The Key To Success is Embracing Adversity

Updated on October 13, 2017
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Remember that time when you failed miserably? Like, the very first time you came to realize that failure was real.

You may have cried, you felt terrible, it broke your heart, and you probably called someone to complain about it. You felt awful and displaced, maybe. Today you look back and say, ‘yeah I remember that time, like it was yesterday’.

Tell me this, how did you react? Did you start over, or did you give up all together and call it quits?

It’s probably safe to say that a lot of us have gone through some tough times such as this. We’ll try something, fail at it, and decide whether or not to let it define us in the long run.

The truth is, we will continue to fail at multiple times all of our lives. No one, I mean no one is free from this part about life. We come to realize this at a young age.

Before growing into the adults we become, we’ll struggle and fail over a thousand times. As children we have tried to talk, walk, and run all at the same time.

What’s so fascinating is how, as children, we are able to maintain a level of enthusiasm for these failures. We never give up, ultimately becoming so talkative and running so fast that we annoy our parents.

This is what molds us to become the people we are, when we try and keep trying despite the threat of failure.

Some people tend to avoid failure and struggle because happiness and comfort is what they all strive to achieve.

Happiness and comfort is what feels good, not failure and struggle. That’s understandable, I don’t blame you.

My 3rd Grade Story


I got my first F in 3rd grade.

When my teacher handed me my graded paper, I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought for sure I had every answer correct, yet I did not study. Nope not one bit. I was confident in nothing but my ability to write numbers down in the blanks.

But I kept telling myself that I could get a good grade if I just tried and looked like I was busy.

When the class left for gym period, I confronted my teacher. I asked, "Why did you give me and F?". She stated, "You earned an F, just try a little harder next time. You have time to make up your test".

Then, she proceeded to hand me study guides and materials that I could use to improve my test. Instead of taking me to my gym period, she escorted me to the library where I could study and check out math books for home use.

That day I took two math books home and studied all night.

My mom thought I was possessed and finally forced me to bed at 11:00 p.m.

I got a chance to retake the exam and got a B. I never got an F in the class again.

There are Lessons in Adveristy


Believe it or not there are so many great lessons in adversity. Many of the successful people you know in the world has fought through the tough road of adversity. This is definite proof that no one can become who they are without it.

To get better at something, we have to work on it overtime. Meaning we need to put in the work. If we happen to fail at it, the only way to keep getting better is to keep trying again no matter what.

Eventually, we'll be mastered experts at whatever we are trying to accomplish.

It may feel awful to be reprimanded by your boss. Yes, it may feel terrible that you totaled your brand new car. It may feel horrible that after paying for your expenses you have zero dollars left in your bank account.

All these things seem like failure, but we can learn from them. We learn to study for class, spend wisely, be better employees, and drive more carefully.

You see, we become better people because of adversity.

Here's Your Gift to Take Away

Failure is rough and struggle is discouraging, but when you fight for a better tomorrow, you become bigger and better person. Let no one stop you.

Success is based upon all of the fights we fought to get to where we are today.

Please don't go out and seek adversity because you think it will make you successful. But rather, take steps to success and don't expect an easy route.

Live life to grow and get better at whatever it is you wish to accomplish, and don't expect not to struggle. You will have to face adversity at some point.

Embrace it, learn from it, and try again.

Help others to do the same, even if it's not your duty to do so.

Share your story of overcoming adversity, and inspire other people who can't see failure as a great thing.

Believe me, it is a process, just keep going.

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