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This Too Shall Pass: A Poem About Resilience

Michelle is a trained teacher in Singapore and manages relationships with students and their families every day.

"This too shall pass." Are the words grating on the ear? If they are, it's probably because tough situations are precisely that - no walk in the park. They seem to have no end.

Providence, however, always has reasons for its arrangements and the situations that befall us. Tough situations are not enviable, though we can overcome them and harness their benefits.

Overcoming Tough Situations

Trying times are daunting; at least, they seem like they are. So how does one muscle up for the boxing ring?

1. Determine how to respond

While some folks may embrace challenges with an energetic, keen spirit, others will feel completely put out and disappointed. Everyone has different responses to difficulties, but one thing is clear -a positive one is the best way forward.

2. Decide what you can control

There will be a few things within your sphere of influence and some without. You can control what is within.

This activity may help you gain perspective when you face untoward situations. To help you gain some focus on what is within your grasp,
take a piece of paper and draw a circle. Please write down the things you can control within the circle and those that you can't outside it. You can then make tangible decisions based on what you can do.

3. Consider your purpose.

The problem that fazes you may seem less daunting if you take valuable time to ponder why you got yourself in the first place. Then you can consider if the angst you seem to be going through is worthwhile. Anything that drove you to go through pain and endure loveless critique is worthy of.your attention.


The Intangible Benefits of Tough Situations

Indeed, challenging circumstances have some surprising, albeit sometimes intangible, boons. No one likes heavy lifting, but the workout does produce lean muscle. Here's how the body builds.

1. Our Difficulties Make Us Creative

Well, Necessity is the mother of Invention. Humans do what they do best when the going is rough: survive. We create and find ways to cope with our trials.

You are probably reading this via the computer, a tool born out of the need to perform complex ballistic calculations for the US army. Women had the dubious honour of completing this uphill task. The second world war changed all that, and we now have the humble computer, a tool without which we wouldn't have the websites and social media that characterises this day.

2. Challenges Make You Stronger

They may not seem like it when we face them, but challenges are an opportunity for growth. When we come through them unscathed, we discover our mettle and will be less ruffled.

3. Difficulties keep us humble

This is quite a mouthful to swallow, but difficulties keep us humble. They remind us that we don't have everything in our grasp and that not everything is comprehensible. They tell us we should approach all tasks with dignity, meekness and respect.

4. Challenges magnify our achievements

We appreciate what we have and have accomplished more after we have come through them. We are overwhelmed by the magnitude of what we have achieved when we realise what we have done.

5. Focus on your purpose

It will seem impossible to concentrate on anything when we face hard times, but focus on your purpose. Why are you attempting this daunting task? Is the cause worthwhile? If it is, a little sweat probably won't hurt you.

6. Use positive words.

Positive words create positive thoughts and, by extension, positive results. If you wish to be successful at your job, believe that you will be and do your due diligence. The outcome will eventually be to your satisfaction.

You must have heard countless times that gratitude is an attitude, and, though trite, no words are more true. The more thankful we are for our gifts, the more of them we tend to get. Gratitude lists and journals channel.positive thoughts. Prayer and meditation, too, have the same effect.

7. Take Care of Your Physical Health

Please don't neglect your physical health, as it will help you to build resilience. Exercise and meditation help build mental fortitude. Working out for as little as 15 mins a day makes a lot of difference.

8. Learn Something New

Take challenges or failures not as divine punishments but as opportunities to learn something new. Sign up for work-related courses online or take up new hobbies. Turn desolation into growth.

9. Lend A Hand

Being able to step up to the plate when someone needs it will boost your self-confidence and show you that you are important to others despite your inequities(every person has a share of these). Clean out mum's yard or help old Mrs Brown next door decorate hers. It makes the difficulty less daunting.

10. Clean Up

Decluttering gives a person both physical and headspace. Clear your closets and drawers, and take the chance to organize yourself. Your stress level will decrease, and you will no longer be Penny or Patrick, the Procrastinator.

Poem: This Too, Shall Pass

A rock
That cannot break
Only comes apart When
we are swans that grace the
ponds with our upright posture and

A soul
That cannot shake
Never breaks asunder
Even when a hammer sharp hits
Its side.

A Bough
That will not crack
And it will not shatter
When the well-fed eagle does rest
Upon its humble auspices
And stays.


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