Thoughts on Exploration

Updated on April 18, 2018

What is "exploration"?

"Exploration" is a noun defined as the action of traveling in or through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it.

With this definition in mind, who is to say that everyday is not an adventure? Do we really have to get onto a vessel to carry or fly us across an ocean? Or take crazy amounts of time off of work for a vacation that we are having a hard time affording? Everyday we are bombarded with information that implies that we are boring or need "x, y, and z" to be an adventurer. Sorry, but not sorry to burst your bubble, but this is not the case. Our own "back yards" and everyday lives hold the potential - it is a learned practice.

Allow the little things to amaze you!

A little reminder that you are loved goes a long way. This valentine hung on my fridge for the longest time just because it made me smile.
A little reminder that you are loved goes a long way. This valentine hung on my fridge for the longest time just because it made me smile.

What are the "little things"?

I believe that this is a phrase that we commonly hear - "It's the little things that count." But do any of us actually stop to think about what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks that means? I am going to go out on a limb and say... probably not - and it is okay because everything in life is practice. So, let us take a moment to jot down some things that make your life a little sweeter and easier to be happy where we are in our present moment.

Don't worry! It does not have to be a long list :)

My Top Five

  • Smiling at a Stranger - As an urban dweller it is very difficult for me to get out of the mindset "stranger danger", but most of all being afraid of initiating unwanted attention. Smiling at a Stranger is something that I choose to practice in environments where I do not feel like there could be a high chance of anxiety or discomfort in practicing this behavior.
  • Taking a Walk - Whether it is overcast or sunny, hot or cold, I take my dog for a walk. It is so easy to get sucked into the vortex of the indoors, but taking that time and hanging out with the elements does wonders for my mood and body.
  • Hugs - "Hugs Heal" is probably my favorite mantra. Good day, bad day it does not matter hugs are great for the heart. There is something about a good bear hug from a friend or loved one that allows something to surrender. Allows the curious child that lives inside to feel safe and comforted. Everyone's boundaries are different so, I am not saying go and hug everybody - ask if you're unsure! Need a hug but nobody is around? Hug a pillow, a cat, a dog, a tree - a good hug goes a long way.
  • Looking at the Sky - There is nothing like looking up and allowing yourself to be in awe of the magic above. Feeling small can never feel so good when there are marshmallow clouds floating across a perfect blue sky or a full moon with a sky full of stars. Let your breath be taken away by the sheer beauty.
  • Learning - Whether we like it or not, we are always students. There is so much knowledge and information that we have access to. So many stories of those near and far to us. Read, research, be curious, question, listen, look, feel, and most of all absorb. There is something to be learned around every corner. A very wise person, my father, has told me many times since I was a child, "knowledge is something that 'they' can never take away from you".

How Do I Apply These Little Things to "Exploration"?

In my experience, the "little things" are life enhancers. They make the "big" moments truly BIG, but also shed light on what can easily be over looked.

In appreciating the little moments I have found that it is much easier to appreciate and find the adventure in the mundane, everyday grind. To some of you reading this I could absolutely just be a #hippietrippie lady speaking out of school, but to my fellow wanderers I hope that this hits home.

Where to Find Adventure?

It is not easy. To me, it defiantly takes effort depending on your personality and/or what kind of day you're having.

Personally, I go back and forth between needing to share an adventure and solo trips. Just trust yourself - it is much easier said than done, but it will be okay. I promise. Pull up good ol' Google and take some notes on possible destinations that are near and far. Write down some questions that pertain to your current situation.

Some of these questions could include: What is affordable? Do I want/need to make this trip alone? How much time do I have to realistically enjoy this? etc.

Not in the mood to plan an adventure? It's all good! (I don't blame you - planning is way too stressful sometimes.) Instead maybe take a different path home from work, go to a different grocery store, try a new park to throw the frisbee to your dog, try a new recipe for dinner, etc. The list is endless, but it is not always easy to see.

The Eau Galle River - it is nothing incredibly special, but was a great thing to see on my visit home.
The Eau Galle River - it is nothing incredibly special, but was a great thing to see on my visit home.


Exploration and appreciation takes practice. Once this practice becomes habit it becomes so much easier and you won't even be thinking about it anymore. You will find yourself being amazed by the budding trees and the smell of somebody cooking dinner. No matter what, it will all be well - surrender to the adventure of your life. Let the peace soothe your mind - I believe in you.

Some street art I was quite excited about. If you are wandering around Nashville, TN at any point, I hope that you encounter it.
Some street art I was quite excited about. If you are wandering around Nashville, TN at any point, I hope that you encounter it.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Thank you for taking the time and stopping by. I would love to chat with you and hear about your exploration thoughts! Leave your words in the comments section and I will get back to you!

Until next time - peace out girl scouts <3

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