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Learning From Nature

Updated on October 10, 2017

The Falling Golden Leaves

When I visualize nature, I see lush green trees laded of numerous fruits and flowers; the birds chirping over it; the monkeys playing on their branches and a clean stream flowing beside these trees. I feel peace, silence and my mind refreshes. I gain positivity and negativity vanishes away from my head. When I see a dog i see loyalty. When I see a lion, I see bravery. When I stare at the stars I descry unity. When I look at eagle I am inspired by its faith. All I love about the nature is not just its beauty but also the fact that our soul is attached to it. We are spiritually attached to nature.

It was an evening in the mid of fall; A beautiful apple tree was standing as a taciturn spectator in front of my room that could scrutinize everything. Its branches drawn from its crown, Yellow golden leaves and wrinkled bark. I could reach the last rotten apple left on it. The birds were whistling around it. The toes of my shoes were making crumbling sounds as they dragged against the trunk; my arms were pulling me ever upward. The smell of sweet moisture from the shimmering leaves filled my nostrils with scented tendrils. I sat on its tallest branch. As a layer of wind passed through it, it produced a sound that withdrew all of my worries. Its leaves were dancing randomly in joy. They released the dew they were holding as I knocked the branch with my foot. Few golden leaves also dropped as it is was fall.


How can a person not be impressed by its lush green leaves; its glistening red apples and its silver flowers in spring? Its existence always emanated a question in my mind about its selflessness but with the passage of time I was answered that colossus is not that who spends life for himself but that who serves it for others. People like Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther king, Mahatma Gandhi and many other people have spent their lives for the freedom, comfort and happiness of other people.

God Almighty has created the universe so beautiful; full of colors and wonders. When we heed around us, we find nothing more satisfying, attractive and beautiful than nature. We see the trees and flowers dancing in joy, the mountains kissing the clouds, the birds whistling around the trees and the moon circling the earth. Scientists, philosophers, poets and artists have all found inspiration in nature. According to Dante Alighieri “nature is the art of God”. Indeed God has created everything prefect. There is a variety of colors and designs among all the creatures God has created. From the petals of flower to the strips of zebra; every single creature of God has its own beauty.


There is a message of God in Nature for us humans. The Stars in the sky are a sign of unity. The planets revolving around the earth are a sign of discipline. The eagle fighting against its prey till its win is a sign of struggle. The tree growing from a small seed and then giving fruit and shelter is a sign of faith and selflessness. Most of the inventions and discoveries are inspired by nature. These inventions have brought revolution in the human history. The gravity was discovered by Sir Isaac Newton as a result of falling apple on him from the tree. The invention of bulb as an idea derived from sun; the invention of aero plan as inkling from the flying birds and many other countless inventions are inspired by the nature


© 2017 Sahib Khan Kakar


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      srinivas21 12 days ago

      Its truly awe-inspiring, amazing expression of beauty and nature.