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The Beautiful Life

Passionate about writing. Poetry writing is a pleasure thing. Write to inspire is the favorite thing for me.

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Life, An Art of learning.

In this selfish world we all live in,

There are people who care for us without any other intentions but just an honesty, kindness, love and a bit of satisfaction for their mental health.

People like these make our lives so beautiful, People like these make our lives so blessed.

We have not wished someone like them but we got them suddenly.

We never even imagined they'd be here with us in our lives. We feel so much glad, happy, pushed in our lives because of them.

Sooner some of these people will be gone. Our nightmare is true now. We're so shocked for the thing Life just gave us. We’re almost in a big awkward expression like what just happened. Everything’s just like an evaporated air, in a spark of a moment everything is changed.

So Many people come and go from life. Some become so closed and stayed. Some become so closed but haven't stayed longer.

Actually, only few stays.


The thing which should get our attention is that,

We met so Many people. Some temporary and some permanent but ultimately, we're learning from life, we're learning everything gradually.

Come and go activities of people we were not even aware of that but got them.

We lived with them, living with some of them still and don't even know what tomorrow will show us. May be some more faces. To stay or to leave but they may come. We never know.

Someday at sunset evening at some place we're sitting somewhere drinking tea or something, we just think of the people who were with us and not with us now and who are with us still. Smiling at our life and just thinking that everything was a lesson. Everything is lesson and we don't know what lessons life's going to show to us. YES! We never know what tomorrow can bring.

And Gradually, An Irresponsible self becomes responsible, An immature self becomes matured and all of above we know we're learning and we can say that's how the life's beauty is being drawn.

Good times give you happiness, best times give you memories and worst times give you experiences.

See? Nothing to regret about..

Live and never regret anything because everything happens for a reason.

Beautiful things are coming your way.

Prepare to catch them out.

Good luck.

#Stay Inspired Always.

© 2017 Uvais Girach

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