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The Light That Fills the Void!

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


My Father, make me worthy to glorify your Name, every moment, with every thought, every word, and every act of mine.

— Sean Dragon

The Void

I think that the biggest problem which we, humans, have to deal with is the void within us. If you think of it, you will realise that all the mistakes we make have the same origin, our anxiety to fill this void. This anxiety leads us to spasmodic and erratic actions that end up 'feeding' this void as they fill it with intellectual and spiritual chaff. But this void acts as a black hole which absorbs the 'mass' of this trash. Consequently, it grows bigger instead of filling up.

This void originates from the illusion with which, almost all of us, unfortunately, we are raised. The illusion that we are separate and cut off from the other creatures of this creation, that we are alone in a never-ending struggle for survival against everyone and everything. Thus we lose the knowledge of our unity with our Creator, and this illusion of loneliness leads to the onset of this void. Because we are made of Love and when we exclude it from our lives, it leaves behind this void, since nothing can substitute Love!

At the same time, this leads to the self-preservation of egoism. We end up filling every moment with thoughts, words and acts of condemnation, hatred, rivalry, fear and selfishness. All of this, however, increases the void instead of reducing it, because it drives us ever further from our true nature. We end up overwhelmed with guilt and darkness, trapped in an endless and vicious circle of misery, anxiety, and mistakes.

The darkness can only be banished with light, and the dark void within us only with bright thoughts can be filled.


Don't Bite the Apple

When I try every single moment, no matter what situations I face, to fill myself with thoughts of love, say words of kindness and support, and offer help, then I manifest my true nature. I become a conduit of His own Love, I realise that I am filled again with Him, and the void disappears. When I choose to offer unselfish Love, no matter what the conditions are, without excuses and exceptions, then, the fullness of higher feelings, of joy and serenity, comes to replace the inner 'black hole'. I create again a treasure that fills the void, and no one can steal it from me. I experience happiness which nobody and nothing can take away from me.

It is definitely not an easy goal to achieve. There is the inertia of the habit that is so insidious and powerful. The deceptive ego will try to convince me that I am the victim in all situations and I have to react, to defend myself against the evil of all the others. It will try to trick me, telling me that in this case there is no room for Love. It will bombard me with all those sneaky and wicked words of selfishness just to make me bite one more time the "apple". And it will have all the help and supplies of the materialistic world.


That is why I have to enter into a constant process of vigilance and self-monitoring so that I'll be able to stop as soon as possible any negative thought. I'll be able to finish it before it becomes a word or deed, and replace it with positive thoughts of love, unity and offering. Acting this way I'll become capable of choosing the way of Love, every moment, no matter how difficult it may seem.

My beloved master had suggested to me a fitting exercise to accomplish this vigilance. He had told me:

"Think that every moment, whatever you say or do, you hold in your hands a little child of three or four years old, who monitors every action of yours and learns from you. What would you like to show and teach this child? Rudeness or kindness? Wickedness or goodness? Anger or patience and tolerance? Hate or love? Ugliness or the beauty of words and deeds?

Work on this for a while and see your life change miraculously. But try to be aware of the child's presence at any moment of your day."


It is an extremely difficult exercise; I believe you understand it. But I will ask you to think about what I thought then:

I will fail at first, many times, that's for sure. But, if I do not let frustration and guilt overwhelm me, if I continue to try with determination, patience and love, then I will be able to re-activate my true nature, and I will experience a constant state of contact with the Light. And then I will act as the conduit of this Light in my world. And this Light will sanctify me.

Besides, what options do I have? Or this fight, however difficult it is, or the void. The void is not my choice!

There is no greater blessing for me than to be

Your Light channel into my world.

— Sean Dragon

© 2019 Ioannis Arvanitis

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