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The Law of Attraction Is a Scam. How to Improve Your Life Without Sacrificing Your Sanity.

Amber is an empath and introvert from Ontario, Canada. She knows the struggle, and the struggle is real. One love. Always.

This applies to you also, Universe. Stay with me here. I come in peace.

This applies to you also, Universe. Stay with me here. I come in peace.

The Law of Attraction. The big 'ol "Secret" that so many have used to bring in heaps of cash over the last few years.

Ever heard of it? If not, I am not entirely certain as to where you hail from, because this crazyness is everywhere.

I am going to write this from the stance that you are familiar with this "age old Philosophy" that is the Universal Law of Attraction (LOA for short). That being said, I will go ahead and touch on the basics.

The LOA is a "belief" or practice that basically means this:

What you think and feel is what will manifest into your reality.

The mantra goes something like this:

thoughts = outcomes or "think, believe, achieve."

Sounds miraculous, doesn't it? Who would have thought that becoming the next Oprah or Jeff Bezos all boiled down to just "thinking it and believing it?"

There you have it folks. I accept Paypal, just sayin'

The law of attraction states that whatever you focus on, think about, read about, and talk about intensely, you’re going to attract more of into your life.

— Jack Canfield

Oh please, Jack. The things that people will say to sell you something these days, huh?

Now whoa. Wait a second. I am not saying that believing in yourself and working hard to achieve your dreams and goals is a bad thing. In fact, it's very obviously not.

My problem with the LOA is how it is marketed and how it targets vulnerable people who are literally desperate for life to get better.

These are the people who have tried everything to see their lives improve only to fall flat. Over and over again. As you can imagine, this takes one Hell of a toll on a person's emotional and mental health.

How do I know, you ask? Because I am one of those people.

When you are grasping at straws just to keep the lights on, believe me, you are at a point of desperate.

Fear not though, fellow Losers! There is hope for us all yet. I mean, of course there is always going to be some rich dude who will swoop on in to blow fluff up your ass and take full advantage of your pain and suffering.

I mean, that's just business of course.

The Profiteers Of Woo

What is "Woo"? The way that I use that term is when describing some type of crap that has no real basis in reality. As far as I am concerned, there is no Law of Attraction. At least not in accordance with how it is being jammed down our throats.

I often find myself wondering, how do these Con Artists manage to actually sell this junk, and how did I even fall for it at first myself?

Let's take a look at how the LOA is being marketed:

  • You are reminded of how terrible your life is currently.
  • You are reminded of the fact that you have literally tried everything but "can't seem to catch a break."
  • You are then asked "but what if it's not your fault? What if you just don't know The Secret?
  • Then you are told their personal sob story, their rags to riches, and how they overcame it "simply by changing their beliefs."
  • In comes the basic LOA concepts, "think-believe-achieve."
  • They now conjure up some type of "Scientific Facts" about Quantum Physics and other big words that regular folk don't understand. But, it sounds legit and and Science, right?.
  • Here comes the "name dropping." Oprah uses the LOA! Will Smith uses the LOA! Hell, even Jesus Himself was all about the freakin' LOA! All of these people have one thing in common...
  • Knowing all of this, you would have to be stark raving mad to not buy this program or book or magic wand. Don't you want to be like Oprah?
  • "Options": this "flavor of the week" Guru won't force you here, but, YOU have the power to choose "The Good Life", or stay a miserable jerk until the day you die. It's really up to you.
  • Toss in a few more "testimonials" (that were bought on Fiverr most likely) and get a few celebrities on board to push the Woo onto the masses.

BOOM. You are sittin' pretty after that. An endorsement by Oprah is the literal Pot of Gold at the end of the Woo Rainbow. And Oprah is all about fluff and rainbows.

As you read that, did you feel as if you were reading the Memoirs of a Snake Oil Salesman? Because if so, you would be correct.

The thing about the whole "LOA" nonsense that really leaves me almost completely cross-eyed is the fact that you are not even actually paying for a physical product. You are buying an idea that has been so over-inflated that even a Hot Air Balloon would feel shy (if it had like, feelings and stuff.)

Isn't that something?

What's worse is that it is super easy to sell this pile of Woo. When you are beaten down and running very low on options, you will believe anything.

These guys know it. In fact, they really do have "The Secret." Want in on it? Here it is: People who are at their wits end will buy anything if it even has a remote chance of changing their circumstances.

Human Psychology really is a wretched thing, isn't it?

"Want to know 'The Secret', Loser?"

"Want to know 'The Secret', Loser?"

The Law Of Attraction Will Make You Insane

In all fairness, maybe not insane in the sense that you actually wind up in some sort of Asylum, but there is no question in my mind that this Law Of Attraction narrative will likely take a significant toll on your emotional and mental health.

The pushers of the LOA (the dudes who are actually making that fortune that the Universe continues to deny you, by the way) have made some pretty hefty promises to their customers that are almost impossible to ultimately keep, and impossible to bring a lawsuit about when it dawns on you that it's all freakin' Woo.

When you go full-hog into the "teachings" of the LOA, and days, months, years, pass with no glorious "manifestations" to speak of (in fact, things might have actually gotten worse) imagine how big of a failure that this makes one feel.

Chances are fairly good that you bought into the LOA because it was a last resort. When the last resort is yet another failure, what does that leave one with? Is there a bonus last resort? Beats me.

There are a good amount of people who have gotten so involved in the LOA that they actually lost their lives.

Sad, but painfully true. The LOA teaches (according to Rhonda Byrne and Oprah of course) that a person can literally overcome anything simply by believing themselves to be that thing. Or, in some cases, if they have something bad, such as cancer, believing themselves to be cancer-free will ultimately take care of that pesky actual cancer (that doesn't exist, my bad. Sorry LOAers).

When you are die-hard (no pun intended) about the LOA, you do the things that create the things. Even when you are actually not in the greatest position to be doing said things.

A good example: taking out an unreasonably high Mortgage that you are unable to comfortably afford, because in order to have this life, you must live it as if it actually were. Screw you, responsible spending! No wonder you aren't a real millionaire if you haven't been pretending to be a real millionaire (I need that cat picture again I am thinking).

Here is the best part of it all: when you (inevitably) lose your home, lose your job, or even lose your damn life, guess what happens?

You are written off as someone who clearly wasn't following the LOA properly.

The LOA is a Universal Law, my friend. Obviously you only believed mostly. The Universe ain't got time for you. It demands 100% belief and it takes only one negative thought (that is totally beyond your control in fact) to piss that Motha' right off.

One strike, you're out.

That is actually beyond my comprehension. To actually believe that someone in poverty is only poor because they "manifested" their employer packing ship and heading to Mexico, that Holocaust Victims "manifested" Auschwitz, or that children starving to death in Africa "manifested" their hunger is completely obscene at absolute best. Despicable at worst.

Is it any wonder that we live in a Culture of Narcissism?

There is nothing more "blame the victim" than this Woo-ass Law of Attraction rubbish, you guys.

I don't know that I have to really dig much deeper into how the LOA will send your mental health into a nosedive straight on into the proverbial toilet here.

The only people "manifesting" their "dream lives" strictly by using the LOA, are those who stand to profit. And you can take that one straight to the bank.

This wouldn't be you, if you acted more "Law of Attraction-y."

This wouldn't be you, if you acted more "Law of Attraction-y."

Is There Any Truth Here?

There sure is! There really is something to this whole "Law of Attraction" thing, but I promise you, there is no book, course, or conference necessary.

Are you ready to know "The Secret"?

If you wish to improve your life, achieve goals, bring in more money, find your soulmate, or in general just feel better?


There ya go. You work towards it. You accept that error is inevitable as you trudge along on your journey. What you don't do is give up completely. Unless what you are giving up is faith in the LOA. Then yes, go ahead and give that crazy up right now.

Accept that it may ultimately not work out. You can only beat a dead horse for so long. The same goes for a sinking ship. That doesn't mean "give up", it means try something else instead. And for Godsakes, make sure that you are taking a lesson from each and every "screw up" along the way.

Focus on your talents, passions, interests and expand on those. Take the time to listen to others, swap ideas, collaborate, learn systems, whatever is required to further you along and get you closer to your end goal. "Belief" is not enough here. You already have enough belief if you are actively pursuing something. Who goes out and does something, believing it will fail? That doesn't even make sense. Humans don't do much unless there is at least a perceived and possible reward at the end of the day. We call those our "motivators."

If you are spending your day in a panic over the LOA, guess what you are not doing? Actually working towards achieving something. See how that works?

There is no Secret. The "secret" is, get up, work hard, be clever, study, help others, be nice. That is the Secret.

— Kevin M. Folta

Look, I know that there are benefits to positive thinking and believing in yourself. Those are two ingredients that one must have in order to keep at 'er and push through the times where the storm tosses your ship around a bit. But this alone does nothing for you. "The Law of Attraction" and "manifesting" has nothing to do with the "Universe" and more to do with your own skills and talents that you work on developing each and every day. You win some, you lose some.

If you lose? Let that junk go.

Have a cry, a pout, a drunken weekend in Disneyland for all it matters. Self-sooth, curse God, and get back to business. If that "thing" that you are beating your brains out over has become a case of "failure to launch" after endless attempts and expense? Drop it like it's hot my friend.

When you are feeling at your worst, your lowest point, and when life feels like an endless ball of torture, the last thing that you need to be doing in inviting more garbage to the dinner table. It is during these times that we have to be at our most cautious, because these predators are waiting for you to get on Google and type in something miserable. They are excited for your misery because where you see misery, they see dollar signs.

Don't buy it.

You are already thinking "negatively" during the worst of times anyways, might as well think negatively about those who deserve all of that "negative energy" as far as I am concerned. If your life sucks? These Con Artists suck even more. Let's stop making these jerks rich as a collective, ok? I have fallen for it at one point as many others have. Am I a dumb person at the end of the day? No. I was a vulnerable person who was desperate for something and as a result, this vulnerability was exploited. I am responsible for not focusing on logic rather than emotion, but that certainly doesn't justify being taken advantage of. And this applies to anyone.

If you "fail" at the LOA, it is because it was designed to fail. If you are an "LOA" success story? Take a look around: did you get lucky? Did you know the right people? Did you take real action towards your goals and invest the blood, sweat, and tears? Yes? Awesome! Now how about you go ahead and give yourself some credit rather than some galaxies and stardust? Do you seriously believe that this is where the credit is due? If so, we probably have no real business talking in the first place.

Coincidences happen, and yes, I do have a few core beliefs in regards to the whole "Spiritual" side of things. But the "Law of Attraction" as per Oprah and the other like-minded vultures is just not one of them.

My experience of hopping on the LOA bandwagon caused a serious decline in my emotional state. That is the truth. I found it impossible to think positive when I felt horrible. How do I convince myself that the fridge is full when a tumbleweed blows across the middle rack? Pro tip: you don't. It's redundant. Thinking to the contrary prevents me from figuring out a solution. It's as simple as that.

As I tried my hardest though, despite the hokey nonsense, as things continued to get worse, I fully blamed myself. Even in circumstances that were completely beyond my own control. Does anyone see how this is a healthy way to function? Me either.

To even consider now that I would believe that my "subconscious beliefs" caused such incredible pain and misery is truly a sore spot here. Some things I did wrong yes. Other things were the result of actions and intentions by others of a more sinister nature that caused some incredible harm.

And so it was, right? It had nothing to do with "beliefs". It had everything to do with circumstances and choices.

In summary: The LOA and the whole "Secret" Cult is just no good for you if you hope to say sane as you go through the storms in life. The LOA teaches a concept that bad things happen to people because they somehow brought it on themselves by "thinking negatively." This is complete and total nonsense. There are events that occur in this world by the Powers That Be who have created a system that is designed for the accumulation of power while keeping the rest of us in a state of fear and slavery. This is in regards to things such as those poor people that are in Syria if you are paying attention. To even consider that so much atrocity and violations of basic Human Rights is somehow the fault of the ones harmed by it the most is sheer lunacy, and wholly, seriously, ignorant. Thankfully I didn't get to this level of jackass with the LOA. The same can't be said for a lot of other Cult Members though.

"The Secret" came from a Scam Artist who figured out how Psychology works and exploited the absolute marbles out of it. She then managed to get her "Magic Bullet" under the nose of an even bigger Scam Artist named Oprah. Once Oprah sinks her teeth into something that she knows damn well will bring out the "cha-ching" that she literally exists for? It's pretty much a sealed deal.

We were all duped, continue to be duped, and failure is only your fault if you don't even try in the first place. Otherwise there is no such thing as failure, only lessons and experiences. Take responsibility for your errors yes, but also acknowledge what is not within your control. Be fair to yourself, let it go and try again.

THAT is the damn "Secret." Period.

There you have it. Have you been fooled by this one? What are your thoughts on the whole "LOA" bandwagon? Have some solid and helpful insight into what actually does work that I might have missed? Share it in the comments! Let's hash this one out and have fun while we are at it. Cool? Cool.

Remember: if you love something? Keep going. If it is just not feasible and ends up dulling your shine? Nix it and move on. No Woo required.

Questions & Answers

Question: What about the placebo effect when it comes to the law of attraction? Don't get me wrong. I totally agree about it being a scam.

Answer: Good question! It has been proven true time and time again. It really does boil back down to the same in this case really. Nobody really does anything if they do not believe in a potential outcome. Otherwise, there is no real motivation. So believing in yourself, your project, your goals, etc only makes sense. The issue is these "gurus" who take advantage of people by trying to make this far more of a bloated concept that it is, and then using shame and guilt when things do not wind up working out. For example, the lady who passed away from cancer because she ignored modern medicine and was so brainwashed by these "Gurus" that it cost her her life. And rather than these same jerks admitting that they blew smoke up her ass, they would rather blame her for "obviously" not "truly" trusting in the Universe. I find it so horrific. Believing in a sandwich is not going to feed a hungry person who has literally no resources to create the sandwich in the first place. This whole mentality is truly why narcissists and abusers walk away unpunished in the long run as well. The truth is, the Law of Attraction, as it is being marketed, may "work" for a few, but not the many. For every one person that is "did" work for, how many did it not? Believe, achieve, succeed (maybe). Nobody truly needs to sink money into this concept. It's a shame that these snake oil salesmen continue to take advantage of vulnerable people. It truly is.

© 2018 Amber Slater


Anon on July 12, 2020:

Yeah LOA made me go crazy. I learned how to control my thoughts which is the spiritual and psychological benefits of the practice but I realised that thinking negative thoughts won’t ruin my life. It’s human, LOA makes you obsessive about not thinking negatively. The reason why we do think negatively as humans is to re-evaluate situations and understand prospective outcomes that may not be in our favour. If we don’t become energetically negative and accept we have these thoughts then they won’t affect us. We can’t imagine negative things to happen to us, if they do then the cause was already there. If you sense someone will hurt you, it could be an insecurity to shake off or it could actually be a serious concern. Not because you imagined it but your subconscious is alerting you to signs that something could be wrong- which is a genetic human-nature response (fight or flight etc.) I’m thankful for all the inner work I did spiritually, it really allowed me to see what I was doing wrong, but LOA was all consuming mentally and took away from me enjoying reality. It also can make you very complacent in life and the further I get in life is because of hard work. Doubts have always been washed away when the hard work is recognised, they didn’t destroy the end result.

I believe in the universe, astrology and spirituality but I think trusting the divine plan is what’s best for all of us. We have the tools to go further and without action we get nowhere. However everything happens for a reason, many things are unexplainable and we don’t get anywhere without giving the universe the tools to help us.

I also don’t agree with the fact that LOA says humans are only reflections of you and they have no consciousness out of yours. I understand that people can feel my energy if I’m negative or positive, but what joy is in controlling someone or wanting them to be a certain way? Or thinking they don’t exist on their own and are blank canvases for you to manifest? I love to be surprised by people’s including my partner’s individuality and unique backgrounds.

My partner thinking I might break his heart one day and being concerned about that actually makes me work on our relationship and keeping him positive/secure more than it “manifesting” me to hurt him. See I just completely proved that he can’t negatively manifest me to cause pain no matter what his insecurities are.

Now when I look back, I didn’t manifest negative outcomes, I ignored red flags and allowed people to mistreat me or I was incredibly negative in my personal energy, which then in turn created a negative outcome or allowed me to pick up on negative behaviours of another person or project. Like I thought I manifested a break up but then I realised I was a miserable person to be around.

Or because work didn’t happen it’s because I was being too complacent not that I worried I wasn’t good enough, I allowed people to walk all over me and didn’t push myself to make sure things happened.

The mindset and positivity is a good thing - teaching us that negative thoughts will destroy our lives is bullshit. Energy is real, we feel people’s energy (and nature’s energy) but it affects how people feel in our immediate surroundings- it does not change their free will or attract them without action.

If you ignore an ex for four months, you didn’t manifest their text after no-contact, it’s psychological for someone that has cared for you to check in.

& if you truly believe someone is meant to be with you then they are, as long as your intentions are realistic and pure. Which again, is psychology and realism but LOA makes it “the only way to manifest”. However if I know that I have romantic history with someone and am willing to work on getting that person back, logically I will by giving that person space to heal/think and then being positive with our interactions, until they reignite again. If they don’t it’s not that I didn’t do LOA wrong, it’s because it’s not meant to be. If they do, it’s because I gave the person space, they saw me improve my life without them and they have the upper hand to decide to give me a second chance to decide to come back into my life, which is very attractive for humans act on if that makes sense.

Mark MacIntyre on July 01, 2019:

My fiance constantly quotes the Laws of Attraction and so much so that she now intends to get up every morning at 5am to take part in 90 consecutive days on 1 hour on line 'training' in LOA.

Having read your article it reflects so many things that I have seen first hand and it is truly heartbreaking to watch someone you love be completely taken in by LOA and by what appears to me , the layperson, as nothing more than creating unrealistic false hope.

Any attempt I make to question the 'logic' of the LOA or personal coaches who teach the 'Secret' is met with a short and sharp response. I have resigned myself to the fact that to have a future with the woman I adore I have to keep my thoughts to myself whilst watching her become ever more embroiled in LOA.

My fiance is a bright , intelligent and compassionate woman and it is breaking my heart to see how she can be manipulated by people who are clearly making money from selling courses and countless life coaching books.

I have even tried to use the analogy of the a short tale written by Hans Christian Andersen, about two weavers who promise an emperor a new suit of clothes that they say is invisible to those who are unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent – while in reality, they make no clothes at all, making everyone believe the clothes are invisible to them.

When the emperor parades before his subjects in his new "clothes", no one dares to say that they do not see any suit of clothes on him for fear that they will be seen as stupid. Finally a child cries out, "But he isn't wearing anything at all!"

I feel that when I meet those involved with LOA , I am that child and that 'peer pressure', indoctrination and the promises of untold wealth are the 'clothes'.

I have tried discussing , arguing , supporting and countless other tacks to reach out to my my fiance but in reality I wish someone other than myself could simply ask her to take a step back and like the child - see what is really there.

Any advice you can offer to help me would be greatly appreciated as I simply cannot take on the machine of LOA and its army of advocates alone without risking a relationship with the love of my life.


Kitty on June 17, 2019:

I don’t know about anyone’s story! But it worked for me! I was homeless with a job and still used the LOA to be where I am today!

Margo on June 13, 2019:

LOA got me in the state of insanity and that’s how I started to doubting it is truth. I got myself into depression because I was so insane about my inability to attract something good. Well, they are saying that if you can’t get whatever you wish for means you have a resistance. Hey, I don’t have a resistance at all. I always been relaxed person, I didn’t give a shit about shit around me. When I started to practice the LOA I automatically considered myself as a shitty manifestator. The more it went in my life, the more I have got insane and less I believed in myself. Now I see that everything is total bullshit and it just played on my vulnerability and fear. Look, I have been fearless before because I knew that working hard is amazing thing to do. I can’t believe that being a 5 years old I attracted to myself abuser and punishment for being abused. How??? I never heard anything about it when I was 5. I can’t believe that I attracted sexual abuse when I was 12. I didn’t even think about that and I always been so happy person. I can’t believe I attracted cancer to myself, because that’s not what I was thinking before. Well, it is blowing my mind not in a good way, because if there is LOA it is cruelty around it. I was scared to think believing to LOA, because I didn’t want to attract to myself more shit. You know before I was believing that my life was better. Phew, now I am free to do whatever I want and free to think whatever I like. Thank you for that post it makes my faith in good life without LOA stronger. ☀️

Amber Slater (author) from Ontario, Canada on May 12, 2019:

Hey Wanda!

I hear you COMPLETELY on every single word that you are saying here. It's SO TRUE that this whole LOA nonsense can very quickly and easily cause people who "fail" (snort) at it to wind up Depressed. $888!? WHAT!? That is absolutely terrible. Shame on that guy. I can see how HE can obviously use the LOA to "make money"....pffft. Honestly, what it boils down to is this: shit happens. Yep. We CANNOT control the outcome of things, we can only control how we react. Now, that being said, having a positive attitude and believeing in yourself really DOES create positive changes in your life. But, forcing yourself to "think positive" when the situation that you are facing is anything but....is ridiculous. It is absolutely ok to react honestly to whatever it is that someone is dealing with. The key is to not allow those bad feelings to consume you and stop you from moving forward. Try to find the areas that are positive, even if those areas are very slight. It does help though. But ya, as I said, I feel like there is absolutely NOTHING healthy about denying our honest thoughts and feelings whatsoever, and adding guilt or self-blame into the mix when it comes to things that are not within our actual control is just repulsive.

Thank you for your awesome comment!!

Wanda on May 02, 2019:

I love this article. It speaks the truth about the scam caller law of attraction. So many scammers on YouTube using the concept of the law of attraction to make money from weak minded people who are desperate for a miracle. Here's the weird thing about this whole law, I was told I could manifest anything, so I put my mind on a certain job, I stayed up all night, doing some ridiculous chants that I found on You Tube by a guy called miracle manifestor.That guy is a weirdo. Anyways the next day I had positive thoughts going into the interview. I thought things went well, and 2 weeks later, found out they went with someone else. So then I started question myself, thinking maybe it was my thoughts, that was reason I didn't get the job. I had one of those law of attraction idiots, tell me some things are meant to be. So what is the whole point that I can manifest anything but it's not meant to be . That's just stupid. I totally agree. There's a guy on YouTube who charges $888 to talk to him one on one. He says our minds can manifest lotto wins. You'll end up depressed following these LOA idiots. They're manifesting business revenue from lost souls.

indrapalsingh on September 09, 2018:

Thank U for removing all clouds of doubt on LOA.

Nick Layne on September 02, 2018:

I've been falling for it for nearly 5 years... I feel like a moron, but now I feel like it's finally time to let go of it.

The other day I noticed "Infinite Waters" on youtube talking about LOA on youtube. He has thousands and thousands of videos on LOA.

I then asked myself why he does this. It must be beneficial to him somehow.

I then scrolled down to see he gets hundreds of thousands of views on every single one of his LOA videos. Which gets him an unbelieveable amount of money from youtube.

So what I learned from this mistake was that before accepting someones "new idea" I need to ask myself if it looks like they are trying to get something from me, or the masses.

I wasted 5 years of my life on the LOA, and exactly what you wrote about it's affect on mental health happened to me. I went into some weird sorta self induced mania for around 3 months, I was NOT being myself. Repeatedly lying to myself in my mind. Then I started having depressed mental breakdowns maybe every 2 weeks to where I would drink way too much and make really bad decisions because i didn't care, i was protected by the law of attraction. So if I didn't think about the consequences there wouldn't be any right?

Now I am left with no friends, and no track left after i get out of the military because I am not being "protected" by this woo.

Which excites me because now I get to figure it out on my own instead of being baited into a money sucking, and soul crushing machine which has no conscience or remorse.

I finally feel sane again after reading your view on LOA. Thank you!

Amber Slater (author) from Ontario, Canada on April 17, 2018:

Hello again, long-lost Mom lol!! Love your comments, so much detail and I couldn't agree more! That is exactly it: absolutely everything regarding the LOA boils down to "well, d'uh" y'know? Like, if you take action on something, learn, develop, work at it, etc? Wouldn't one do all of that with the expectation of a positive outcome? Why go to University if you didn't believe that you would become whatever you studied? If I learn how to build a table, and start to follow the instructions with the intention of building a table, would I expect to create a refrigerator? LOL sorry, I can't help but laugh a bit here.

This is what I mean though when I say "vulnerable people." Anyone who is in the right state of mind will look at it all objectively and be like "hey....wait a second...." whereas a person who is experiencing grief (which comes in all sorts of varieties) will be more susceptible to the scam.

I believe fully that what one puts out, they can expect to see it come back in. Or, "manifest" *snort*. But I certainly do not believe that variables and outside factors don't also play a role in how things turn out. Yes, you may get your degree, but if there are no available jobs in your field, is this because at some point you thought "negatively", or is it more honest to say that there simply are no jobs and you need to take alternative measures?

Stupid Oprah, I swear lol!!

Thanks for your comment! Always a pleasure to hear from you!

Suzie from Carson City on April 17, 2018:

Hello....The concept of all the hub-bub on this "Law of Attraction" theory, has always translated to me as a simple notion of positive thinking & action, taken far beyond it's actual meaning and power.

Apparently someone somewhere, just couldn't accept the simplicity & common sense of this idea, so they took it to fantastic levels.

Certainly we can all accept that to be realistic and proactive in our every day lives may be beneficial and lead to reasonable success. However, taking this concept to the far-out realm of "thinking things into literal existence," requires a dose of OFF-the-wall-behavior.

We can hope to attract people, comfort and happiness by being positive, loving and attentive but believing in magical, auto-miraculous events without human effort simply means it's time for a serious psyche evaluation! Good article for all sane individuals!.............Peace, Paula

Amber Slater (author) from Ontario, Canada on April 16, 2018:

Hey Duane,

Thank you for also being aware of how important this one is. I agree, it really does need to be said, as so many people are being taken advantage of and abused by this "theory". I am not above some trickery once in awhile myself. I felt terrible when I was trying to "learn" the LOA, especially when realizing that I was really just learning Common Sense at the end of the day lol.

Thanks for being another voice in this discussion, I appreciate it!

Duane Townsend from Detroit on April 16, 2018:

This is an important Hub. Amber you've mirrored how I felt about the LOA since I encountered it.

Hell, I tried it. It induces one to ignore real world facts and conditions and just -believe- ... not psychologically healthy, at all.