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The Miraculous Mundane

Paul has an enthusiasm for exploring the world of faith and spiritual well being, which he wishes to share through all that he writes.


Miracles Included

Welcome to another day of the mundane, another day in the world of the worldly, the world of the ordinary, and all the worlds of circumstance and happenstance that fill our days. We may sometimes have an inkling that there is more than this, but we tend to believe that it is separate from us, something beyond. Perhaps there is something better out there, something we may often sense, but only sometimes experience.

The world of the miraculous is thought of as being part of a higher reality, a reality of the extraordinary. But if we take a closer look at the world that we believe to be ordinary, we may uncover more of the miraculous reality in which we live. The beauty found in nature and the mysteries of the physical world can produce feelings of awe and wonder whenever we take a moment to look. There are those who explore this world, uncovering more of its mystery and beauty. And there are those who explore it looking for ways to help others through medical and curative research. There is much in our own lives that we respond to in more than ordinary ways. The arrival of a newborn, a personal achievement, or a loving relationship can bring joy and excitement to our moments. It appears that the world of the miraculous is always at hand and within reach. Maybe it is built in and, instead of being apart from, it may be a part of this wonderful worldly world.


Another Day

Here we go, another day - different day, same old stuff; hope for the best, expect the worst, whatever - drudgery, boredom, and so on. These things are often said in jest, but when we truly feel in these ways, we may be blocking the miraculous, resisting the extraordinary. With a little faith and imagination, accepting the miraculous as a part our worlds, there is no reason to believe that miracles cannot be a part of our everyday lives. For some this all comes naturally, but for the rest of us, we may need to remind ourselves that the extraordinary is always near. It wants to be a part of our day. It is knocking on our doors. We do not need to wait for a special occasion to celebrate the extraordinary; it exists in the everyday and experienced in small ways.

So here we go, another day -- excitement and challenge will fill this day, using well whatever comes our way; expectations of wonder and beauty have we. And we can create small miracles for ourselves and others when we let our love and kindness hit the fan on this new day, this miraculous worldly day.


"This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."

-- Psalm 118:24

This is about today, and in the way it can be lived. Some of us may not always be in a rejoicing mood when that early morning alarm sounds telling us that it is time to get going, but as we wake and wonder what kind of day it is going to be, it would not be very difficult to wonder also what kind of miracles are possible today and what good things are coming our way. What are we going to do to lighten the loads of others and help them smile? By lightening their loads, we lighten our own. By bringing joy to others, we bring joy into the world. This is the kind of work we can look forward to, rising with enthusiasm, expecting all things good.

Through caring and understanding, being cheerful and kind, we tap into the miraculous and pour out joy. And this joy enhances the many mundane tasks that we need to perform throughout the day. When we brighten someone's day, we all feel good. We recognize and gladly accept any cheer and kindness that may be directed our way, increasing and expanding those good feelings. We turn frowns into smiles and provide relief to small hurts. When we are doing these things, we are preforming small miracles. And thank God for small miracles. We are thankful and pleased for this day and for our ability to be joyful. With humility and cheer, we accept and appreciate any little miracle that we receive or witness. And we acknowledge any little good thing we see going on around us, as we begin to open the door that separates the miraculous and the mundane.



"One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see."

-- John 9:25

Miracles change things. With our joy, we can turn the dreariness of a cloudy day into a soothing quietness, boring can become meditative, and we can use the energy that it takes to be angry or stressed to be creative and imaginative. These things can also act as wake up calls -- time to get up and go, moving through the world assisting others, giving cheerful blessings, leaving behind smiles and feelings of wellbeing. Doing this, we turn negative energy into good energy which in turn propels us to do more, while things like boredom, stress, and anger gently dissipate.

We continue to hope for the best, but we do not need to expect the worst. Why not expect good things? We can even imagine and anticipate them. Joy can transform our outlooks on life, helping us to better deal with everyday problems. We see things a little better and as we smile, we look around, seeing, perhaps, a little more brightness in this ordinary day, brightness in the smiles of others, and the brightness contained in any encouraging word or action. We catch a glimpse of the good that surrounds us, as we expose a little bit more of the miraculous that is part of our everyday reality.

The Miraculous Mundane

There may have been times when we needed a major miracle and there was none to be found. Problems may exist that seem to require solutions of the miraculous kind. What we can do is turn toward all the small miracles - all the good things in our lives, while we practice kindness and patience, and by being loving and caring. We keep our hearts open to all possibilities, reminding ourselves of the fundamental goodness of reality, and the underlying love that is always with us.

We sometimes say things like taking one step forward and two steps back, and that no good deed goes unpunished. But there is nothing preventing us from imagining taking two steps forward, then three steps and so on. Small steps can add up and become powerful while helping any step back to be less worrisome and easier to overcome. All good deeds make the world a better place, and whenever we see any little thing that is good, even if it just out of the corner of our eye, we stop and look.

Again, we are thankful for every moment of contentment and wellbeing that we experience. We continue to help others regardless of our own situations, and we acknowledge any kindness that we may receive, remaining kind and patient ourselves, and as forgiving as we can. We remain thankful at every step, as we continue to bring into the light more of the miraculous-ness of this wonderful world.

Welcome to another day of the mundane, the miraculous mundane.


© 2012 Paul K Francis

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