's right! It has added, not subtracted value.

Many people look at it from a 'glass half empty' perspective. "Your life is short", they say. "Go out there and live it!"

Unfortunately, as a sufferer of chronic fatigue since my teen years, I have not had that luxury.

When I was seventeen, I was emotionally manipulated by a stern and cruel mother, that I had to find a way to pay for my own college tuition.

She has a Scorpio moon. She therefore had a very deep-seated wound, and could not heal herself from the trauma she was put through from her own parents.

I, the Cancer moon, submitted, because I had no other way to believe at the time.

I worked two jobs in the summers. One at a McDonalds, the other at a local grocery establishment, in a town known for its tourism industry.

I continued to work hard even during my college years. And that continued with me into my pharmacist career. I would often give all the energy I had to give, only to crash on the couch immediately upon getting home.

Eventually, the inner toxicity in my body had caused such a state that I had developed insomnia. I turned to stimulants and depressants to help counter that, much like the deceased movie star, Judy Garland did.

I've since broken free from that pattern, realizing that I inherited an especially toxic dose of 'eww' (infectious disease spores like Candida, Helicobacter, and Toxoplasma) through the birth canal during an especially long birth process, due to the extreme fear of the medical profession at that time of doing C-sections.

I am still working on my inner toxin profile today. I am literally feeling the lymphatic pathways in my right torso as they bloom and die with every menstrual cycle (Candida feeds off the estrogens, and also helps to protect the Helicobacter in a 'kangaroo pocket' it has for this organism, which dies in the presence of estrogen, etc)....

Anyways, that was a tangent!

The point going back to a lonely life.

In the Beatitudes, Jesus speaks of the blessings promised to the poor in spirit.

That was me. Even now, as this long, arduous immune process recovery continues in motion.

There is a free will we all have, I believe, in regard to our 'poor in spirit' state.

We can choose to not resist depression. We can choose to act like life gave us a raw deal, but not look at our responsibility to recover from that raw deal.

The more entrenched we are in depression's negative vibration, the more we are unable to resist it. Fate then takes over. Everything in our astrology chart, comes to define our restricted nature, one we couldn't transcend.

But the more we choose to say to ourselves, even if just a teeny tiny voice at first: "This is NOT my final destination. And you know what - I can actually be GREATER for having been POORER, one day!" The more that little beacon of light actually becomes a reality in due time.

It's not to say we shouldn't ignore certain fated realities, but we can know that if we recognize them, and prepare ourselves for facing those realities, we have a greater hope in inspiring the rest in our path to follow us.

So yes. If you are thinking of giving up, do know that you have an even greater potential instilled in you, because you have been specially wounded!

I often reflect on Jesus and Judas as the perfect example of a child born to a wounded mother.

Both Jesus and Judas have a tie to the number '8' in the Bible. It is in fact, often said that Jesus' triple moniker is '888', the number of the Resurrection.

'8' is also a number tied to the zodiacal sign of Scorpio. A lot of ties have been made to Judas as the 'Scorpio Disciple' of Jesus.

I must say, I can't disagree with that. Judas was in charge of managing 'other people's money', another Scorpio trait, and would often get jealous of seemingly wasteful monetary activities, such as the woman who anointed Jesus with the expensive perfume.

Through Judas' actions, which Jesus actually encouraged at the Last Supper, Jesus became the Resurrection. The powerful upside to the Scorpio message!

Let us all be open to transformation today!


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