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Who Are You and What Do You Truly Want?

Laura, a wife, mother,entrepreneur, successful business woman, author and Speaker talks about finding yourself and true purpose in life.


You Are Worth Knowing...


If you are reading this, first I want to remind you that you are a wonderful, uniquely made person with incredible potentials and an imagination unlike any other cool things you've ever seen. But why do I not feel that way you may ask? Unfortunately, the everyday clutters of life tend to pile up and overwhelm us to the point that we end up accepting and copping with a reality that is not necessarily ours.


As human beings, we are quick to adapt and adjust and unless we make a real conscious effort to change things, everything remains the same and we end up living an unfulfilled life on autopilot. Why should you be any different than everybody else? Despite, all the story we tell ourselves everyday, I'm busy, I don't have time, I don't care anymore, I'm surviving, as long as I can manage, I am good...I have never met someone who did not desire love, happiness, connection, significance and fulfillment. We were not created to be robots or slave to the world or even to each other. We long for those types of feeling that keep us alive. And if you notice, even when we take a look at some of the bad habits people tend to develop, whether it is sex, drugs, alcohol, people use these things to feel a certain way, to fill a void in their lives.


When you start spending time with yourself, when you start asking yourself some serious questions, you begin a journey that is called self discovery. And that is one of the most powerful move you can ever make in your life. Self discovery will clear out confusion, you will find yourself making better decisions. You may decide to change your environment if it is not conducive to your personal growth, you may pick up new friends that are like minded. And do not be surprised to see that the things that once bothered you so much may not be as significant. I know someone that spent a year diving deep, trying to reconnect with herself and she did not engage into any sexual activities because she felt so fulfilled, that she did not have the slightest urge for it. Now don't panic, this is not a call for you to be asexual for a year. I just wanted to emphasize on the inner strength, the power and healing that comes with you knowing exactly who you are and what you want in life.


Find a time slot in your day where you can be by yourself. Use a journal if you want, set up the right mood, whether it is soft music, complete silence, candles whatever floats your boat, and engage in an internal conversation with yourself.

You can start with very basic questions. What is my favorite food nowadays? My favorite song, favorite movie, actor, book, quote and why? What gets me excited? What makes me laugh from ear to ear (remember a story, a thought that really excited you), who's made a lasting impression on me and why? Who is my ideal girlfriend, boyfriends, wife, husband? What would that person be like (let your mind wonder), their hobby, character. Write on a piece of paper every little details, single characteristics you would want to see in this person, physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and even intimately. It will be one of the most fun and exciting thing you will ever do, I promise!


Do not judge yourself, be honest with you, remember it is your personal list after all and you can fill it up as much as your thoughts will allow. If you are married, you can still do the same, what would you like to see in your spouse, your relationship, your marriage, what would you keep, improve or get rid of. Then also write all your non negotiable. Create boundaries for yourself as well. You may be very surprised at some of the ideas that will come to mind once you let go and allow yourself to just be you. Think of your goals and dreams, nothing is too small. Write your future down as if you were a movie producer, write your own script, scenes without overthinking it.


I do believe in a higher power, in God and I know that life sometimes takes unexpected turns but no one has ever said that you have to be a spectator and let life happen to you. You make plans for everybody else, your kids, your boss, your spouse, strangers sometimes, and often forget the most important person in the room, you. Make yourself a priority because if you are not present, if you are not not whole, healthy and happy, you will not only impact the people you love the most, you will not be in a position to take care of them either.


As you were told in the beginning, you are precious, important and totally worth knowing, dig deep under the rubble of life and find those amazing gift, talent and qualities that you carry inside of you and you will grow into the person you were meant to be. Life will no longer happen to you, but you will become life to a lot of people that need you to be who you really are in order to help them.

-Laura Joinville-

© 2019 Laura Joinville

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