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Thorns Have Roses

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


I always liked to think that thorns have roses and not the other way around!

— Sean Dragon

Life Is a Wonderful Adventure

Life is a wonderful adventure, a series of stories to which we are screenwriters, directors and protagonists. The Universe simply offers us the proper settings and materials we need, in order to create and experience these stories. We choose the way we live them, but the ultimate purpose is one, to find our Truth that will lead us to Happiness and Love!

The Love of God will offer us all the suitable opportunities that we need, to help us walk on this road of Happiness and Love so that step-by-step we can return to our Home, near Him. But first, we have to long for it with all our Heart and Soul.

In His effort to help us, God uses some particularly interesting "applications":

First: Difficulties.

What would we be without the difficulties? Have you ever thought about it? None of us has ever improved in easy situations; none of us has ever developed in the "wins". On the contrary, the "defeats" were those that forced us to try harder, to become better, to look for the Force within us and eventually to accomplish the "win"!

Gold is cleaned from the impurities and dirt by passing through the furnace. Then it becomes Precious and Eternal.

That is the reason why the difficulties are gifts! Let us not curse for them, but let us thank them for the improvement that will force us to succeed. Difficulties are the thorns you have to overcome to reach the rose. Let's thank thorns for the roses they protect! Besides, they come into our lives only when we needed them.

The Universe will never send us any difficulty that we cannot overcome. It will take a lot of work and effort, that's for sure. We will need to sacrifice part of our egoistic self, that's true too. But is the only way we can make progress and finally enjoy the colour, the aroma and the beauty of the rose!


Second: The Unexpected.

It is true that the unexpected will happen when you do not expect it! Besides, this is the reason they named it so, I think. For example, when you have perfectly organized your plan, and you are excitedly waiting for the results of your efforts, suddenly a "punch" from an imponderable factor you have not even imagined that exist, knocks you out. Then you apprehend the deeper meaning of the concept "unexpected." You understand that you can never predict everything and that there is not a flawless human work.

Besides, any journey without the presence of the unexpected it is not an adventure! The unexpected turns a boring story to a thrilling one. It's like suddenly, in the story of your life, which you write and direct, a guest star appears out of thin air! And you know nothing of him before he emerges. Neither who will be, nor what character he has and what role he will play or how it will affect the flow of the story! But let's be honest, this kind of stories we like to see on the cinema. How can our own life-movie be different?

So the unexpected will give our story many alternative scenarios to choose. To decide which one we will follow, and how we will react. And there is precisely the point where we are going to take steps forward or steps backwards, through our choices!


Third: The Choice!

We are what we choose! We live what we choose! If I choose evil, I cannot wait for the universe to treat me kindly. If I choose the darkness, my life cannot be full of Light. If I choose a sad ending for my story, no God has the right to change it!

And we cannot blame anyone for these choices, because they are ours and they create our story, its progress and its end!

We all have to make choices, virtually in every moment of our lives. Most of them will be hard; some of them will lead us to strange days. They will confront us with our Demons, and then again we have to choose whether to run away or to face them with courage. So there will come moments and days that we will think that we have lost everything and days that we will feel that we have won the whole world!

I wish you always remember that at any time we have one more choice at least, even if it is not evident by the first glance. Remember that no matter what mistakes we have made, no matter how deep we are in the darkness, there is always the alternative to choose the Light and Love. To give the opportunity in every situation, no matter how difficult it is, to offer us its gifts. And if we do so, any hard and strange day will become a blessed day.

I Choose Love

I really love a phrase that says "there are many ways to reach God, I choose Love". If you choose Love, then everything alters in a magical way! Love does not only improve the present and the future, but it also changes the past! Because through the eyes of Love, enmity becomes friendship, in diversity you can see beauty, the will for revenge turns to forgiveness, ingratitude becomes gratitude, and any loss becomes eternal presence!

So be prepared for the difficulties, and for the gifts that they will bring to you. Remember that no man on this beautiful Earth has lived or will live without everyday challenges. Remember that they are the steps for your rise.

Expect the unexpected with humour and good mood. A positive attitude towards it will help you see the full range of options that opens to you. The unexpected is God's tool that makes your life an exciting adventure!


Choose to be on the side of Love, and then you will walk on the right path to your happiness. If you have doubts about what your choice should be, then ask your Inner Self, "what would be Love's choice now?" If you are ready to listen without prejudice and selfishness, you will find the way to your dreams and miracles!

I wish you to realize that there is no more beautiful place in this world than your Heart when you have chosen Love!

I pray for you, to enjoy this journey to your Truth.

God has given us divine power. The power to create or destroy. Our choice determines our world.

— Sean Dragon

Author's note: This text was the main body of my speech on the presentation event for my book "Strange Days", on 26 January 2019.

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