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The Broader Perspective

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Questions related to life and the universe have always kept me digging for more. One day, we will uncover these secrets!

We are alive, we're breathing — but have we ever taken a minute to pause and wonder why? Why don't we often think to ourselves: Why am I alive? Why am I waking? Why do things exist the way they do, and why do I deal with it? Why does it matter that I am alive?

We spend our lives thinking about trivial problems, material and worldly problems; about our difficulties, relationships and other affairs. We let things break us down, destroy us to pieces. But do we ever wonder why in the first place are we alive to have these problems? Do we ever wonder about the real mystery of our existence? of our being?

The universe is vast, it possibly stretches in all directions infinitely and there are countless things in there which are beyond our comprehensibility; beyond our reach or even imagination. Our world is incredibly small. We haven't yet explored the depths of our oceans, or each squared inch of our lands. There could be many species of flora and fauna, yet to be encountered, several more magnificent places or artefacts yet to be discovered, phenomena which could drive us crazy with disbelief and possibilities waiting to be uncovered.

Is the quality of aliveness unique and rare? Yes, the chances of being alive are very slim — 1 in 10^2,685,000 approximately, but one could also just look around at the billions of people and jump to the conclusion that it is something extremely common and trivial — existence is common, extremely common. An astronomical amount of beings and organisms exist. But you? You're only one. You only exist here — In this time-frame, in this waking reality. Once you're gone, then there's no one or nothing like you again. You're lost in an unknown void never to be retrieved.

We come into this timeless universe and from that grand picture, our period of existence hardly matters. We pop in and out of existence — too quick to be seen. When you think from that perspective, nothing here on this little blue gem seems significant. All the things you value, all the things you invest your time behind, all your material wealth and cravings hardly matter. We can advance ahead as a race of intelligent beings. We can doom this planet, erase all life on it. Do what we feel like, and that hardly is of any concern to the rest of the universe. The universe doesn't care what happens on a minuscule speck; undetectable in its vastness. What does matter, however, is that we care. We care for our lives and of those we love; friends and family. We care for our future. What we do with this planet affects us. Where we head with it, affects our future. We can transform it into a better place, or spiral it down, crash it to obliteration.

It will mean something to us until we're alive to observe it. Once our existence is erased, the observation or the observed hardly matters. We aren't even sure if reality would exist after our extinction. The observation makes sense only to the observer. Without the observer, there is nothing to be observed in the first place to begin with.

In this broad spectrum of things, many of us are still stuck in our even little minds — our narrow-mindedness. Some of us are stuck in our greed, some of us in hatred, several others in other forms of blinkered tendencies; lust for power, control, people. We restrict freedom to animals, subject them to torture and misconduct. We debate about women's 'rights'; about providing basic means of living and contributing to the development of our planet. Why treat someone any different because of their skin colour, religion, country, gender, or on any other basis other than out of love and respect?

While there isn't any concrete answer to why we are alive or why things are the way they are, with this one precious life we have and the ever-fleeting moments we are left with, we must cherish each other and water each other to grow. While we are still alive, while we still have time, we must love one another — spread peace, radiate love and goodwill. We are all human beings living on this planet earth, we aren't really Christians, Muslims, Hindus or Jews living in this country or that. Just as a country can't progress ahead if its citizens don't unite, so can't a planet; if we all 'humans' don't unite. We can dissolve all these boundaries and walls leading to internal conflicts, wars, and other atrocities and we can all collectively, as an 'intelligent' species choose to revive and renew our world. Only we can stop our planet from spiralling down to its doom and accelerate it back on a track; of making it a better, safer, and a greener place.

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