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The Uneaten Spaghetti

Life, in general, is a setback, the harder we work, the more effort we place in our daily lives will either help us or betray us.

Life, in general, is a setback, the harder we work, the more effort we place in our daily lives will either help us or betray us. Everyone has heard of the phrase ‘life is unfair,’ and that is true. But I always wondered ‘why?’ There are more 7.6 billion people on this planet, but only some are supposedly meant to succeed and others not so much. It may just be a fiction of life, that some peoples’ brains are capable of understanding more, such as Albert Einstein.

But then there are people like Sir Isaac Newton, he was not a genius but someone who just studied hard every day and created a whole new branch of math and revolutionized physics by the time he was twenty-six. I always dreamt of being like Newton because I had a personal connection to his life story. Throughout elementary, I had always done my homework right after school and studied constantly using a technique, where I study for an hour before I sleep, and one hour after I wake up-but I realize that no matter how much effort I put into something, for example, I manage to be just shy of the minimum GPA required to be accepted into the National Honor Society. Come Middle School, I had achieved Honors worthy grades every quarter, and every year after that throughout high school, but not Honor Society worthy grades. After all those constant disappointments, I dedicated my time to studying how our world works through the laws of physics.

I did that because I felt that if I didn’t succeed in High school, then maybe I would be better prepared for University, so that one day after I graduate I can work at NASA and help further human knowledge of our cosmos. Throughout High School though, I felt shame due to the fact that I have a friend who admittedly did not put any effort into his schooling, yet he managed to achieve scores on tests that seem unfair to people like me that put as much effort as possible and just manage to get by. I felt dread after dread every day and felt weaker up to the point where I stopped studying and fell into a deep sadness. I knew that I was not going to get anywhere when I know that there are other people out there who do nothing and get everything. I did not realize it yet, but I had hit my downfall when I was making spaghetti in a new style for the first time with avocados, mushrooms, and fresh tomatoes. But that was not when I hit my downfall, it was after I had finished making it, when I served it into a bowl and started carrying it to my dining table, but failed to reach my destination for I had dropped it and started to cry.

My Mom was luckily home that day, she comforted me but started yelling-not because I created a glassy mess but because she said that ‘I am disappointed that all your hard work is gone.’ My Mom was right, I realized from that, that I had my entire school life described by a dropped bowl of spaghetti. Realizing my downfall was a good thing, it means that I cannot get any lower, and that I can build a ladder back to the top. That summer of 2019 I decided that if wanted to rebuild myself, I should be thinking of the future. I had decided to learn Python for my NASA internship application, and get research experience by volunteering at my local museum-the the Everhart Museum of Natural History, Science, and Art. I had also taken STEM and CAD 01 as classes for even more experience. Junior year I also got the lead in an original play, in which we are the first ever to perform it, and I got into District Chorus. My life was being to be rebuilt and I felt better than ever!

Life is a setback, some people are Einsteins, and some people are Newtons. As humans, we all cannot have everything, even people who do nothing yet get everything do not really have everything. In a way, the pattern for life is simple, life gives you a balance of good and bad, some things that happen are good but then an equal amount of not so good things occur. My French teacher always used to say-just go with the flow,’ and he was right. Things happen for a reason, it may be a reason you like or a reason you do not like, in any way, the future is set, and the things you do are the things you will do.

© 2020 Raj Gandhi

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