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Take the HIT

Student Athlete at Saints Mary’s University Canada on a Scholarship. Student in Psychology and Sociology.

Millennials and the youth today are afraid to chase after what they want for their life. This is mainly due to fear. Fear of Failure ,rejection and mockery is what has deterred many to live successful, meaningful and happy lives.

What needs to be realised, to become the great being your were put on earth to become, you need to grow. Growth means constantly being outside your comfort zone, acquiring skills that are essential to achieve whatever you dream for yourself and your loved ones.

Life will throw you banana peels and you are definitely going to fall face flat. It's part of the journey .Every struggle has a lesson encoded within. Once you are able to learn from your mistakes, you grow and become wiser and better equipped for future obstacles.

However, this growth is only possible with a "growth mindset". This mindset is found in few with many possessing a "fixed mindset". There's a saying: The teacher will only appear when the student is ready to learn . Life is the teacher, and only when you are willing to acknowledge and accept the troubles you face, will you be able to overcome them.

We are all victims of asking this " Why always me?" as if cursed. But why not you? The particular situation you are fussing about is a divine sent situation to help strengthen you, physically, emotionally ,mentally and spiritually. Everything that happens to you is for a reason. If it is good, be appreciative of the blessing and if it is bad, see it as a learning experience . That is the only path to growth.

With the title " Take the HIT" this is to encourage many to not be fearful when confronted with unknown outcomes or failure. If you are willing and prepared to experience set backs, you will realise that through such hassle you acquired skills that will be transferable to other areas of your life.

I hope you had a good reading and you are now empowered to face the unknown. Thank you and God bless ❤

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