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Daily Quotes for Living: Time Exists Only in Your Perception of Reality.

Careful, time being used right here.


Don't let other people's negative energy waste your own.

We know that you understand what this means. Don't let anyone else waste your time, and treat it as respectful yourself. There is time for everything that you need and want to do. Prioritize, decide, eliminate and set it up like a boss today, babe!

Understand this, there are actually people in the world who will waste your time to sabotage your efforts to success. I know, right? Who would believe that this could actually happen, but it does and on a daily basis.

The person who is acting as a detainer, detractor, de-emphasizer, or downer to you at this very moment is interested in taking energy from your project, to throw your motivation to the ground, stomp on it, and just feel better about himself or herself. No one wants to be happy for someone else who has the energy to get out there in life and try to "make it" against all odds, and among all obstacles. There are people who will even tell you your idea is without merit and even steal it for themselves!

Nowhere is it your job or responsibility to make someone else happy, be a source or resource of happiness for anyone else, or even work towards helping someone else have a "better day." All of the energy that it takes to find and pursue your dreams and life goals, definite purposes needs to stay squarely with you, and only with you.

Remember, the word "No!" is a complete sentence. You don't owe anyone any answers after you have made the decision that whatever they are saying or doing is not right for you to follow.

People will work to bring you negative energy, with furrowed brows when you talk to them, constantly ruffled feathers, and their incessant need to make snide remarks and snarky comments over your achievements or trials for being a better person. You know exactly who these people are, stop pretending the situation is okay, it is not. Of course you need to limit your proximity to these folks, in family, work or personal relations. You don't need to push these people out of your life, but you do need to limit your time around them, as their crap attitudes will rub off on you, it has to happen if you are within the vicinity of their vibration.

Therefore, what to do? Understand and observe that some people are negative and spiteful, steer clear of these. If it is a boss, try a lateral transfer, or limit having to deal directly with the person at all costs if possible. If a co-worker and you have to collaborate with the person, keep it highly professional, no personal info should pass between you (and no seeing this person even in a group after hours, when your guard is let down further).

Guard your life force energy as if you life depended on it, because it does! Sour people can change your subconscious vibrations. Doubt it? How do you feel after someone has made a rude gesture after that person initiated road rage to you? If you are still upset even after the event is clearly over and past, you grabbed some of that person's negative vibration, and yes, it is contagious.

Don't let negative thoughts bloom in your mind, it wastes your resources, and it is almost the only factor that will waste your days. Stay present, fight it and keep on truckin', you deserve the best, keep that in mind and move on to the next goal as soon as you can.

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