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20 Things You Should Have Learned in Your 20s

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Krishna has been a writer for almost 10 years. Writing is an expression of oneself.


Being at the age of 20 is a period of confusion and anxiety. You will find people at your age getting married or successful and others that are still feeling lost in life. It is a phase in life wherein you are stuck between being independent and dependent. It is the period of many questions, opportunities, and endless pressure that come from the society around us. Heads up! Everyone must have feel lost at this age, and you are not alone. Here are 20 lessons that you must start doing/realize right now in your 20s:


1. People come and go.

You need to accept that people will not always stay. They came for a reason. Also, they leave for a reason. As some people leave your life, new ones will come. Your relationship with your friends will change. As adulthood comes into play, catching up will be hard to do. Accept that not everyone will have the time to constantly communicate with you. However, true friends will respect one another's schedules and priorities. Real friends will remain as your friends even if you don't constantly check on each other.

2. It is okay to feel lost.

You may seem in a rush to get things done, to know what you wanted, but don't feel that you are alone. There are a lot of people that get lost in life. Trust the process and enjoy it. You will get there someday and you will be able to work out the path that is for you.

3. Forgive.

Learn to forgive even if other people won't ask for forgiveness. Learn to forgive others and yourself. Let go of the bitter feelings in your heart and live happily.


6. Take care of yourself.

You might be in a state to overwork yourself but do it moderately. Have a healthy lifestyle. Have a healthy mindset. Practice meditation. Love and accept yourself. Practice self-care. Everything that you do now will accumulate as you grow older.

19. Take care of your body.

Drink lots of water. Exercise. Eat the right diet. Your future self will thank you if you start taking care of your body right now.


9. Start saving.

You will regret not saving earlier if you haven't started now. Someday it will be a huge help for you in your 30s if you have enough savings already. Your future depends on your actions and saving money will save you a lot of worries in the future.

14. Do not stack up debts.

This is one of the valuable lessons that you must start learning today. Do not rack up debt while you are still young. Spend wisely.

12. Invest your money.

The best time to invest your money and let it grow is today. Learn how to invest your money wisely. Start reading on books or blogs that offer great help in teaching you how to invest your money. Investing your money now in insurances or stocks will help you as you grow older.

I find reading Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki helpful to change my mindset about investing money. While there is a saying that says 'money can't buy happiness', having a lot of money will help you free from financial problems and that also causes happiness. I find this book very informative and is a must for every young entrepreneur out there. This also changes my perspective on building multiple income streams. For every 20 something out there, I highly recommend reading this book as early as you can.

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

7. Form the right habits.

It is the best time to practice self-effectiveness. Improve yourself while you still can. Practice productivity, being on time or teaching yourself discipline. You will have the energy and time to improve your well-being.

4. Do not rush into love.

As you get older, you will feel like all you needed to do was to find a partner that you will be with for the rest of your life. Trust me, being in your 20s, you are still young to settle into marriage. Do not rush, but instead put your heart and mind in choosing your partner. Do not settle for anything less but commit with the one that you truly deserve. Believe that God will make the right person come for you at the right time.


8. Collect experiences.

Live at the moment. Do not always stare at your screen. Instead, seek out to form memories with other people.

5. Love and honor your parents.

This is the perfect time to spend and have more quality time with your parents. Show them all your love while you still can.


10. Find your passion.

Start seeking out what you love and do it. You will have plenty of time to put into action what you actually love doing.

11. Learn that you will have to perform some sacrifices.

Being in 20s is the time to pursue success. Learn that you will eventually perform some sacrifices sooner or later. You will start at the bottom of the working ladder and life won't be easy. You will not eventually get what you wanted to achieve and you will have to work hard to get what you wanted. Do not give up easily. Know that successful people also didn't easily achieve their dreams. Life will be tough and you will be losing a lot of sleep or time but you will get through it.

13. Be open to change.

Know that what you wanted in your life in the past might change. Know that the course that you have studied for how many years and performed as a job, might not be the best one for you. Some things in your life won't fit in as you planned. Learn how to adjust to changes.


15. Take more risks but practice caution.

Life will open you many opportunities. Be courageous to take more risks. You may find your success in another career or in another country. You may never know what you will be missing.

16. Learn to say no.

This way you can prioritize the things and work that is meaningful to you. You don't have to accept everything that comes into your way. If for example, your boss offers you an overtime work but you have a part-time job that will suffer, learn to say no and state your reasons. You don't have to spend your time doing or entertaining what is not essential for you.

17. Do not burn bridges.

Do not end your relationships with a negative note. Be it with your past work, the last company that interviewed you, or your past social group. You may never know when you will meet them again or how wide their network is. You will not want them saying bad things about you when you are applying for a new company.


18. Do not compare yourself to others.

Everyone has their own timeline. You have your own race. You have your own likes, dislikes, and passion. You might see someone getting married or successful in their lives. You have your own pace. The one person that you should be competing against is your old self.

20. Do everything with love.

This applies to all ages. Start doing everything with love. Be happy and grateful in everything that you do and experience. Blessings will come back right at you. Learn through failures. Be kind no matter what.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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