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The Real Exit: The Thing That Stops Us From Achieving Our Goals

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The Real Exit

Look at the picture carefully. What does it signify? Yes, its a girl standing in front of a door labelled "EXIT" while the rest of the area is covered by a vast and beautiful meadow that stretches for miles on an end.

While everyone will have a different interpretation of the image, I saw in it an opportunity to bring forth a very important issue most of us struggle with on a daily basis. So why not share it with everyone?

What I see is, even though she can simply enter the meadow without having to actually open the door, she chooses to stand in front of it, waiting for it to open.

When we imply this to our lives, it very much resonates with each one of us and how! Let me explain. That door is the limitations we impose on our goals and dreams while the meadow is the vast ocean of opportunities waiting for us to discover them, if only we choose to widen our horizon.

Every time we set up a goal, dare to dream, more often than not, it tends to fizzle out after a while. Think about it and you will realize the number of things you just let go of because it started to seem too "exhausting", "too demanding" or "too much dedication". A majority of such goals include:

  • weight loss goals
  • project completion goals
  • finishing that book report or homework
  • learning a new skill
  • changing a behavior pattern
  • or something as simple as cleaning your house

If I were to ask you, many of you would say that this was because you considered yourself too lazy and kept procrastinating endlessly. While this is true on the surface, the main problem lies deep within.

Over the years, as we grow up, we start to learn that on a subconscious level, some things provide us with instant gratification while others, even though beneficial, force us to struggle. The so- called "id" is a part buried deep within our subconscious that only seeks instant joy and pleasure, irrespective of whether it is good or bad for you. That's how tons of people every year fall pray to substance abuse.

The "ego", on the other hand, is a part that tries to protect us from harm and makes it super uncomfortable for us when we try new things. However, this is only it's way to keep hurt at bay. This is why people with a fragile ego feel triggered every time someone or something doesn't go their way. They might end up taking actions they regret later on.

The real struggle is when we have to fight these two powerful forces and listen to the "super-ego", the part which knows what is really good for you and what isn't.

And this is where a majority of us lose the battle. We end up choosing the former pair over the latter. We play this game in almost every aspect of life.

For example: You're trying to lose weight. But you smell a freshly baked pizza on your way home (seeking instant pleasure you give in and eat it). Or, you decide you need to exercise thrice a week to reach your optimum weight goals. But you don't feel like it because it would mean leaving your comfort zone and struggling and sweating and that can seem super uncomfortable (ego at work, trying to protect you).

This is just a simple way of trying to put what I'm wanting to convey. But is there a solution to this problem?

Fortunately, Yes.

Like they say, the only way out of a problem is through it. Try widening your approach. "I'm too lazy, I'm incapable, I'm not talented enough" are only excuses we tell ourselves to get away with it. And when we understand this, we win half the battle.

When you start to feel uncomfortable, that's exactly when you need to pounce at the opportunity. That uneasy feeling is a signal from your brain that you're in unknown territory and should stop. But if you listen to it then, you will remain stuck with your old, unhealthy patterns and never evolve.

Everything seems scary in the beginning. Do it anyway. Give that interview anyway. Go to the gym anyway. Write one page as a starter anyway. What's the worst that could happen? You may have to start afresh? Sure! That's how you win at life!

If one way doesn't work, broaden your horizon. Try looking at it with a different perspective. I'm sure there will be an alternative. There always is.

So, the next time you find yourself standing at an exit sign, thinking the road ends over there, maybe step back just a little and breathe. Maybe the field was wide open for you to run in it all along :)

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and gained something from it too. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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