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There Are Neither Good nor Bad Moments!

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


God gave me again today, a wonderful gift of 86400 seconds. I will fill as many of them as I can with love and light, to thank Him.

— Sean Dragon

Each moment is magical! Every single minute is full of the Creator's Love, full of blessings, full of gifts for each one of us.

Each moment is mystical, blessed and wonderful! Whether we realize it or not, its magic is available and ready for us to experience it and make it ours.

There are no good or bad moments. There are only the ones we have to live. And these are gifts in our orbit through time. Gifts that we can use as we wish or even skip over them. The truth is that the way we will choose to deal with the presents of each moment will define the trail of our orbit through time. It will determine the colour and shape of each tile that will be placed on the mosaic that will be our life. Hence, we choose the image that our life will present. We do, no one else.


A good artist uses all the available materials to complete his work. He will use the bright colours and the beautiful shapes of the joyful and happy moments, but also the dark colours and strange shapes of the difficult and hard ones. Therefore, every challenging, hard and difficult moment we face has its rightful place in the mosaic of our lives. If we find this place, even these moments will eventually have the same value as any happy one. Then we will have taken full advantage of their gifts.

In order to learn to love yourself, you must love all the situations that "sculpted" you, even the most difficult and painful ones.

— Sean Dragon

But we have to remember that none of us knows in advance the size of this mosaic. Each tile we put it may be the last one we place. So each one of our tiles must improve the overall picture, without leaving it unfinished.

Complicated and challenging, very difficult indeed! And if we consider that in our first steps, our inexperience leads us to random and often chaotic placement, it becomes even more difficult. But, finally, that is what makes this effort so interesting. Because even if there is only a small part, in the large mosaic of our life, that creates a beautiful image, that's enough. It doesn't matter if the rest does not make sense. This small part will magically change the overall picture, unlocking new possibilities of creation for us.


We just have to try. The Universe has a high artistic perception, as it has been created by the Great Artist. Thus it will never scold us for the image we presented. Even if this is a chaotic and dark one. Because for the Universe there are no beautiful and ugly mosaics-lives. There are only choices and respect for them.

The whole issue is the amount of pleasure and peace that the final image, we create, will give to our soul. Also, there are crucial the lessons it will teach us for our next endeavour. Because there will be a lot of new efforts, be sure of that. The Great Artist knows that we will need many efforts, many lives, to develop our "talent" until we achieve what our Soul desires. Until our final mosaic becomes an integral part of the Great Divine Icon.

He knows that every true artist, apart from talent, needs constant effort and hard work, through which comes improvement and perfection. That's why He will offer us as many efforts as we need. But the sooner we will achieve it, the better will be. Not only for us but for other people too. For those who will be helped by our picture and the example of our effort. This is the reason why it is essential not to let even a moment pass without rejoicing and utilising its potential.

Therefore, my effort is to respect each moment's gifts and to use them wisely. I pray to utilise as many of these moments as I can, and despite my mistakes, to create an image of glory and love. A mosaic that will please my heart, but also His, in the end.


My life is the canvas, my actions are the brush, and Love is the colours!

— Sean Dragon

© 2020 Ioannis Arvanitis

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