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True Love Is Worth Waiting For


Let’s remember that real love is worth waiting. Real love does not require haste. It is indeed something that should not be forced. And, as you can see, sincere affection is extremely valuable. It is holy. It isn't something you should waste.

Love is uncommon. In a world full of stones, it shines like a pearl. True love should be treasured. It was created to be relished and consumed. There isn't anything to turn your back on. It's nothing to be fearful of or frightened of. It is never something to be afraid of.

"Genuine love never abandons you."

Perhaps you miss your heartbroken past. Perhaps you miss the person you encountered several weeks ago in the pub. Perhaps you miss someone who has never gave you a second glance. Perhaps you miss just being desired and appreciated.

But just don't allow that momentum carry you to the end zone.

True love will find you whenever the time is right. It will find you and will come spontaneously while you are least expecting it. Perhaps it will come from omegle. or simply out there Perhaps it will be with your high school crush or at church.

True love will appear once you are prepared for it. Once you believe in yourself, this would happen. It will occur when you are capable of loving yourself even without presence of another person. It will come even when you're not expecting it.

You will not be the same after that.

Only genuine love endures. It doesn't waver at all. It's not easily broken. It's a protective suit. A bullet-resistant armor. True love can help you even you do not really realize you need one. Sometimes you really need it, real love will hold you. Lasting love comes into your life once you wait long enough. True love will come into your life as you believe it will. You deserve it, after all

You are entitled to more.

You all are deserving of true love. Genuine love. That is all.

Perhaps you've been wounded before. Perhaps those you believed were your friends and family have betrayed you. And by most you believed would've been your companions for the rest of your life.

Do not be afraid to uncover something genuine. Let us not be afraid to express our emotions. True love should not be feared. It is indeed real. And that will take place. All you have to do is to wait. To wait. To dream. And to have faith in it. And to feel you are worthy of it.

So kindly wait. It will be well worth it in the end.