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Failures: How They Change Us

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Failures and disappointments are something no one can escape. Because whoever said life is going to be a bed of roses? You're going to have to taste the pain, the wind is going to knock you down once in a while, you're going to fall.

But why all of this? Is it because we are bad enough to deserve it? Or is there a bigger, better reason behind the scenes?


How it helps

● Imagine, if you were to win all the time. Imagine, if you got everything you ever asked for. What would it do to you and your ego? Of course, you would start beleiving that you are perfect. But since no human is perfect, once in a while we all need to know what failing feels like. Because that keeps you from thinking too highly of yourself. In other words, it's like a 'narcissism-regulating mechanism'.

● Moreover, without failing you would never try harder. Failing only makes you work harder and sometimes, along the way you discover more capabilities of yours.

● Failiures and disappointments give you a tough time. But the best thing it does to us, I believe, is to help us realize our inner strength. Most of us don't know how much we are capable of. We aren't aware of our strength. But when you are left with no other option than to endure the hardships, that's when you realize that inside that fragile body, lies an unbreakable soul.


Getting through it

● Every time you find yourself in a situation where nothing is going your way, tell yourself this- I am stronger than my problems and nothing can bring me down. The power of positivity is immense, much more than we ever realise. So in a tough situation, you've got to stand up tougher, with a positive mind. Don't, just don't let yourself be beaten down. You are more than that.

● Sometimes letting go is the better option, no matter how hard it feels. It's going to hurt for sure but you are going to learn the meaning and the beauty of self-sacrifice. Let go of stuff that is not under your control and watch yourself become a better person.

● There's always light at the end of the tunnel. You might keep falling over and over again but don't ever lose hope. For hope is perhaps one of the things that keeps the human heart alive. I'm personally a very strong beleiver in the power of hope and it is one of the things that has helped me the most during my darkest days.


Don't let any person or any situation define the level of your happiness. You are capable of creating for yourself a better future. Failure is not the end of your life because every end is after all, a new beginning.

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