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This is YOU

You are special. You are not just a human being, you are a human becoming. You are destined for greatness. You were put on this earth for a reason only YOU know the answers to.

Through your Quest to fulfilment you will discover your true potential and superpowers. There's so much in you that you just haven't tapped into.

Awaken yourself by asking " Who am I and What do I want in life?" The answers that spring into mind are the reasons why there is still oxygen in you. Because your mission on earth is not yet completed.

Every human comes to existence with a purpose. Find yours and you will forever be blessed with success and happiness.

Once you realise the notion ' Life's not easy' your perception of your circumstances will inevitably be transformed. You will be better equipped for obstacles and every time you find yourself helpless, that notion will spring into mind and propel you forward and back on track on your journey.

Remember, YOU control the narratives about yourself. Others will have their input into your life but only YOU can allow optimism or pessimism in your life. Outside noises are inevitable but see them as a catalyst and build block for inspiration and motivation.

There's this quote " The wise individual ,straightens, guards and controls their mind." Once you have achieved self mastery, know that you are bound for Greatness .

Thank you for reading this piece and God bless ❤

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