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The Creative Effect of Words


The Power of Words

Why do bad things happen to good people? Can we change our world, life situations, and health by the words that we speak? Can we cause adverse outcomes or events to happen in our lives by the words that we utter?

The answer is yes; we can cause good or bad events to happen in our lives. Good and bad things can happen to anyone no matter what nationality, creed, or color they may be. Many of the situations in our lives can be prevented by changing our mind and changing our words.

Pay close attention to the word mind which is very similar to “MINE” and the word “WORD” which is only missing the letter L (Language) to make it "WORLD." If a person changes their mind, they can change what's theirs. By a careful selection of words, we can change our world which could be our personal life or someone else’s.

I will demonstrate the power of the tongue and how to select encouraging words in sections below. Also, some metaphysical points will be discussed showing the relationship between the mind and our words. Sometimes we are unaware of how our conversations affect others and ourselves.

The old saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” is not true because words will hurt you or even kill you, more on this later. I will share personal experiences in which I used some of this very philosophy to get promoted. The underlying foundation of these techniques is faith and belief. A person has to have faith and believe in what they are saying, but more importantly they must know that they will achieve what it is that they desire.

No Doubt

Doubt is the condition that must be completely erased out of our minds no matter how long it takes for our desires to happen. For anything to work in life or nature we must believe it will work, become a master of speech. Two quotes from the Bible that inspires the power of our words. Proverbs 18:21 “ Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” The next quote deals with the power of our mind Proverbs 23:7 “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.”(KJV).

Of course, God has the last say so, and some things aren't meant to be. As the saying goes “Write your plans in pencil because God has an eraser.” I do not want to mislead anyone into thinking they can jump off of a cliff and start flying because they will hit rock bottom if they try. Make realistic, and smart goals and real things will happen.

In the Beginning was the Word

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John1:1 King James Version). With this verse, we can see the importance of the Word and Words. In the beginning was the word so you must begin with your words. Often we find ourselves in a situation and wonder how we got there. A lot of it is because of the things we have said in the past or even recently. Remember the power of life and death is in your words.

Our words are intertwined with our thoughts and consequently our action. We begin to mold our actions and our world by the things we speak. Have you noticed the people who have goals and no matter what, they don't let anyone or anything distract them away from their goals? Well, this is a person that is demonstrating the power of their words as well as the power of their mind. Mind over Matter. In later sections, I will explain how to use mental visualization along with words to create success.

The definition of a word is “A sound or combination of sounds, or its representation in writing or printing that symbolizes and communicates a meaning and may consist of a single morpheme or a combination of morphemes, a command or direction; order.” Pay close attention to the last part of the definition a command, order, or a direction. We must command money, happiness, life, health, and healing in our lives. We must order it and direct our thoughts and words toward our goals.

When we command those things, we are demanding the universe and all that is in it to work on our behalf and with the power of prayer what can stop those things from happening. No matter what the situation seems like on the outside just continue to speak it on the inside and it shall come to past. Individual positively and giving to others helps to bring more blessings and riches into your life, you must give in order to receive, and what goes around comes around.

If you don’t give then guess what is coming back around, yes you guessed it! Nothing. It helps to be helpful in your everyday life to receive God’s blessings. From now on you must change your selection of words. Imagine the world if no matter what we mention it would manifest before your very eyes. If this would happen people would modify the way that they talk but more importantly the way that they think. If a person keeps saying I may have cancer without a doctor diagnosis, then they are creating that reality for themselves and anger, stress, and worrying does not make their situation any better.


Consider the use of affirmations; I have been using them for over ten years. Affirmations are words or short phrases that are said over and over again until your conscious mind accepts them and your subconscious mind creates it. For example, I am strong, healthy, and full of vitality. By mentioning this every day, all day, your body begins to become powerful and healthy.

Here is an affirmation that one of my sisters created and it is a nice one I am a healthy, happy, loving, caring person. I have confidence in myself, everyday I am becoming a better person, my negative thoughts, habits are disappearing. My life is changing for the better. I will be financially stable, I will marry a healthy, smart, loving man, and my marriage will be a successful one. My kids will be successful. I will own a home. The goals I set for myself and family will be accomplished.

Affirmations can be used for encouragement, confidence, goals, and psychic self-defense. Just go to your computer and search it, and you will find many useful ones. Remember a word is a command, with affirmations you are compelling events into your life and by all means, make up your affirmations. Remember for health concerns always consult your primary doctor. Believe in what you are saying, have faith in it, and I promise it will manifest in your life and remember God has the last word.

In the book of Genesis when God said something, it happened.The spirit of God is within us, and we have the same creative abilities as our creator. God said let there be light, and there was light; everything God said happened. Don’t forget in the beginning was the Word. Our thoughts are just as powerful as our words.To say a word, we must think it, so the idea comes first. Start by changing your thoughts and the words will come.

The Mind

The thought process, maybe the most important part of the formula used to create change in our life. Proverbs 23:7, for as he thinketh is his heart, so is he. Whatever a person thinks they can be, they can be it. Do you see how powerful this verse is, God shows us the power of our mind?Thinking is visualization, meaning we see the events unfolding in our minds.To think about the same thing over and over again, we are becoming that thought.

We are our thoughts, think about some things that have happened in the past or even recently and nine times out of ten you created that event. How can our mind create something?The same way our words can. A thought is like an object it can be given to someone or taken away.Thoughts have size, shape, color, vibration, form, weight, and a feeling or emotion attached to it.

Think of someone you know that is very negative and complains about everything.That is the type of person that you do not want to be around, and the reason why is because that person thoughts are draining your energy. Thoughts have color, so a negatively charged thought would be red, and a spiritual thought would be yellow or even blue. Our thoughts are carried around in our aura. Our aura is the spiritual force field that surrounds our bodies, created from the positive and negative electromagnetic forces of the body as well as the planet earth.

Now imagine the person you work with that is always happy and notice that people love being around this person. Vibes are short for vibration and remember that thoughts are as well. When a person says I don’t like that person vibe, they are saying I don’t like that person aura. This spiritual knowledge can be metaphysical, but it is needed to understand the relationship between the mind and words.

The problem is that we think our mind and the things around us are separate, but that is not true we are connected to everything and everyone. Have you ever wondered how God sees everything and how he is everywhere? The answer is simple; God is in everything including you. If we are looking for God anywhere but inside of us, then we're looking in the wrong direction. Now being our minds are connected to everything in our environment you can begin to see the relationship between your thoughts, words, and the events that follow.

Have you ever been sleeping and while dreaming a person walks in the room and you start dreaming about them? Well, it has happened to me plenty of times and sometimes you don’t realize it until you wake up. It shows the connection between the physical and the mental.

While talking to someone and you say yes I trust you, but in your mind, you don’t, you carry this thought with your words and it creates a vibration and it doesn’t sound right coming out of your mouth, and the other person knows you’re lying.That’s because no matter what you say the actual thought is in the words and individuals that are spiritually sensitive can pick up on those thoughts.

A success story using the power of thought and words

Okay here is my success story; I was 35 years old with eight years on the fire department. It came time for a promotional exam to the position of Sergeant. I was very excited to be given an opportunity to take the exam and possibly moving up in the ranks. After receiving our package, I begin to study and lay out a plan.

Mind you I studied and practiced often, but the secret formula was changing my words and my thoughts. I often heard others that were taking the test say that they were not going to pass the test or that they were not going to make it, and that is what happened; they did not get the promotion. On the other hand, I would speak that I was going to make it and that I was going to pass the test.

Life and death are in the power of the tongue! One guy even said to me, “you act like you already got the thing” and yes that is how I was thinking. I did that on purpose. Every night before I went to sleep I would visualize me getting promoted, at the new station, getting pinned, and hearing them calling my name during the ceremony. While I was visualizing this I was saying to myself I will get promoted, I will pass the test, and I will be at the top of the list.

I did this every single night, and every single morning I woke up for two solid months. I used my mind and my words to change my life. The morning I took the written exam I visualized me passing it and I did. On the morning of the second portion of the test which was about two weeks later, I did the same thing, but this part consisted of an oral skill, written exercise, and an in-basket exercise. No problem I just visualized me performing well and I also spoke it. Next, we all were waiting for the results which took about a month.

We had 139 candidates going for 12 positions. The time has come to receive the results, and I rushed down to the fire administration office to get my package, but I was nervous and afraid to open it. I finally built the strength to open it, and it stated I was number 10 on the list, I MADE IT! I made the laws of nature work on my behalf as long as I did my part of studying everything fell into place just like I visualized it and God had the last say so; imagine what your words and your mind could do for you.

A little over a year later another opportunity came for me to get promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Remember the techniques I used in the previous paragraph to get promoted to Sergeant was used the same way for me to lieutenant. The difference this time was that we had about 35 candidates going for about six positions, so the odds was still a challenge. I visualized myself being the number one candidate, but I ended up being #3. However, one of our training officers took the exam, and he is exempt because he was not an on-line personnel, so I was number two on the list. I am living proof this works. I also became the number one candidate for the Captain's exam three years later by using these simple techniques discussed in previous sections.

A Few Affirmations

  • I am healthy
  • I will graduate
  • I am a loving caring person
  • Everyday I am getting better
  • I will be promoted
  • I will get the job
  • I will find the love of my life
  • My life is changing for the better
  • I am smart
  • I will be financially stable

Whatever it is that you want to accomplish just create an affirmation for it and believe it will happen. To top things off, visualize your outcome every morning and night before going to bed and watch things manifest in your life.


Do not, I mean do not allow doubt to enter your mind or your words because it is the enemy. Use the formula for marriage, promotions, romance, jobs, health, and wealth. Do not speak negative things in your life like saying I won’t get the job or I will always be alone because if you believe in that, it will manifest.

It would help to learn some basic form of meditation because it teaches you how to relax much like Yoga. It shows you how to hold thoughts for extended periods of time while visualizing them. Meditation is spiritual medication it helps to relieve stress, teaches how to correct behavior problems, and increases spiritual awareness. Meditation along with visualization and affirmations will surely put a person on a path to life changing events. Watch your mind and words as they come out of your mouth, control your destiny, and be the person God called you to be.


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