Why You Should Learn To Love Silence

Updated on November 28, 2018
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Rohan believes that silence can be a powerful weapon. He constantly works on making himself more of a listener and observer than a talker.

We Often Fail to Grasp the Utility of Silence

We subconsciously label silence as being a weak attribute. We value initiative and consider circumspection to be for people lacking in confidence. Our generation needs to understand that pragmatism is sometimes more valuable than charisma in obtaining a desired outcome.

Our fast food loving generation needs to realize that some qualities take time to bear fruit; just because they take time to generate value doesn't make them lesser qualities. Silence is one of those wonderful qualities that takes time to bear fruit.


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All Calm and Composed

Silence is infused with maturity and hidden energy.
Silence is infused with maturity and hidden energy. | Source

Silence as a Tool of Power

Never underestimate the power of silence. It isn't a weakness and can be a weapon if used properly. There is a great amount of restraint and maturity involved in the exercise of silence, which means not everyone can pull off this form of behaviour easily.

It is true that often silent people exist on the margins of major affairs. It is as though they hesitate to take the initiative. The truth, however, is that silent people are pragmatic, at least those who embrace silence willingly.

Silence Grows Focus

Silence allows for focus to develop, especially if it takes firm root in the mind. It allows one to be observant of the happenings around and to be present to the real emotions at play in a situation. It fosters true and meaningful connection with reality.

Hidden Views Infused With Enlightenment

Silence allows one to be open and present to the reality of his or her situation.
Silence allows one to be open and present to the reality of his or her situation. | Source

The Practice of Silence and Emotional Stability

A person who does not wear his or her emotions and thoughts on their sleeve is a person capable of keeping others guessing as to what goes on in his or her head. Such a form of silence is a powerful weapon that increases in efficacy as the days and months pass in a relationship. A person of silence is not easy to read and therefore cannot be dismissed easily.

A silent person is a reader of the people he or she encounters. He or she is able to tap into the wisdom gained from not speaking up too early to take a close and decisive look at another.

A silent person is a reader of the people he or she encounters.

Silence is Prudent

The world places too much of an emphasis on physical initiative and action. It is wisdom to realize that fools rush in where angels fear to tread. The practice of silence requires the exercise of patience. Patience in the face of humiliation and a gnawing desire to act hastily is a definite way to grow as a person. Rome was not built in a day; the fruits of silence are experienced gradually rather than at once.

Being silent has the added benefit of making even a fool look wise. Wearing a thoughtful expression and horn-rimmed glasses helps in this connection. In a conversational setting, nodding from time-to-time is also very useful.

Internal silence fosters peace of mind. It prevents a constant buzzing from taking over the headspace. This is especially important in a world that is increasingly fast-paced and often senselessly so. Silence of the mind is therapy to the self.

Beauty Lies in Internal Solitude

Silence is the enemy of stress and anxiety.
Silence is the enemy of stress and anxiety. | Source

A common pitfall among those new to the practice of silence is to transfer the noise of the world around into condescension and internal judgements of people. Silencing the monkey within one's mind, although essential to enjoying the fruits of silence, takes time. A person of silence knows that silence without compassion for those around oneself is meaningless.

True silence encompasses both the body and the mind. Do not expect success in the practice of silence without a willingness to humble yourself and wait it out. The change you desire fervently will eventually happen. When it does, your entire worldview will be changed.

A person who does not wear his or her emotions and thoughts on their sleeve is a person capable of keeping others guessing as to what goes on in his or her head. Such a form of silence is a powerful weapon.

Happy silence to you!

Your Perspective Counts

Share your thoughts on what it means to be silent in the comments section below. Your comment may help broaden the worldview of another.


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